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“If it had been a snake…it would have bitten me!”

A grandmother’s wisdom stays with us for life. She’s lived through tough times that required resilience, sacrifice, and ingenuity; virtues ingrained by necessity and traits that have stayed all her life.

Grandma often sees what we’ve become blind towards, the opportunities we miss, and the snakes right under our noses.

Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom Show is the only podcast with strategies to grow your wealth, simply and sustainably…just like Grandma used to.

And in today’s very first episode, your hosts Brandon and Amanda chat about a topic Grandma took for granted that the majority of us have become blind towards:

Passive Income.

Here Are The Best Bits:

– A life-long lesson learned from eating rat poison (0:50)
– Two of the simplest ways to create passive income (3:40)
– Rewiring the way you think about retirement (7:45)
– Passive income that pays more than the savings shoebox under your bed (9:20)
– How Grandma’s version of passive income would have looked (12:00)
– The tax-free characteristic of Grandma’s passive income (13:40)

Listen and start creating your own passive income Grandma would be proud of!


Remember to download Grandma’s free wholesome wealth recipes book by dropping into www.grandmaswealth.com. Time-honored wealth strategies served with a helping of balance and trust.

If you’d like to see how Grandma’s timeless wealth strategies can work in your life, schedule your free 15-minute coffee chat with us by visiting www.grandmaswealthwisdom.com/call…just like Grandma would want us to do.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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