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If you’ve ever experienced a lack of money, or recognized that your relationship with money was always based in fear or lack, listen up. Whether you realize it or not, your internal thoughts and feelings about money can affect external wealth.

In this episode, Ray and Christy discuss why money along can’t make you happy, how to increase your internal feeling of abundance, and how to crush your limiting beliefs to experience your own wealth breakthrough.

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why chasing money ultimately leaves you wealthy but unfulfilled (7:27)
  • This uncommon definition will help you keep money in proper perspective (7:51)
  • This single word is the key to unlocking all the abundance you ever desired (9:14)
  • If you constantly feel like there’s never enough money, this perspective shift will get you back on track (12:27)
  • If you rely on this one thing for security, you’ll always feel vulnerable (14:22)
  • You must address this specific shortcoming in order to attain true, abundant wealth (16:27)
  • Feelings of abundance must begin here or you’ll always experience lack (22:25)

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That is huge. Like whether you can barely pay your rent or whether you're just looking for a next big deal, like having gratitude for what you do have. I think that is huge and it takes off so much pressure and it puts you automatically in a positive state. It puts you in a high vibration.

Hey, I'm Christy and I'm Ray. And our passion is to inspire entrepreneurial couples to cocreate the life and business of their dreams and enjoy the ride. Together, we built three successful businesses. We have a beautiful three year old daughter and we pride ourselves on living a life by design. And our goal is to help you do the same. Are you ready to take your relationship, your health, and your wealth to the next level? If so, let’s do this.

(00:47): All right, so this is going to be the most vulnerable podcast we've done a little bit. I'm going to share with you guys the work that I've been doing.

(00:55): I want to start this one. Okay. So I'm a little bit excited mostly because we have very different mindsets on this whole money piece. Not better or worse. Just, I'm a lot less emotionally charged about money. I just kind of, it's there and I like it and it's nice and whatever. I have a little and Ray has and yeah, always want more. And Ray is, is, is a lot more attached and has been in the past a lot more attached and almost had, has had in the past a negative relationship with money and he correlate. I have had a negative relationship with money and it's just been interesting in these last, what 12 years I go from one of the stories that we love to tell, I think it's hilarious. Raiders and things so, but I had to force him to go on a 200 and what $249, three day cruise.

(01:58): And he looked at me when we first, we had been dating for almost two years and we hadn't gone into the Haitian and he looked at me like I was insane. Like you mean go on a vacation and pay money and go somewhere and not work and what the heck is wrong with you basically? And I had to force him to do this. I was like, I am going on this cruise with or without you and we're going on a vacation for three days. And so it's been quite the journey from that to now him just being, Oh coronavirus is here, let's just go travel and let's just not, you know, let, let, let's, let's just throw caution to the wind. So it's been quite an interesting thing to see on my side. So he got the idea and I thought it was pretty cool for me to interview him on, on his process.

(02:42): So basically his, just to be clear, his negative relationship with money was very, it was very fear based. It was hoarding, right. I have to make money and then I'm going to keep it tight. Like it's, it wasn't let's make money to, to live this fabulous life. It was to make money for the sake of making money and just make sure it's, you know, keep it there and keep it in the bank and, and, and, and kind of uncle Scrooge type like swimming it but not spend it because then we won't have for later and a very fear minded thing of like people taking advantage. Like people want to take money from me. Like it's, it's, it's, they're, they're trying to every, you know, every vendor that's showed up to any property that we had or any, anytime we had some kind of bid on as like everybody was trying to take advantage of him and everybody was overpricing him and price gouging him and making him pay more than he needed to pay. And I was always like, why are you so like defensive about this? Like it's just money and it's part of the price of, of, of living and of running properties and we have to invest money to make money. And it's just a very interesting mindset that he had. So I think maybe we'll start with you just really clarifying that. Like how you used to feel about money up until recently, right? Cause it's, it's really shifted in the last six months. I'd say

(03:53): Shift in the last couple of weeks really. But it's, it's been ongoing, the process. So where do we start? I mean, I'm just even, what money meant to me, how I felt about money. So, so the emotional side to money for me has always been much more, not always recently been much more important cause I've realized and, and Jim Carrey nailed it. He's like, I wish everyone in their life would really get an opportunity to have everybody and they wanted and be in all these roles and have all the money they wanted. And they realize and then they would realize that this is not the purpose of life. That that's not going to ultimately give you fulfillment and peace and love and joy, which is what we're all looking for. And the weird thing, it's already all inside us. So what money used to mean to me because of my background, I figured, Hey, if I get successful and that means having money, then I'll have some kind of financial freedom and then I can be and do whatever I want and just, you know, live peacefully and joyfully and just just kinda like, Hey, I've made it right.

(04:49): And as I've gotten more and more money and more and more capital, that hasn't been this early, but my experience, right? Because I was coming at it from lack, I was coming at it from like I needed this external thing to fill an internal void and the more you got or this external thing, the more I realize it wouldn't fill that internal void. Saul was coming at money from a place of fear of loss from it, from a place of attachment to money from a place of having expectations of myself and others for money, experience about what I needed to exchange and work for and sacrifice and the lay gratification. And the last one that's been the worst one babe has been my attachment of my identity to money. It's almost like my purpose is to make money or it used to be that and if I made a mistake with it, how I would feel like it's, it's, it's, it was about me as my soul and then learning to transcend that and I'm still going and growing through that process and I would love to bring our amazing audience with us on that.

(05:47): For me, that's what's emerging with the money piece. It's Maya like in it and it's hit me a few times because now I'm bringing a lot of awareness to it. Like I'll give you a perfect example. The other day on the sixth Chris said, Hey, none of the tenants had paid, I'm sorry it was the fourth. None of the tenants had paid and I felt like someone went into my stomach and punched me from the inside. I felt like someone would like just like, like a fear of death babe. And that's happened a couple of times with different opportunities or when or when I lose money. Even out on the investing side, right. It will bring fear and anxiety when I would make a decision about where to place capital. And it's not ironic. It's great that God has now put me in a role where I'm kind of like a fund manager with our own funds and we invest on, we do private lending, but now I'm realizing the purpose God put me here with this capital is to overcome that is to emerge from that is to show up in differently to that.

(06:43): Still doing the same things, but I'm showing up way, way different. And when I don't, I take a break and I get that to meditation and then I get back to being abundance. The biggest thing I've realized is that abundance is an internal game. You already are abundant, you already are the result. And when you're chasing something, you're chasing this illusion of money thinking it's going to give you something else. That's a fallacy. And I see a lot of entrepreneurs, especially like in the mastermind piece, a lot of type a, they're searching for this thing and they're going after it and ultimately when they get it, it's never fulfilling. Right? So like is this all there is? Right? That that question of I never really got that from Tony Robbins. Like, Hey, you know what is this all there really is. You get there, right?

(07:27): And it's because you didn't do the internal work as you did it. You didn't realize that this event, which is what money is just an event, like what does money really mean to you? And that's been, that's been coming up. I've been meditating and meditating on it. I've been journaling on it. So long story short, what it means to me now, it's just a tool to stay connected with other people. It's just a tool. It's just energy. It's just you, you, it's a neutral event on whatever emotions you bring to it. Magnify that emotion. But money is absolutely neutral. And what I'm choosing to have it mean is when a new opportunity comes up, my first filter for the opportunity is do I want to stay connected to this person? Whether it's an investor, the investment, who was the sponsor? I want to understand emotionally, do I want to be connected to this?

(08:12): Like, how is the energy of the deal? How's the energy of the sponsor? How's the energy of, of just like, does it, is it a win, win, win for everybody? Like for example, I'll give you some of the deals that didn't feel good. Allow like a section of low end housing. You might've had a good sponsor, like someone bringing you the opportunity, but it was like, this is, this is heavy and it's feeling clunky. And just because I could make a buck at it saying, know what the other thing I used to have as a big FOMO, fear of missing out and what's happened. I've let a couple of off, of, of partnerships goal where it wasn't going mutually and I call this next day, no, now what I said no to that opportunity the very next day what I want and showed up. Once I got clarity on what I wanted it, it showed up.

(08:55): And then so the next day, no. And then now what? Trusting the abundant universe will give you what you want. And also you've got to make it very clear that you say no to what you don't want. The most abundant act you can make by far guys is saying no. The number one abundant act of saying no because it creates clarity in the universe of what you really want. And again, creating that abundance and that peace and that joy internally and coming from a place of gratitude and knowing that there's always more, that there's more than enough and owning that and your body has then showed up. We've got more opportunity now of the ones that we want that are home run opportunities than we've ever had. We've got more opportunity than we have capital. But again, the universal form that capital to, and I'm not really concerned, I'm not attached to it.

(09:37): If it happens, great, if it doesn't, that's totally cool too. But it took a whole long time to actually be here and mean that to not just say that, babe, what are you? What have you seen? Cause you're, you, you, you have an outside perspective at this and do I T at times guys, do I still get hooked? Sure. This is my journey, this is my work. And, and again, I'm grateful for the finest that we do have and I'm grateful for external wealth, but it means nothing if you don't have the internal Wolf hand.

(10:01): Well, I think that's what happens to me too. I think I got kind of sucked into the entrepreneurial world. Like one of the things that we started out wanting was financial freedom. And obviously that means a lot of different things for different people, different amounts, different lifestyles, different, you know, different gadgets, right? All, all the different things that it means. And I feel that for me, seeing you do this, this really intense work obviously made me questions or in things and it's, it's so, it's very layered as usual. And then, and then, and then there's mindsets that can help you for a little while and then you got to just shift to a new mindset. Right? So there's, there's, there's different times where obviously if you're living paycheck to paycheck and you can barely afford to pay your rent or put food on the table, that's a, that's a very,

(10:50): Well, hold on. When you said a great point, because the universe always even on the money mindset and the spiritual money mindset is always looking to evolve and expand. So what, like again, this goes back to our prior podcasts about change, like it's looking to evolve and grow. So what used to work, you know, six months ago, that hard money loan that we did for 200 grand six months ago,

(11:09): No longer fuels, right? So then, so then there's, it depends on where you're, so as a listener, whoever's listening to this, as you're listening to Ray speak, that he's done a ton of work and a ton of awareness and a ton of journaling and working with coaches and he's, he's, this is what he's saying now after all the work has been done. So where to start, where to, where to kind of, where to start to shed that light. Where does, where does show that awareness. And I think the first step would be, where are you right now? Right? Cause we, we have these, these moments where it's like, okay, we need to just put food on the table. Right? And then that's a very different energy. It's not right or wrong, it's just very different energy than saying, Oh, we have a successful business that we want to go to to X number and and Y and Z and higher and higher and higher.

(11:52): Right? So think about where you are in that, in that spectrum of finances. Right? And for us, for example, financial freedom was the goal. We didn't really have a number, it was just not have to worry about money. It was our financial freedom definition, right? For some people it's this amount. And for some people it's, it's never, you know, it's never enough. Right. And for me, what I saw, which is what I want to get to is with Ray, I feel like I still feel right, but I used to feel that it was never enough. Like whatever it was at once we met that number, Oh no, but we gotta make this number. Oh, we did that. But then there's this deal. And so it was, for him, it started to feel like, okay, it's never enough. Right? So what, what is enough? And again, that's very different for different people.

(12:32): When we talk about all the things that we've done with life and air and with these, these, these goal setting things and all of the things that we've put into place with obviously with finances being a part of it, right? It's not the whole thing, but it's a part of it. And being seen where you are and where you want to get to and really knowing because there's, you know, we all know a lot of people that have a lot of money that are not happy and we all know a lot of poor people and people that don't have a lot of money or don't really have much means that are really happy. So I don't think it's like it's, I, I feel like it's almost like people, at least the ones that are listening to us, it gets a known fact. Like money isn't going to make you happier. Money can buy certain things and money can afford peace of mind and money can, can, can, can get you to a certain place, but it's not going to get you to happy. And it's not going to get you to fulfillment. So when

(13:18): 20 nailed this, the money makes you more of who you are, where you already are.

(13:22): Yes. I'm trying to interview you and you're just taking over the whole conversation. So when did you like what was it, was there like a certain time where you realized like when did that shift? When did that shift for you? That first level of awareness of saying, wow, I have a lot of work to do here because this isn't like making me happy.

(13:40): It just started to feel heavy and clunky and like the more that I made, the more that it just felt heavy. So, and the universe hardest sending me bigger deals where the stakes were higher and it created more anxiety and fear and the, the attachment to money and like for example, I used to be a person that security for me. What does security mean? Well, security meant having a lot of money in the bank, whatever that means, right? Remember for both of us, I think you like that too baby. And we got this opportunity to invest with an operator. Most of the capital we had sitting in the bank for security. And then I said, dang, I was tying my security. There's something external that never works. Right. That never works long term. It's crazy that my security would be outside of me. I can never be secure. And then we did this, I go and, and we did as low. And I'm like, all right, okay, so now we have no security. And I go, how did I feel when this, when there was very little capital in the accounts, I felt the same. I was still at scarcity. I was still at fear. I would still have that anxiety about money. I go, dang. So the money didn't do either one like I was.

(14:43): And I think that's something that you have to experience for yourself. What, whatever the, I was trying to look up the Jim Carrey quote, but I couldn't find it. But basically that like getting to, it gets hard for someone that doesn't have, for example, financial freedom to say, Oh, you're just, you know, like to believe this because it's, it's almost like saying, Oh, that's because you have it right. And I look back on our 12 years, right. And our nine years of being in business together and it makes sense, like it's in your 15 years. It's like, it could have felt so differently along the way if we would have really embrace that realization that the money, it's not that we wouldn't have gone after it and embraced entrepreneurship and being successful and wealth, but it would have felt so different than the way it's felt. And I think that's the energetic shift that we'd like to make with this conversation. Only would have felt better.

(15:39): We would have had a whole lot dang more blocked ourselves from the true abundance had. God was blessing us

(15:45): Because it's like we said in the, in the prior episode about [inaudible] coronavirus thing. It's like that we were in that fear based of like, Oh crap, we need to get this. Like we need to make this happen. And, and, and every opportunity that came up to us was from a very lack, like if we don't do this deal, then

(16:03): We're going to miss out. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So, so guys, you can achieve material wealth from a lack consciousness cause we did it, but you can never experience true internal abundance from that place. Yeah, you can have external abundance, but if you're feeling broke inside and pour inside and not abundant inside, that's something you need to work on the inside. And we've, we've learned that. So I guess maybe you're cool. I guess, what is your question? Maybe if for someone that's at poverty, not poverty, but someone that's struggling financially,

(16:31): Like where is that line of, of, of having financial lack and then, and I think it's, it goes into what we, what we would have put in place, right? Which would be a lot more gratitude. It would be a lot more like knowing that things are being taken care of, like, like the, the mindset that we could have put in place back then to then have made things feel better along the way. Because we, we were, we were fear-based, we were in lack, and we were like in like half two mode. Right. I feel like

(17:01): Hustle and grind more. Let's make it happen. Let's go. Right, right. A Tony Robbins style, but also we were chasing money. Yes, we were tasting external walls

(17:09): And I think that's the energy that feels heavy. So like put pinpointing that, that feeling of of you know, getting a sh of, for example, I remember one building that we went to see in Hialeah right across from the race track we were standing there was what, 13 units, 11 units, all one bedrooms. And we were all, we were looking at what's the price tag, we were looking at how much it cost to buy this thing and then also how much it was going to cost too. Fix it and renovate it and get the bad tenants out and, and make it running. And it was very fear based. It was all like the negatives. It was all the bat. And we didn't stop to look at wow, buying this for a pretty good price way below, you know, Oh eight prices and now that building is probably worse. A lot more than a week and we could do it. So it was, it was like those, like those are the moments that I think back on. It's like, Whoa, if I wouldn't have been in fear, if I wouldn't have been in Lac, we'd be way, way better off at this point. Right?

(18:10): Lost out on more opportunities from fear and I got just from journaling, we've lost out on more opportunities from fear and playing it small than we ever did by actually doing some deals. Our biggest costs together hasn't been losing money, although we have had some of that. Our biggest cost has been not capitalizing on these amazing deals that God has given us out of fear. Fear has cost us more than losing money, right?

(18:34): So it's looking at that energy when you, and so that's the, the, the energy that, that we want to get really good at being aware of is when you pay a bill, do you say, Oh, these people, it sucks. Like that money mindset, like that energy is gonna. It's what's going to cost you a whole lot more money than feeling abundant and feeling like it's, you're doing the same thing. You got to pay the bill. So do you pay the bill with a happy face, a smile on your face or do you pay the bill with a crap attitude? And those little things like that's just a basic example.

(19:06): Got to be like, are you like charity didn't start being a big deal for us baby up until two or three years ago we'd heard of being charitable. Remember like cause before that it was hoarding, right? You didn't want to help anybody. And then are you giving to yourselves? Are you being a good receiver? Like guys are so many levels to this money piece. And again, the money's here is a tool to help you grow and expand them. Once you're done expanding and growing and understanding and then you, then the next thing shows up. But don't, you know guys don't for, I mean all the pain in my life, a lot of the pain in my life has been from my attachment to money. My expectations around that, my identity being tied into it, my self worth and the fear of loss. And again just saying no, saying no to a couple of partners and a couple opportunities has opened up a whole new world for me because now I'm like, this is what I want universe and I expect then I trust and I know when in divine timing the universe will give me that and I'm not looking in fear.

(19:59): I'm not focused on fear, not focusing on what I'm going to lose. And I, and again, I'm not saying, you know, a lot of times we'll say, Oh just do any deal that shows up. No, bring the sermon and awareness. But we already do that. Like we don't, I don't need more training to bring in more discernment. I actually need less of that because the universe is always looking to bless me. God has always been blessing me

(20:19): And I think taking the time and having the space to, to have that discernment then is is they go hand in hand, right? It's not being fearful and not being in scarcity and also looking at what you have realistically, like we, we talk about with, with, with, you know, anything really. It's like, like you want to look at all sides of the coin. You want to make sure that you're coming at an opportunity or at a problem, right, with enough information and enough clarity to get to that next space. And if that means saying no, then that's why it might be what it means. And maybe those, those high, the highly ideal wasn't for us. It wasn't meant for us. Right? We will never know. And we know energetically we were coming from a place of fear and Oh my God, this is like, this is too expensive. Like this is crazy. And, and in reality it was like, was that really serving us

(21:09): Well, the little Havana, the old right next to the stadium before it was built. Remember that one? How about Chris's house? The one on the water? I mean, we must have like, so there's been a lot of opportunities that are, that we've not missed, but just gone somewhere else. And, and here's what I'm sharing with you guys and ladies, if you have your fear glasses on, you'll never see abundance. That's the biggest thing I've learned and now you might be able to get to abundance, but you can't see it once you get there, like once you have whatever the million dollars, we'll say that. And that's up. That's a goal. Financial goal people want. Once you get there, like you're going to get there, and this is all there is. You're still gonna feel if you got there from a place of lack, you're still gonna feel lack when you get there.

(21:48): And then when you get there, you change their hurdle. You're going to want more thinking that more of the same is going to ultimately get you to that place of abundance. Abundance is an internal game. And then the weird thing is had we again had in hindsight had we come at this from an abundant place internally, we've been a lot more abundant externally. So that's what we're bringing to this. Again, even with this Coronavirus and fear going on, we're still going to bring an abundant perspective to this. And love and peace. We're not bringing fear of this, but we're bringing him to sermon and intelligence for sure. And how does this feel? How does that other partner feel like getting into your feelings and seeing what level of vibration there? So one of the things that now, because I'm working on this, you know what has showed up too as well as a result of this baby.

(22:30): My think has been way bigger for years. My think was small. And you know why I was small? Because of the fear I was playing not to lose and instructing all my God made constriction such a great word. It was, but I guess I wasn't aware of it. And the constriction is the feeling I feel in my abdomen, in my head and my body. And as a no, no, no, this is not how I want. I said, no, no, I only want to do big deals, only one big deals. And you know what? Big deals with big people in great areas as was showing up and big people. I mean people that, that, that, that are abundant, that resonate with abundance, that are of higher frequency that I couldn't see before. They couldn't see me because I was still playing the fear game with money.

(23:13): So I'm thinking bigger has been, I just made that relevant revelation with you guys here now. But the thinking bigger, the thinking that the reason I couldn't think bigger before, I think bigger than actually do bigger because one thing is, Hey, you know, I had a mentor first tell me on the money piece, you know, you play with a, you play with diamonds, you get pennies, you play with dollars, you get dollars and that truly true. And now what I said, you know, Hey, no more small loans. If the opportunity isn't a big opportunity with a class, a type person, we're not doing it. I said no to one opportunity and then I said no to another opportunity and they, I said no to a third opportunity and two amazing seven, eight figure opportunities are showing up as a function of this. And again, the number is just whatever it is.

(23:57): But what I'm realizing is that the energy of these other people, when they're playing that high game, it's so much more fun. One of the key questions that are now on a messaging that shows up as after I've talked to this person, do I feel energy rich? Do I feel vibrant? Do I feel lighter? Do I feel lighter or and everything? Not just the person who brought me the deal, the actual deal of the other investors that are involved in the deal, the partners, everything. If the whole thing feels heavy and clunky, but maybe one of the things is nice and we're doing all things last minute and just like that, I'm watching how the process of all is, because that's a great indicator of all, all the whole things, how, how the whole thing's going to unfold if the beginning is all crazy and scattered and everything else.

(24:36): That's how that whole thing is going to be. But again, in the past I was so in fear and in lack of, I wasn't lack of losing a deal and a lack of losing money and that I would still do it and then I'd make some money, but it's still be in poverty the whole way through. And I was, guys, I just can't tell you how much of a, like I feel like I'm exposing my soul to you guys. How much of an emotional nightmare that was for me? Like how challenging the money lending business was for me because not mentally, not have system for everything, but the emotional toll it would take on me and then I'd overeat. I was anxious and then I couldn't sleep at night and then I'd overtake caffeine and then, and then I'd, I'd, I'd, I'd, and my mind, I'd obsess over it and it would go on on, on again and we're going circles that would, I would loop. Remember babe, I would drive myself nuts. What do you mean babe? You, I'm being, I'm sorry.

(25:28): No, it's fine. What was your process? I didn't, I mean I, I dunno, I and those Xander and suffer through it, but maybe I did. I think that with all that said, I think one of the things that kept coming up for me as you were speaking was definitely an a and it's very like, it's not easy to pinpoint, but it's that energy, that energy that you're coming from, the energy that you feel and we talk about it in every episode. Like that awareness, right? Being aware of how you feel when these opportunities come up, when this deal happens, when this person comes talk to you, whatever it is in your life and that it can be personal or business, but what is it that you're feeling and like really getting in tune with that and not feeding like, Oh like that, that like, you know, silly like no, like what, how is your energy feeling? And if you're feeling afraid or scared, then start to look at that like look at it and say, okay, why am I feeling fear? My feeling, you know, fear of loss and my feeling, fear of, of someone taking advantage of me. Like what? Where is that? Like what is that? And start to use that. And I think the other thing and that, and that comes with practice, right? It takes time to develop that. It's not just going to be from one day to the next, Oh, I'm great at this

(26:32): Guys. It took me 15 guys, 15 years. And just when I'm telling you guys, because I'm so aware of it right now, when my wife, God bless her heart on the force, had none attendant rent, I felt, and I think the total rent collects like $10,000. I felt like, so I'm gonna rip my stomach out. But you know what I was most grateful for? I caught you. I got you. I see you. I see I'm not, and I'm not going to beat you up. I'm not going to make you wrong. Let's go sit and meditate. Let's go. Let's figure this out. We're like, what's going on within me? And I had journaled it out. But that happens often in that money space and a keeps happening and it gets more and more intense. Let me rephrase that. It feels more and more intense because this is, this is looking to emerge. What's showing, what's looking to emerge here. This is looking to emerge.

(27:16): Transcended. Yeah. And I think that the other thing too that I remember telling you a lot. Like I would look at let's say our our accounts or I would look at our, what we made that month or that income and then he would just see like, okay, well next month and next month. And I'm like let's stop for a minute and be grateful for what we do have. And I remember telling him that often, especially in the last few years where it was like, okay, like we're good. Like things are fine. Like why are you stressing so much? And like having that focus on the ones that hadn't been right. And that granted two or three that were the issues, right. Instead of having the gratitude. And I think that is huge in any situation that you're at. Like whether you can barely pay your rent or whether you're just looking for a next big deal, like having gratitude for what you do have.

(28:00): I think that is huge and it takes off so much pressure and it puts you automatically in a positive state. It puts you in a high vibration, it puts you in abundance, it puts you into abundance where you can, you can see more clearly in having them and sometimes it takes writing. You know, I'm, I'm happy for my shoes. I'm happy for, for, for, for the roof over my head. I'm happy for my car. I'm happy for like the SIM, that things that we don't even realize. I'm happy that I woke up this morning. Right? What, what are those things that you can put in place to get, puts you into that high vibration, into that feeling of of I'm already abundant. I already have more than enough and I get to choose to want more. Right? It can be it. Like we are at a place where we're super happy and we're amazing and we, we definitely want more. And there's nothing wrong with Alec not making that wrong either. And we're happy and grateful for what we do have.

(28:47): And what about Baban joined the process? Like, I'm actually enjoying the lawn business now with great people and I'm actually, it's becoming a fuel later. And if I can't crack a couple of jokes while we lend somebody a couple of million bucks like that, we don't do the deal. Like, like not needing to do the deal, not feeling like we're losing out, not feeling like someone's going to take advantage of and all that was internal. So

(29:07): There's a Spanish saying too, the, I think for me it comes up and I, and I try to remind myself too, it's like whatever, like look [inaudible] whatever's for you. Like no one's going to take it away from you. And I think for Ray that was a big thing. Like he felt like someone was going to take something from him or they like they were going to take advantage of him. And, and I feel like that's a big, you know, societal fear that things are gonna at the end of the day. Like trust that the universe has your back trust that everything's meant to be and everything will figure itself out. As long as you show up as your highest and best self, like everything's going to be taken care of, like everything's going to be fine and really believing that and embracing that and embodying that and then from there then you can reach her abundance. Then you can, well, you don't have to reach abundance there. You can feel the abundance and then attract more of it.

(29:48): Yeah, you are the abundance and guys you are, I've learned from Cal CZ wrote a book the illusion of money and actually going to his meditation retreat. If any of you guys want to join me in on a six day meditation retreat, which is way out of my comfort zone. He was like, you're going to a six days. She would like, never think that would be me, but I am guys. This is the next evolution of me and I'm, you are the source of every dollar you've made. It's come through you. It's come because of you. You are abundant. You are the result. So own that. Be that abundance, be the light, be joy, be peace, and maybe think about if we were enjoying the ride on our journey through abundance, like our journey through our journey to external abundance. Imagine if we were abundant internally and we were enjoying the ride. How much more graceful and elegant and and, and, and more of an impact and help we could have done.

(30:44): Well, I see it now, I see it now with what we're doing and how easeful it is and how, how, how simple it is versus feeling all of the negative stuff that we felt that I really strongly believe. And you can think whatever you want, but I really strongly believe we didn't have to go through it that way. We could have gone through it a whole lot easier. Yeah. And that's what this whole thing is about. This whole both onboard thing, like, like learn from, from, from like learn from others that are doing that. How would you want and listen to what they're saying and really embrace it. And, and, and it can just be so much easier. And I think for Ray, I think this whole breakthrough with money is, is, is amazing because I didn't really feel that going through this process, but I definitely was a part of it and it was hard for me to see him suffer the way he was suffering and not enjoying himself and not feeling like enough just because the bank accounts said otherwise.

(31:35): Guys, I'll tell you, this is like, she nailed it. I mean, I took off my glasses now like I wasn't suffering. Like I'll, I'll, I wouldn't have met this like out in public or whatever, but I was suffering like, so it goes, so you can have the material wealth and the cars and the things and the, and the physical health. But emotionally and mentally I was, I wasn't scarcity and struggling and more depressed and overeating and an anxiety because you get somewhere and you say, Hey, you know, once I achieve this dollar amount or this monthly cash or whatever that, that number, whatever that thing is, then I'll be happy. Then I'll be fulfilled. Then I'll be abundant and then I'll be enough. And you get there and then you want more and it's not enough and you're still not fulfilled, you're almost becoming more depressed because what you think was going to get you out of, of wherever you were in, will you, what you thought was going to fill that void of having to prove yourself that you're successful is now not working.

(32:30): Wow. Right? Cause not. And how like your exit isn't working. So then what would the most tight entrepreneurs do? Oh, let me go do more of what's not working, thinking it's going to work now. And I did that guys and ladies and I'm just grateful to be at the spot I'm in. And I doubled down on going to this meditation retreat and I just, I'm very grateful that Christie's allowing me to go for six, seven days. And again I would definitely recommend reading a book, two books, the way of mastery by attending crystal foundation. And Kyle sees his book on the illusion of money. And then most importantly, begin to do the internal work so you can win the internal, the internal game of abundance and realize that you've always been abundance. It's who you are. You were born rich and ultimately bring that and from that place achieve external wealth and then now you can actually enjoy it and be filled. I think that's it for me. I love you guys. I appreciate you guys. I want to thank you for embracing me being vulnerable the way I am and they'd be. Did you have anything else you wanted to share, you that to me or to our amazing listeners? Nope. All good. All right. I love you guys. I appreciate you guys.

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