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If there is a problem in your business, it can always be traced to a personal issue.

If your wife doesn’t feel like you spend time with the family, it can lead to a disaster if left unattended. It’s like a pressure cooker situation waiting to explode.

What’s the one system as a business owner you can put in place to avoid these disasters from happening?

It’s creating a well-oiled communication channel.

In this episode we have a special guest – a women business owner Brigitta Hoeferle to help us improve our communication with our wife and loved ones. Listen from a female perspective on how we can improve every aspect of our personal lives so that we can thrive in the business world.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The “letting go” technique for opening a new communication channel between you and your wife (9:14)
  • How to make time for a home cooked meal with your family everyday (so that you can emotionally support your kids) (9:57)
  • The refreshing way to fight it out so that you can clear the air of pent-up resentment (23:12)
  • Why the passive aggressive technique never works and gets you in more trouble in the long run (26:10)
  • How to delegate household chores so that you don’t up screaming at each other (26:31)
  • The sneaky way husband’s take their wives for granted by assuming their wives are magicians (28:08)

If you need to reach out to Brigitta Hoeferle, please visit: https://www.brigittahoeferle.com/

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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