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It’s easy to get caught up in the bad news that seems to get worse and worse every day. So how can you stay a part of the world without letting the negativity drag you down? One way is to consider what the universe is trying to tell you through all this.

In this episode, Ray and Christy are joined by Candice Rasa, and they discuss why all this bad news is actually a good sign, how to care for yourself during times of intense stress, and how to position yourself for huge success when we get through this difficult time.

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why world events that seem like disasters are actually a good sign (2:10)
  • How embracing the “new normal” will make you more successful no matter what happens next (4:41)
  • Why fluidity and flow are the most important concepts for you to grasp right now (6:30)
  • The secret to unlocking the growth that these emotions are leading you to (7:25)
  • How to optimize your body’s systems for peak performance (9:15)
  • This is one of your most powerful attributes for reshaping your life (12:27)
  • Why failing governments, healthcare systems, and more shouldn’t worry you (13:22)
  • The incredibly powerful question to ask yourself… that just might change the world (14:57)

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Something about this time, it's going to take me to a new destination that I can't see yet and I can't control, Oh my gosh, I feel so anxious. Let me you focus on the present moment and say, what am I being called to be flexible with right now? And that will be the seed that each of us will build upon.

Hey, I'm Christy and I'm Ray. And our passion is to inspire entrepreneurial couples to cocreate the life and business of their dreams and enjoy the ride. Together, we built three successful businesses. We have a beautiful three year old daughter and we pride ourselves on living a life by design. And our goal is to help you do the same. Are you ready to take your relationship, your health, and your wealth to the next level? If so, let’s do this.

(00:48): All right, so on this episode we're going to kick off part two with Candice Rosslyn. If you haven't listened to part one on the prior episode, please listen to that before you listen to this as it builds on that. Again, canvas is one of our spiritual coaches for both Christy and I and we know you're going to get a ton of value out of this and we'd love to get you some feedback on it. We love you, we appreciate you and here's Candace part two, enjoy.

I think one of the things that I wanted to connect on canvas is this whole idea of the Coronavirus doing here. How's it helping us? How can we use it to help us evolve? What's going on from a, I guess what I'm my, my understanding of it is that the whole world she is looking to evolve as well and right now is a great time of fast evolution and we're excited about it and I think she's trying to raise the whole, she, he got the whole level of the collective consciousness is looking to expand and raise. What are your thoughts on that?

(01:42): Yeah, this is a great transition because we were just talking about magnetism and attracting relationships and attracting karma and attracting where we are. The Corona virus is a great example of that. It's a magnetism of the shift from a third dimensional to fifth dimensional expression that there is a homeostasis vibration that has raised to a level that can now manifest a reset. And there's this beautiful analogy that you, we can see here as an arrow in the construction of the Corona virus and everything that it represents in terms of our current 3d reality, which is slowing down reflection, inventory change, Lex stability in our lives. Creativity, innovation, collaboration, working together. There's a shutdown go inward. Constrictive like, Ooh, like let's bring it in kind of energy. And nothing with that level of global impact has anywhere else to go. But the opposite direction of growth when you let go of that arrow.

(02:48): So we can see the Corona virus, like an arrow that's instructing backwards. And then when you let go, there's this powerful momentum forward when we are on the other side of it. And just to give you some associations, know this is the first time in this lifetime for me that I've ever done something as a world. Coronavirus is something we're doing as a world. Just speak to the unity consciousness, the five D there couldn't be no mistake around that. This idea that viruses on controllable fact that humans love to control this virus is not discriminating in terms of race and gender and religion and humans loves live and hierarchical separate ways. We love to put each other in categories and our ego loves to do that. Really it's like this virus is, is bringing forward and calling forward that awakening to that fifth dimensional place.

(03:34): I would call it an activation and we are arriving to that place. So it is a beautiful thing and it's also scary, right? As any growth can be, but we are being called to be fluid and to work with changing and evolving our system. I want everyone to hear that we should not the arriving to the new fit five D reality with the same mindset, the same patterns and the same structures as we did before. And so also telling myself a couple of nights ago I sent to my husband, I can't wait to get back to my new schedule. And then I heard my guides and the Akasha cracking up laughing and they said, huh, Oh dear one. Nobody is going back. Nobody's going back from this. Everybody's only going forward. And the alchemy that you create right now in your schedule will be one is added to your future.

(04:29): It will not look exactly the same, but it will be included and whatever you innovate and whatever you create now, but nobody including you are going back did the way it used to be. So you know, I learn every day as well. Yeah, I feel you on that. I, I even catch myself thinking it now because at first I was actually saying it and then I was like, okay, I'm just gonna stick it in my head and leave it in there. But I feel that, and then now it's like, okay, what's the new normal going to be? And I feel almost, I guess privileged is, is a word that Ray and I had done a lot of this stuff already and that were, and we're still not, you know, doing it as easily as I would like. But we've done a lot of this work and a lot of this foundational stuff and we're in it together and we're feeling like we can support each other through this situation.

(05:18): Well, for some people who, again, I like to go back to like helping everybody, but to the people that are starting fresh, the people that are maybe listening to this and having a lot of resistance to this part that you're saying like, no, I, but I, I want to go back to normal. As soon as this is done, then we can just continue like that resistance site. Can you talk a little more about like that word that I love when you use is that fluidity? Like what does that mean in the third dimension? Like in this reality that we're in, how we can kind of play that out more fluidly, more easily, more gracefully when we're feeling so much resistance, great way of organizing my thoughts into a grounded question. My husband will say like, Candice, seek that again in more grounded terms. It's way over my head.

(06:03): So like I love because the listeners too, like we want to know, right? What's concrete? How does this apply to me? So great question. So this idea of fluidity and flow, right? So we are being forced a forced it. The Akasha would say it's not their favorite word, but many of us are being forced to be creative right now. Right? So a really concrete way to move gracefully for those of us who are resisting that shift now is to look at, okay, whether I like it or not, whether it's desirable or undesirable, what am I creating right now? What am I being forced to be flexible with right now in my life? And how is that looking for me? So maybe flexibility in your career, flexibility in your parenting, flexibility in how you work with money and how you diversify your business. So like first thing would be, okay, something about this time that's going to take me to a new destination that I can't see yet and I can't control.

(06:54): Oh my gosh, I feel so anxious. Let me back it up. Let me focus on the present moment and say, what am I being called to be flexible with right now? And that will be the, the seed that each of us will, will build upon. I would also say another sort of here would be to kind of get yourself working and moving energy because all the energies being kind of arriving right now, we may have anxiety, anger, just trust, concern, control the construction, right? So we want to move the energy, exercise, breathe, meditate, go to sleep, sleep longer, give yourself permission and opportunity. [inaudible] Just move the energy again, if we're not opening and expanding, that energy will stay in and it will be really hard to be flexible and to be fluid. Yes, that's important. And I think to add to that list something that we've talked about before several times and has helped us tremendously is can you talk more about the sun and how such a simple thing that especially us here in South Florida to take for granted?

(07:57): Like how, how is the sun extremely helpful in this time? Yeah. So the Akashic record, and I have to give you my disclaimer that I'm no doctor, right? But the Akashic record told me like, Hey, you got to share this basic spiritual immunity stuff with the world. So here are those tips, right? So the sun is a super helpful. It energizes us, it, it's not only increasing vitamin D but there's this energy of power and an energy of electricity that we get to experience in our body that the sun gives us. It also is a, is a dries up our lungs and helps expand our heart. So very good for a virus such as for a virus which is connected to the heart center and the lungs, right? Also salt, getting outdoors with assaults, taking salt baths, doing salt, Nettie prods, breathing in salt, really good sleep.

(08:43): Sleep's so important connected to our immune system. And why is it the nervous system really needs to kind of feel calm so that the immune system can, can take an exhale and to so sun salts, sleep nervous system, you know, activation. So we're like activating that Paris sympathetic nervous system. All very helpful concrete tips of things you can do right now that you don't have to buy at the grocery store. And I think that after you get over that hump of resistance with [inaudible] some of this stuff, it's easier. That wasn't the word I was going to use, but it feels so much more light for us now. We have, I at least maybe not ready. I have my moments of fear and anxiety and like when is this gonna be over and when am I going to, you know, be able to see my grandma and those kinds of things.

(09:32): But for the most part, when you just surrender to it and just let it flow, it feels so much lighter. Definitely. Like why not? Why is that? But like, can you talk more into that? Like w what? Yeah, I mean I would, I would sort of explain that as low. When you're in flow, you're on a raft going down the river with the universe, like letting the universe take you. So it's almost this exhale like experience. You know, where you're just allowing more, you're giving permission to what is, when you're in resistance, use that word earlier, Christie. It's, we're swimming against the current. We're like, no, I want to go back to the way it was and why can't I make this work? And it needs to, you know, square needs to fit into a round peg. And this is where we may have some atrophy in businesses or atrophy in some institutional systems is when we're forcing those structures.

(10:19): Well I mean that's one of the things I was gonna mention cause we mentioned Hey what's what's showing up? And I guess one of the things that also is, well then not only what's showing up cause there's to build on something new, something old guess to be released. Right. In a in a great way. So what, what is looking, I know you and I mentioned that some structures are just looking to fall apart cause they're no longer, they're no longer going to work. So it's almost like you're trying to take a, you know, from third dimension, you're almost trying to take a third grade and apply third grade principles and the kids now in fifth grade doesn't work. Cool. What is looking to be released? Cause we're not going to build a fifth dimension on a third dimension, more flat platform. Right. So what's looking to be let go of?

(10:56): Yeah. So in many ways hierarchical hierarchal institutions or structures, and I can explain more about that, but that's definitely breaking down. So hierarchy is basically like a very linear organized system of I'm better than you and you're worse than me or I'm worse than you. And it's a, it's an ordering, it's a logic. It is a rigidity. So what's looking to be released as hierarchy is rigidity is ego is separation exclusion versus them. It, you know, the, the rigidity of structure and the systems. We're seeing that show up now on the planet. We're seeing the structures that we have that are very rigid, not April, to serve the people who are struggling with Coronavirus because their structures are such that they have a limitation that's like the university, the people living in it are saying, Oh there's a limitation here. This is no longer working away.

(11:48): It was. So it's again going to be very obvious what those aspects in your life and then what is being called forward is, is that fluidity, that flexibility, how can I step in and be creative here? And it's going to require that step if you're unwilling, and here's the power in all of this. If you're unwilling to be flexible, you don't have to be, you can stay exactly where you are, but you will not go down the river in flow and you will not go down gracefully. It will feel hard and you will now be against the current of what is and we all know that feeling, right? Like you're saying, there's something in our lives we want to work a certain way and move to do any other way and so we keep going with our will so that you know your free will is the most powerful law land. So it's really about using your free will to go with the flow right now more than ever.

(12:35): Some of those structures, as you kind of just said, I said what feels in my gut, a lot of the school system is being, especially at the college level, like it just feels like, okay, this is, this has been done, this is it. It's not working anymore. We're trying to figure out what the whole monetary system, I'm not saying it's fair or wrong, I'm saying it's just not working for everybody. It's just it doesn't work. Right. Government. I mean I'm not saying right or wrong, I'm saying it's not clearly. I'm looking at things very, very black or white. Does it work or does it? Doesn't it? Does it, does that make every, does it make everyone better? [inaudible] The answer is no.

(13:07): Totally. So government, health care, school, financial, all of those systems are being, and the Akasha would say reorganize. Isn't that a lovely word? It's not a word like doom. We're all going under, right? Cause that's really also showing up for a lot of folks right now. Maybe they have intuition that we're going through a phase in evolution and the place they go is that fear of like we're all going under, right? No, that's not the case. We're re-organizing and it's important that we all pay attention to that and we all had a responsibility in that because we, some of us are creators of those institutions were contributors to those institutions. We're receivers of those institutions and as the collective is showing up now, they will fill the gap of these institutions and be part of the change of what comes in a future.

(13:50): I think even for us, it's kind of like something practical day to day I'm, I'm beginning to even look at deals and opportunities and the business side or whatever comes up, am I aligned with this? Okay, this opportunity pops up, but it has to do with student housing or very low income housing. It doesn't feel good anymore like that. That's trying to change a different direction. So I'm almost starting to align with that and kind of seek that alignment before I see the opportunity. Whereas before just let's look it up, attorney, whatever. Right? Is it aligned by believing it, right?

(14:18): Yeah, definitely. I think we want to look at what feels rich and what feels good and I would say we're going to add five D or overlay five D principles there. What feels inclusive? What feels unity base? What feels love, what feels supporting diversity, what feels flexible and fluid? What feels trusting, what feels big energy, all of that.

(14:38): What serves the greater good?

(14:40): Yes. There's a powerful question I channeled a few weeks ago and I shared it with all of my audience and clients and it is a question of what can I offer that is comparable? The abundance sign joy and that question feels so powerful. I get emotional saying it because it's really, it's an awareness that each one of us has a very important yes, that the universe needs now more than ever. And what is that? Right? And it doesn't need to look a certain way. It needs to be whatever that abundance is for you, which might be money. It may not. It might be baking bread, may not. It might be teaching children or not, what is not abundance the world needs it. You mentioned earlier about the, the, I love that analogy, the, the going with the current and the river or going against it. And I think for me, and everybody again has a different path, but for me, that whole, that contrast of like really getting a feel for what it feels like when I'm going against the current and then when I'm not, and then I'm, I'm still there kind of playing with the two.

(15:42): But having that contrast, like I feel most people are wanting to just, Oh, I want to be enlightened. That's it. I want to never feel pain again and I want to never, you know, be upset again or I want to never ex again. And it's, you still want to have that contrast. Right. Can you talk a little bit about that? Like w maybe either why it's necessary or why or what that role is in, in, in evolution and in an expansion that everything starts to go well and then something happens and then you're like, Oh, what did I do wrong? Or what, you know, whatever questions you're asking yourself versus the flow, like the contracts, you know, this is something that I think is something that everyone experiences, which is, Hey, I'm going do all this work spiritually and personally and then I expect to get their canvas.

(16:27): I want to be like getting there. I want to be on this like mountain top with my arms wide open and be like, I made it, you know? And so why am I now sliding on my butt down the other side of the mountain? Right? And it's like I thought I was there and the universe says, dear one, we don't live in a, in a three D reality. We don't live in a linear reality. We live in a holographic five D reality where you are constantly opening up a pop up box around certain karmic themes. And when I say theme, I mean you get to be a medicine maker where you become wiser and wiser and wiser around certain life issues. So that gas break thing is, Hey, I've reached a checkpoint and I've expanded and now I feel amazing and I'm on the mountain.

(17:09): And then it's the wake up. Now here's a new opportunity to expand even more. So someone I follow McKayla, Sheldon, she talks a lot about themes and how you just keep [inaudible] opening up to a new theme and expanding to better, more [inaudible] ways to cope with a theme like let's say money trouble or health or relationship drama. You keep going through that process. However, if you expect that you don't or that you won't, and if your ego gets the best of you, you're going to all little harder, right? So if we go into it like, Hey, I'm working with this theme, I'm flexible, I'm open Sundays on top of the world. Some days I get to learn more. There's a, there's a gentleness and compassion. Hopefully we can bring to ourselves in that moment.

(17:52): You know, that that happened to me yesterday, right? So I'm working, of course I did. And guys and ladies, will you can this a scene where I started in this process and where I'm at now? So understand that there's levels to this. And all I'm looking to do, and Christie as an example, is she's more evolved than I am. We're just looking to share our story with you of this is a practice being intentional with it. And what I've learned is that if you go about this virtual personal growth practice, in a way you would achieve a goal, a very linear goal. Hey, and like a, like a financial goal, whatever that goal is. It's, it's, this is very, very different in how you go about it. So I mean, it takes time. I mean, that's, that's the, that's the purpose of time here is to, is to grow, you know, as to grow spiritually.

(18:36): So my point is, you know, I've been working a lot on the money things that come up, right? The fear, the anxiety. And yesterday I, you know, a couple of guys call me already, you know, let's have a talk about this. And he immediately, I thought the negative or who hadn't paid and I rather than beat myself up, the first thing I did is I talked to Christiana go baby. Clearly, clearly there's still more work here to do. Great. I get to sit within, kind of go through it again. So you're, you're kind of like filtering out levels or layers through this or you're filtering out layers really. So you can kind of create that. My understanding of this, and Candice just give me feedback is you're looking at clean that connection to your spirit, to your soul, to your, to your true purpose, to your, to your, to that Christ consciousness is always there with you.

(19:17): It's just being blocked. So it's being, it's, it's, you're, you're blocking it by identifying with these other thoughts, but they're just thoughts that you've missed, identified with. Right. So that comes up and then, you know, so yeah, I can you do it while I'm meditating and while you're reading the Bible, while you're reading another, another spiritual book. Yeah, you can do that. But then I'd go out to the real world and an old lady says, Hey, you and I have a problem with authority. You can't work out in the front of your Alone and take off your shirt and make all kinds of grunting noises. This isn't a gym. And I go and we're going to write a letter to the association and we're going to post it everywhere. You can't go out and work out. He understood it. That's not how it happened. That's not what she said.

(19:50): I understand that. Right? I understand. I understand how I am, understand what my perception is. She's looking to control my freedom. That's my story. Super nice lady. She goes, Oh no, I work out too. And I go, lady, you can never work out day in your life. Come on. I'm coming to the break. Like I'm judging her. Totally right. But again, this is, and then I S I said, look, just call the cops. And I rolled off of my daughter and she's like, wait, what are you 20 like, you know, and then I forgave myself and forgave her and, and, and I forgave my judgment of her, but that's the fun of it.

(20:18): Sleep last night, you know, welcome to the human experience, Ray. Right. Welcome to the human experience. It's really sort of this reality of, I would call this, you know, the ultimate compassion here is, is important. And I would call this opportunities for integration oppor opportunities for reconciliation where these themes are continuing to roll around and you have, you can expand in those themes and you can reconcile them and integrate them. And, and literally when I see expand, I think, Hey, I now know this, I can move into this part of the world with this theme. Okay, I can develop this level of compassion for this person and, and, and learn X, Y, and Z. Or we can constrict, and again, I said this earlier, your knee jerk reaction will be to show off in the way you always showed up. And

(21:05): That's okay. I mean that was it new, I mean the, the same feelings that my mom, you know, like the same whatever I got that freedom feelings like, you know, I don't like being told what to do. Right?

(21:14): Totally. Yeah. And we can be gentle with ourselves here. Right. You my, one of my favorite mantras that I'll share with all of your listeners is, and this too and this too, right? It's like, Oh this happened. Okay. And this too, I'll take that in. It's like an idea that you reject nothing but you accept everything that's happening for you and to you as for your highest good. And the hardest thing we sometimes need to, and this too is our own thinking and our own behavior. When you show up badly, you know in quotes or you show up in a way that's not your highest self, that's the hardest things. That all, and this too, I have to love myself here too. I have to accept myself here too. Right? So it's easier sometimes to be like, Oh the universe is giving me this and it depends on the person, right? What that where that perspective is. But welcome to the human experience. All we do is re re, re reset [inaudible] and try again.

(22:04): And sometimes the lessons, it's you think that you are where you started but you're not, you're much further along because that, that level one I'm tryna you before. So like, yeah, give yourself credit for the progress you have made. Right. Focus on that. And kind of as you spoke, one of the things I remember from reading the way of mastery, it says allowance is a door to the kingdom. And what he means by allowance in the book is like, look, these things that are coming up, sometimes they're going to come like a grain of sand into the oyster and you might not like it. That's where the most growth is. Like God knows the best way for you to get you home and it's your own reverse your own pathway home and these things are coming up to unveil these way for you. But if you're not really accepting of them, meaning it is what it is and they, it is the way it is.

(22:45): And then really you cultivate trust through that acceptance. And yet it's, it's much harder to actually embody in the third dimension and actually live it. I mean, I think one of the things we're both is we've got the, like the Flamingo, right? You've got one foot on five dimension, you've got the other foot and the third dimension and the in between. And I feel like we're going, we're going back and forth on this, and I don't know if you can give us any maybe it's just the way it is. I'm just like, maybe, maybe I'm having trouble accepting that.

(23:10): Yeah. I mean, it's not comfortable to not know where you're going. Right? So there's that concrete, it's that attachment to the concrete. I want to know where I'm going. I want to know how I'm getting there. I want to know what it looks like on the other side. I want a roadmap of how to get there, right? So like, bye D can just simply be, I am giving myself permission to hold space for not know not knowing how to get there. I'm giving myself permission, on the discomfort that I'm experiencing and not knowing. And I'm going to set an intention every day to be as creative and flexible as I can right now. When I feel electricity, like the way Ray described or I feel control or fear, what's the number one tip? Get cautious, acknowledging now move the energy. Drew, do you not sit around with that energy in a corner?

(24:02): Rubik's cubing the heck out of it. There's no value to that at this time. This time is about having these personal triggers excavated and to have the move through us to help adopt and move us to a greater place. So working with that energy isn't as helpful now, and that's not always the case. Sometimes we really want to unpack something in a mental, logical way, but right now it's like movie energy, exercise, take a hot bath, cry, breathe, give yourself permission to not know. And I think that that's where the ease starts to feel like as you were speaking, all of that, that's that useful feeling that kind of gets away from us sometimes and it feels like we know what it feels like. It feels good and sometimes we chase it, but once it, it's here and you're actually doing that, right? Like for me it's like putting on like a face mask and just like sitting outside for a few minutes and getting fresh air or whatever that is is going back to that place of like it's okay like things are going to be okay no matter what.

(25:01): And that's almost like that's the destination if you want to call it that. But like that's that place of like, like that exhale that, that ease, that gray stuff. Fluidity of like, and that's what you know, we want to get to. So yeah, I mean and that's like a really fundamental definition of five D believing and perceiving illogical things, which is what you just said, Christie, it's a, I have no idea where I'll be after this and I know I can't go back and I'm feeling a lot of just comfort, but I'm trusting what is all will be. Well everything will be okay. Universe is working, still engaging with it, like still showing up to it because it talks about that too of like, you know, being that victim, like everything happens to me and I have no control or the the, you know, making yourself feel guilty and like beating yourself up and then finding that almost like we talked about last week, that neutral place of, okay, it's here and I'm going to sit with it, I'm going to feel it. And, and like, it's not the end that I can do anything. Maybe that from there comes like, okay, now I'm going to take this action step. But that, that feeling of neutrality like we talked about has really been helpful in saying, okay, this is here. It's, you know, some fear, it's someone known whatever it is and I'm going to just sit with it and I'm going to let it be here versus fighting it or ignoring it or doing the million other things that we like to do as humans.

(26:27): Yes. I mean, Christie, you bring up such a good point, which is so engaging, right? Engagement. I talk about that a lot with clients and Akasha talks about it a lot. They want to make a clear distinction around that right here, right now engagement is not fixing or engagement is not fixing or solving engagement is putting your hands in the clay and just being with what is, yeah, engagement is not fixing or solving and Hey 3d self, where am I going? How am I getting there? What does it look like? How do I fix it? Right. All that will show up for us probably automatically.

(27:03): And Christina, what outfit? Delaware,

(27:06): I mean all things feel better a little bit.

(27:10): And then in terms of like some of the things that we spoke about, like what is he conscious saying in terms of like when this Corona will be over, what kind of like some of the, not over, but you know, what, where do they, what do they see against you? What's the future hold for that? For, for this and as a collective?

(27:24): Yeah. So there's multiple timelines and multiple freewill realities that are involved in it. So as you can imagine, it's very complicated. My sense is there'll be a ton of momentum in the summer. At the end of summer we'll see some movements around re-engagement. It's going to be very gas break as we start to create lifting out of this time, meaning we'll go for it, there'll be some spike in cases, then we'll shut things down and we'll see this kind of almost up and down, up and down as we move through it. Yeah. Cautious as it's very likely that this doesn't come back again for another 10 years and if it comes back, it will come back into mush. Smaller way has to do with not only the consciousness ship, but then you Taishan on a biological level of this virus. That's what they're telling me. But again, multiple timelines, multiple freewill realities that could be interfering with this give or take, given the guidance.

(28:15): But they told me this year, Hey, you're going to be relaxing. You're going to be writing, you're going to be, we don't want you to do any of your programs. And I never thought to say, why is that right? I you tell me things. I'm like, okay, got it. I just do it right. But now I even had a client reflect back to me, all that stuff you've been saying about governments being reorganized and you know, finance, like financial institutions. I never thought that it was going to happen so soon and it really triggered that awareness that the information I've always sort of I've listened to in the Akasha has been really true about this time and this time coming. And so it's exciting. I mean, I find it to be exciting for the spiritual piece. There's some great here as well. For those of us, we're losing people we love and that's a whole can of worms.

(28:55): But those souls again love and, and, and the soul are beyond form. And those souls are moving to places and making choices to move to those places intentionally during this time. And I also want to say that everybody who is here and alive and on this planet and you certainly listening to this, this podcast, every single person shows to be here during Corona. If you didn't want to choose it, you wouldn't have been born during this time. So it's so important to lean into what is being called for it in me to gait, to gain from this time to grow. And it's time to expand.

(29:26): Yeah, I love it. It is definitely no accidents in the universe. Like if you're here, you're here and you're here during this time. It's for a reason cause you could, you could have come down anytime.

(29:33): Definitely. And if you're leaving during this time, there's no coincidence for that either. Right? Yeah. And it's all good. So thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate it. Can you give us some information on how our reader or readers or listeners can contact you? And

(29:52): One quick question. Is there anything you'd like to share that maybe we didn't give you an opportunity to share or anything that you wanted to share with us?

(29:59): I mean, so I have this energy coming through that feels really powerful and a message that feels like something that we all believe and know in our soul, but need to be reminded of, which is to treat each and every person that we meet who is suffering with the deepest level of compassion that we can muster and that we can express and the kindness is a universal, powerful, vibrational energy and in every way with every person as much as possible to be kind. It is a powerful process to help lift us from another place. I also want to say that they're sh they're sharing is to be aware. Being too saturated in Corona virus right now, so if you're too saturated, you feel really heavy, you feel really electrified by this energy, overwhelmed, angry, fear-based. It would be really nice to take a vacation from that feeling. They would be the first time ever in history. The Akasha has told me to tell folks to take a little vacation from that, meaning distract yourself. Read a book. I'm watching a great movie. Did it take some time away and let you do that? Sometimes, right? We soften like the flower opens and the energy can just move through. So if it's too overwhelming, step back, step away, step to the side. That's another big guidance that's coming out.

(31:11): I think one of the things you mentioned, we'll wrap it up there and then we'll give everyone your comp, your, your, your, your, your content and anything else says Christina always, not always, but sometimes talk about this, some souls. Why are they suffering in our compassion and our caring? Like why are some souls caught up in, you know, and human trafficking or why are some souls caught up on this? Or why are some souls coming in here, the form, the whatnot, and, or even just regular, you know, forget any handicaps, just regular suffering, whether it's financial or themselves and they're just [inaudible] in constant suffering. I think one of the things that, you know, we've talked back and forth is like, is there a better way? We think so, but generally I think one of the things you should wear, this is humans like to kind of take that route of kind of learn from other humans that Hey suffering, you take enough suffering eventually that's the arrow being pulled back so that you can go to the other direction. Cause eventually there comes a point where you're like, you start looking for answers and that suffering drives the other ones. So really embraced in love. You can embrace both the suffering and the expansion.

(32:08): Totally. And the Akashic guides they like, they do a little bit of a pull their hair out and know why. Moments of like the way humans choose spiritual awakening through suffering, you know, they really feel that there's a different way. Do you know about it? We don't have to suffer to awaken, although that's often how we choose to and agreed construction creates expansion. Coronavirus constriction of time creates the movement or the projection forward. But if we, if we wish to invite that, that request or prayer into our heart to learn and grow throughout suffering through with as much grace and ease as possible, we have the ability to do that as well. And it is very specific to each soul why we choose certain lifetimes with certain degrees of suffering. Sometimes we don't choose it to suffer or sometimes we do it because we're older souls and we want to teach the people around us certain important lessons. So we choose certain lifetimes to do that.

(33:03): How do we expand the other way? How do we expand where it's not through suffering,

(33:08): Through awareness and actualization? This is a channel message coming in like real time through awareness and actualization of your own higher self and your connection to your own Akasha, meaning being able real time to connect to where you're going and have a strong awareness of what you're getting out of it and how you are to contribute and deliberately make choices for ease and actualization, expansion and growth without needing to create timelines of suffering in order to achieve that same outcome.

(33:38): Okay, I love it. Let's, let's, let's, let's connect on that. Yeah, I'll see you. I'll, we'll connect tomorrow.

(33:44): Both of your eyes got really big when I said that. Like how does one even do that? Right? It's like I can,

(33:53): It's mad.

(33:54): It is like, that's like a real, that's a whole nother podcast in and of itself, right?

(33:59): Yeah, yeah. No, that's, that's, you know, and in the book I'm reading, you know, the way is easeful and without effort. He says that a thousand times in that book and that's what he's actually talking about. Like going there.

(34:12): Yeah. I believe I'm not in this lifetime, but I see it in any Akasha says it's already written that humans will actualize the full fifth dimensional capacity and we will choose lighter, more expansive, less suffering ways eventually. So we're getting there. That's the good news.

(34:27): And if not, our kids are pushing us that way. Right.

(34:29): Totally. Our children are definitely bringers of that, of that energy, the rainbow shoulder and the crystal children. They're coming in and pushing us in that direction lovingly. Of course.

(34:38): Awesome. Well, we love you. We appreciate you, Candice. You want to tell them a little bit of square or they can reach out to you kind of maybe some of those services you offer.

(34:45): Sorry. Yeah, so I am rasa healing is my business. I have a Facebook account, Russell healing Instagram website is www rasa healing services.com. I offer individual consultation and integrative therapy with the Akashic record. I'm also a licensed therapist in Florida. So my work is very integrative. I offer a lot of collective programs on karmic parenting, understanding your relationship with your children. Karmically and then a karmic healing and resolution program called the path Walker program. Again, those are on hold right now cause I'm writing and developing coursework for an Ascension school where I'll be sharing information that you don't learn in school. That's still evolution. So that's coming soon. But yeah, I'd love to connect with, with your listeners if they feel called. And I just love you guys dearly. It's been great to work with you.

(35:38): Thank you. Thanks for hanging out with us and listening to the Bolton board podcasts. Go to our website@bothonboard.com to receive your free special report on seven game changers for highly effective entrepreneurial cookbooks. You can also connect to this off Facebook and Instagram at both onboard. If you got value from us, please subscribe to our channel and leave an amazing five star reviews so we can help others get on board to cocreate the life and business of the dreams and enjoy the rug. We hope to connect with you soon.

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