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What do you worry about most? Fear, stress, and material concerns affect many people. So how do you overcome these fears to lead a happier and more fulfilling life? One tool that can be extremely helpful is the Akashic Record.

In this episode, Ray and Christy are joined by spiritual coach Candace Rossa, and they discuss how to grow in your spiritual life, the habits that are keeping you stuck where you are, and how to relate to those around you who are stuck in lower spiritual dimensions.

Show Highlights Include:

  • What the Akashic Record is and how it directly impacts your life (2:27)
  • The dimension you currently exist in and where you ultimately want to be (4:03)
  • How to align this spiritual reality with your current religious beliefs, even if they seem incompatible (8:56)
  • Doing this is preventing you from reaching your spiritual AND material goals (12:50)
  • How to transition to a more holistic view of your life (13:45)
  • This energy is the most difficult to work with and is holding you back from the life you desire (14:11)
  • The secret to embracing greater spirituality when you feel stuck (19:15)

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Everything that you're doing in the world is creating an outcome for you. So you really want to know what your current impulse, where your light is buzzing out to the universe. All you have to do is look and see what you're creating because it's always there for you to work with, which I love.

Hey, I'm Christy and I'm Ray. And our passion is to inspire entrepreneurial couples to cocreate the life and business of their dreams and enjoy the ride. Together, we built three successful businesses. We have a beautiful three year old daughter and we pride ourselves on living a life by design. And our goal is to help you do the same. Are you ready to take your relationship, your health, and your wealth to the next level? If so, let’s do this.

(00:49): Alright, so, alright. Everyone who we're excited to have a none other than Candace.

(00:54): Candice Rasa has been a Christie and my spiritual coach, spiritual advisor. Just a great coach overall for both business and personal life. I actually stole her from Christie and I've been working on and off with her for about a year now. More or less. And Christie longer than that, right?

(01:11): Yeah. Well we worked together and then we didn't for a while. Now we're back to the fun. Yes. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here.

(01:21): Awesome. So a lot of things that you guys have listened to the prior episode by the time this one airs and on the prior episode we spoke with Kirby Hotchner who kind of recommended to us the way of mastery and is also very familiar with that. We're going to talk about today, the Akashic records and we're gonna just kind of go over what, what Candice does, what her specialty is, what is the Akashic records and with this in this time up right now, the Coronavirus, what this is actually mean, dealing with fear, dealing with the things that are coming up and, and why has a Coronavirus here? Like what is it purpose for, for, for all of humanity and the earth.

(01:54): Definitely. Yeah. I'm excited to be here, to speak a little bit about my work and how it can really serve folks in the world right now. I'm sure all of us are experiencing some shifting, some adjustment. We're having some fear potentially show up and this is a really great time to lean into the Akashic field. So for those who don't know, the Akashic record is a 12th dimensional spiritual plane, almost like a library where you can access information about your soul's history, past life, current life, trauma, karma contracts, give some challenge and really the trajectory in the direction of your life. So as you can imagine, having access to that for individual lives and specifically with the collective right now with Coronavirus can be really useful for all of us to understand what we're getting out of it and how best to move through this time gracefully.

(02:45): When you say a lot of, you know, auto noses aren't, maybe it made me not so involved with this work. What is a 12th dimension? What is the fourth dimension, fifth dimension? Maybe talk a little bit about multidimensionality and what that means.

(02:56): Yeah, definitely. Thank you. So dimensional that we can exist in of course has to do with density, right? So humans are in the third dimension. You know, as we're standing here now and you're listening to this podcast, you can touch your arms, you can touch your face, you know, this is the physical reality, third dimension, very dense. Everything is concrete. Everything has linear orientation and logic and every dimension that goes higher than that has a little less of that density. Yeah, so some dimensions act as a slide, right? So the fourth dimension is kind of like a slide, the astral plane, the dream state is all kind of in the fourth dimension. And the fifth dimension is where we're all going in terms of our current reality, meaning a place where we can embody a logical things where we can perceive and believe and connect to homeostasis of love as well as a connection beyond that we can touch, which is really, really that difference between third dimension, five dimension, everything else higher than that continues to loosen its grip on that. That sort of concrete reality. And the 12th dimension is, is that recording system, it kind of envelops the earth. If you can imagine like a, a constant recording that's happening on every dimension and every time in space. That's what the Akashic record is. So it is located in that space and one can access that through meditation, through study, through practice. And I've been sort of engaging with that for quite some time. One of the things that's been coming up for me

(04:21): During this time is with Ray. I feel like obviously we live together, we're both going through a similar, a similar experience and a similar path spiritually. And yet I feel much more torn, I guess for lack of a better term between the third and the fifth. So how would you explain how they relate to each other or how they kind of dance with each other? Because we do live in this third dimensional human reality and a lot of us are looking for that spiritual connection and path and higher vibration. So how do, how do you, how would you kind of explain how they relate to each other?

(05:01): Yeah, what a beautiful question, Christie. So we want to look at our physical reality as important, right? We have to have a house, we have to have a physical format of body that we need to treat. Well we, you know, we interact in the world with material things. So it's very much about a reverence and an understanding that we ask to engage in the physical reality. However, why is such a big deal now and why is such a buzzword? This idea of fifth dimension of dimensional expansion is that collectively this idea of trust, this idea of faith, unity, love, connection. If you think about those words, we're headed there as a society, we can experience those things within our heart, but none of those things can we touch. I know those things have a third dimensional embodiment. Yeah. So as a human, while we are still living in a physical form, energetically, spiritually, we're headed to this fifth dimensional reality where there is a, when there's a slow and a trust and a faith and an engagement and an intuition that humans now more than ever are getting in touch with.

(06:06): We couldn't say this 20 years ago with such certainty or even 50 years ago. So this idea of the dance is about understanding that while we want to engage with, let's say, let's use something really example of an example that's really alive right now, while you need to have a job or have money or currency, we don't want a grip too much. So the forcing and controlling and obsession of that third dimensional reality, we might want dads in the body, some of the energy that's available to us in the fifth dimension, such as trust, fake co-creation, flow, working a little bit with connection and unity, which is fifth dimensional S. And as you do that, you might notice, and the Akasha would say, we all had experienced a greater ease in that currency and money when we work with this dimension. So the big guidance here is be mindful of not gripping too much, the linear hierarchical world of third dimension as we're shifting because it will make [inaudible] living harder to do.

(07:06): Kind of going into those words and all sort of say them again. Words of connection, unity, the ability to be fluid and flowy and co-creating and trusting and intuitive. And whereas it might be very woo woo to some, but really concepts if we think about it, that we're all sort of becoming more intimate with now more than ever. Yeah, I agree. I think that it's fun for us in the sense that a year ago, if you would have mentioned it, which is when we first had our first Akashic reading together, when you would have mentioned these these things, I was [inaudible] I wasn't and tie it or like against it or I didn't have this resistance sort of, but it was like brand new to them. It was like, what [inaudible] tell me more. But then we also have some people that, that, you know, are friends of ours in our, in our community, family members that they get kind of stuck between, and I don't know if I'm going to word it right, but like spiritual and versus [inaudible] versus, but spiritual and religious right.

(08:02): Religions and how that's like a big thing. And sometimes when we have conversations with certain, certain people in our lives, they think that they're almost like afraid of this world, that you know, that we're exploring more of. And I was raised Catholic, going to church, communion, you know, baptism, communion, confirmation, all that. And then like, I love how you're saying like the world is shifting, right? So then we get to either follow along or almost like, you know, either either follow the follow along or not. So how would you speak to someone who is brand new to this and doesn't really grasp what you're policing? Right? And who is, it was raised in a certain religious kind of setting. Like what, what would be kind of like a easeful way of, of transitioning someone to just be open to this conversation? Yeah.

(08:52): And what a beautiful question. I love this because if we talk about religion, we're talking about God, right? And our relationship with God, which in essence is not third dimensional. It's not something we can see or touch or approve, right? So those of us who followed structured religion may have a practice of connecting to a fifth dimensional idea like God, but if done so through a very third dimensional format like organized religion and the Akasha would say that God is in everything, right? God is in the flower, in the eyes of the person you love, in the stranger, in the winds, in every religion and every person everywhere. So there is no path that is better, worse than any other paths. So for those people who can lean into the idea that God is everywhere and that God is the highest consciousness that we seek to value in ourselves and and beyond ourselves, it doesn't sometimes feel like too big of a jump to go from if God is in everything, God is in the Akashic field, God is in, in me, in you and religion and non religion. So I see my work and the work of the Akasha as encompassing and unity based around God and around spirituality. Religion again is that sort of manmade third dimensional format by which people connect to God. So if anyone has some, yeah, they have some flexibility around accessing God in new ways. And I think the jump isn't really that far. And to be honest, I have a lot of clients that are just multi layered in terms of their religious background. So I'm seeing more now more than ever, that flexibility even in people.

(10:36): Yeah. And I love that, that shift that, that it's like that's where the energy is going and we get to choose to go easefully or choose to go with more of a, the fight. And that's, that's kind of the journey that Ray and I are on right now. I remember, I know when I was up until I was about 12 I know I've shared this story before on the podcast, I think, but I wanted to be a nun like I was, I would walk around with my Bible and I would, you know, do all these religious things in my house or just, just preach and I loved it. But every time that it would go into anything fear-based, like I didn't know at that point. Now I think back, but I would just kind of shut down like, Oh that's, that part isn't important. Right?

(11:13): Like all the fear based stuff is what always kind of triggered me to saying like, no that's not, that's not true. That's not real for me. Right. And it's obviously a very personal thing. We're making this very public, it's not the easiest conversation to have so openly and like that was the one thing that I remember feeling like, like anything that was fear-based or like God was going to punish or do anything that was anything negative. Like it never resonated with me. Even from when I was like six to 12 and now looking back, I feel like that's kind of what it is. And then you saying that word easeful, it resonates with me at such a high level. It even gets me emotional because it's like, it's that, it's like are we gripping and I'm wanting to just calf control and understand everything, which is what I like to do, or at least I did in the past. Or is it just, you know, like flowing and letting things be and letting things unfold. So can you talk a little more about that? About like almost like the surrender, the allowing, the openness that maybe you've seen some of your clients go through or that you maybe went through or that we've gone through. You can even share some of our experience if you like, but like how to kind of make that transition

(12:19): Just more, more openness and more flow. Yeah. And so what comes to mind is this idea that like God is in separation, right? So the world of spirituality isn't about separation, it's about unity. It's about love. So we're really talking about the energy as construction versus expansion, right? So one more constricting. We are controlling, we feel that the outcome of everything, we're not in a collective unity based energy of God wherein a ego base constricting, controlling, fear based energy of God. And so the process of opening oneself up to two expansions around this is this idea that there's room for at all. There's room for it all. It's just that idea, right? If we can just sit with that idea of there's room for it all and I can surrender to having both fear and hope and apprehension and trust and all of it. We tend, without even realizing, without even forcing ourselves, we tend to surrender, right?

(13:22): So the surrender energy of which you're really sort of speaking to here is how do we make that transition? I think a great first step would be that idea of how can I let more in, how can I expand and that there is room for it all in bringing sort of are the holistic experience versus, Oh, there's only this one key. And sometimes we think about it from a perspective of I need to control money or I need to control this fear in myself by making sure nobody gets hurt. And when we do that, we exclude and constrict the other possibilities, which is maybe why we're divinely supported. Maybe. Maybe there's help and guidance and protection from others and from our higher power. But again, it's the construction energy that I think is most difficult to work with in my clients and myself. We definitely work too.

(14:10): Make that transition to expansion. And I can tell you what happens accidentally through the idea of believing in something larger than yourself. Just the idea of saying what more can I bring in and include in this experience? And that again, it gives way to surrender, it gives way to expansion, gives way to trust. And we start to realize that we are not controlling this world, but we are co-creating this world with so many other factors. And suddenly we don't feel as alone. We don't feel as worried and we don't feel as responsible for everything. Right. So they can feel the ease in that. Right. As we're talking about it just sort of opens up.

(14:43): No, I love it. I was just taking some notes. I'm taking planning, she's letting me in here and there. So a couple of things just on the religious piece, something that I've been doing and we'll

(14:52): Have our session tomorrow. So we'll talk about it as I've been reading and I read a kind of the old couple chapters from the old Testament and then I read the new one on Jesus and on the new Testament and the new part, like whatever it is, that NIV that the new one with Jesus, it thought a lot better, a lot ease for like he almost goes back and says a lot of things though. Let me even listen to that. Like forgiveness it talks to Peter 70 times seven, like all these things come up. So I've done both sides on, I've done the spiritual and the religious, it just feels a little bit more, especially the older Testament, very restrictive, very, very third dimension, like an old generation and then the new one. So it's a little bit more expansive. I'm getting it, it's feeling a lot better.

(15:32): And like you said, there's room for it all. And as I said to myself, why am I reading this? Why am I reading this? And I said, okay, I know why I'm reading this because this is helping. This may help me serve as a tool to connect with these people. And there's some nuggets in there too. And yet I'm not restricted by it, right? It's just everyone finds their own way home, right? And it's all through the heart. It's all God based. And then people get so caught up in restrictions. So it has to be this way. It has to, and then they compare, or worst cases, I've seen some religions go to war over this and I'm like, this is like we're getting caught up on minor details. Hey, do you eat organic kale or do you eat, you know, just the regular kale, right?

(16:08): Like dude, can we just agree that more greens are better than not greens? Right? It's so silly. It's so [inaudible]. And it's this idea of separation, like you said, of the ego, the constriction of the, of the duality, right to, you know, right and wrong versus journey consciousness, right? So when we think about fifth dimension, Christie and I like a lot of that comes up, is just how do we start to embody this Christ consciousness? How do we start to actually live that day to day? And all you gotta do is don't take it so literal, like read the Bible, read whatever you want to read, but like understand what he's really saying and like come to your own conclusions about what he's saying and more feel what's being read. Then try and memorize it in a very 3d way like feel. And so, you know when Chrissy read that she almost feels a negative as I do.

(16:52): I like the fear based on that stuff. But throughout the Bible something like it's like do not fear, I'm with you. Like, like, so there's a lot of positive too. And I, I guess what I'm really sharing with our listeners is, what I've learned to do is I read these, these books is feel into and resonate with what they're saying and more important, any insights that come up as you read it from what they're saying, not very structured, third dimensional like, Hey, it's black and white. Very large. So I love what you said about logical is one of the biggest notes I took. Logical versus kind of like the magic versus linear versus exponential. I just, it's not logical like it's this, this stuff on the spiritual side that the third dimension feels very like it's more knowledge based. Do you know what up here?

(17:32): Not true knowledge, just knowledge in your head, right versus it being in your heart. So I think going from the third to the fifth is more of how do we start to embody that and then really bring intent into our heart where we start to be that versus just trying more, more of the do part. And I just kind of, what I said to them is, so listeners like I come to Canada with where I'm at and where I'm not struggling with just where I'm at and then she can provide some insight on, Hey, what are next possible steps or what's another perspective you could bring to this?

(18:00): Yeah. So I have a confession to make, right? So in regards to my own religion and spirituality, sort of duality world, I think there was a time where I was really questioning the judgments that I would have on certain rigidity with religion and I went into my own Akashic records. This is a great example of how the Akashic record is so helpful and they said, dear Candice, there are many rivers that leads to the same ocean and neither river is in a better or worse place than any other river. Geographically. Their location is not measured as better or worse geographically. Their location is just where they are and each person is flowing down that river, which we can see as a religion and in that river, they'll look to the shore when they're ready and there'll be a teacher there available for them and that teacher and that student in that particular river, we'll do a dance for a bit. And as our souls evolve and we evolve to become different lifetimes, we might find ourselves on different rivers with different teachers, different directions. But the truth is we're all going to the same place. And who am I to judge where that person is and where I am on the river. I think he is to keep [inaudible] banding, which keeps you moving on the river. So I love that analogy. I think it's been very helpful for me to embrace greater spirituality.

(19:18): Then one of the things that was coming up for me when you were speaking before, so most of our listeners, this is obviously both on board, so it's couples and one of the things that we talk about a lot and you know obviously third dimensional space is that our, our spouse or our partner in life is our biggest personal development tool. And that's like one of the things that we like to you know, do our best to embody Ray and I and also learn more from each other. And how would you explain that from like maybe like karmic contracts or, or something of that nature? Like how would you explain better? Explain that in how we relate to one another and how we like what we're really quote unquote here for each other. For when it comes to couples.

(20:00): Yeah. So there's this beautiful sort of divine contract that we enter into and each lifetime with people in our family of origin, with our spouses, with our children, we choose them, they choose us. I mean they, it can't be any other way, right? Like we have such rich relationships and some of them are so dramatic and some are dramatic and positive or negative ways. But these contracts are chosen and they're chosen by us in concert with God really to help us actualize and define and dial in some of our main core lessons in this life. So who better to teach you to love yourself then family member who challenges that reality in yourself, right? Who better and the cautious says always look for the other side of the Seesaw. So just as many people you have who are weighing you down with a certain lesson, you'll have just as many people lifting you up.

(20:56): So look to the other side is, it's again, third dimensional world is very polar and we would have both people on, on either side of that fence. And so in terms of a relationship, we definitely end up in partnerships with people that we are contracting with that we give and take. The Akasha calls that a mutual exchange. It's kind of like you have a file that Ray needs and Ray has a file that you need and on on three you pass them over and you get to learn and teach with each other. So the beauty is like looking at that person up, what is this person calling out in me? What is this person calling me to learn about myself? Very important questions.

(21:33): Yeah, I heard recently like Michael Beckwith's got a great question. I'm like what's looking to emerge here? It's a beautiful question. Like it's just like, and then the thing is that sometimes we get triggered by the partner and rather than going through the expansion, we go into contraction in terms of like she did this or she did this and they're like, cause like you don't want to really look within and see that vulnerability or see that like whatever that thing that is.

(21:53): And how funny is it that God, whatever you call it, I was reading today, I still think everybody's like, I was reading like something about Jesus in the Bible when he said, what do you say? He goes, Oh, you can't be a prophet in your own land. Right? You can't. You can't come to your own home and say things. That's what they doubted him the most. So it's like it's crazy that you would not crazy. It's awesome that you would be put into a family. So for example, if you wanted to come heal your issues around money, you'd come into a family that has a whole bunch of issues around money. Why?

(22:19): Because that's the path for you. That's what you came down here to learn. That's the law. That's, I always cringe when someone's like, Oh, I, my family of origin, I don't know why I manifested with them. There's nothing for me to have there. They trigger me in lots of ways. I'm always like, Oh no, right? Like we're missing the opportunity. We're missing it. It's totally available. And the best way to get to that answer is certainly a riff on the question you shared, which is what is being called forward in you right now? What are these people triggering me? Right. [inaudible] and you mentioned that construction, most times your gut reaction will be what you've always done in the past, which may not always be what is the healing forward, expansive, higher dimensional way to handle something. So in the past we might judge and we might get really rigid and we might shut down our heart center and that's our instinct.

(23:07): But the higher expression, the opportunity for growth is very different than that. I might be opening the heart, giving an opportunity to exchange with somebody. Really putting your ego to the side, developing compassion for someone else. Right. We always wanted to looking for the opportunities to grow. Expand. Yeah. As you were saying those sentences, I wrote down the word healing right before you said healing, which is kinda cool, but like what would you, or the Akasha, what would they say about actually going back and healing your past or forgiving? You know, people from your past or going down that road of, of actually making amends with those things that trigger us or those things that have heard us or you know, whatever it may be for different people. But those, those kinds of triggers that are calling for healing. Like what would be a few tips or tricks or things that we could kind of start putting into place ourselves too to kind of better our situation with those, with those situations.

(24:06): Yeah, totally. So here's the good news folks. You don't have to have a very detailed past life hypnosis to understand what your karma is. The point of power is always in the present moment always. So you can do a nice three 60 turn in your own life and assess the contracts that you have magnetized and assess the current feelings that are repeat offenders and the current external patterns that are repeating themselves. And if you can do that three 60 turn and assess all of those things, it will be very obvious what you are here to look at and to work on. Often, no, that present moment reality isn't something we're so used to where we know we're used to kind of moving too far ahead or living in the past or projecting everything outward. So slowing down and doing that three 60 turn, doing that assessment is super important.

(25:00): And of course, why are the issues or karma and the present moment, why is that? Because unhealed or healed or anything that you project into the world, whether we label it good or bad or healed or unhealthy, is constantly magnetized to who you are because you are how powerful being and everything that you're doing in the world is creating an outcome for you and is attracting to you. So if you really want to know what your current impulse or your little light is buzzing out into the universe, all you have to do is look and see what you're creating because it's always there for you to work with, which I love. And the Akasha of course. Why I think this work is so powerful is it takes you to this bird's eye view of what we're talking about here. We'll show you that vantage point and perspective to really empower you honestly to move more gracefully through life, which, which we all could use. I know I could use for sure.

(25:52): I like what you said, I was just kind of reading. It's funny, a lot of, one of the things, let's see, this is why I'm reading the book I'm reading right? So cause I can, I can now relate to people I couldn't relate to before. But now look in the book, what are you saying? He goes, you judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. Well that's how you know where you're at. Like what are you producing? Well look at the fruit. Like don't judge the fruit but look at it and let's take a honest, not non judge it not beat ourselves up. Graceful. Okay this, this is not what I want. Cool. I forgive myself.

(26:17): Let's go make a new choice. Definitely.

(26:20): All right, so we hope you got value this episode with Candice rasa from rasa healing. She's an amazing healer. Hope you got a lot of that in an episode and we're going to continue in part two. We're going to get more in depth into the Akashic records and what this means for all of us. Thank you. We love you. We appreciate you. God bless.

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