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In response to yesterday's email where I said, “You made the cut.”

I got a note from a pissed off subscriber, here's what he said:

“I'm a paid subscriber and asked to stop emails because they are so condescending.
We interviewed each other on one call.
I mean, I live between my three multimillion dollar homes and you write me like I'm in college.
Who is your avatar?”

Where do I start with this.

First, he tells me he's paying for my Podcast Mogul Newsletter and that he doesn't like the way I talk in my emails.

Then WhyTF is he getting my newsletter? It's still me writing it, I talk the same way I do in these emails (with an additional expletive here and there for entertainment value.)

And now that he mentions it, he's right – I did interview him about taking him as a client and he didn't make the cut.

<<<–My Favorite Part–>>>

“I live between my three multimillion dollar homes.”

He doesn't like me because I “talk down” to him and for some (unkown) reason he feels the need to validate himself by telling me about his McMansions?

Sounds like a douche-nozzle to me.

I took one look at his email, logged into Samcart myself, refunded his last payment and banished him from the list.

Why? Because the Podcast Mogul Newsletter is only for those people who believe in what I have to say. They take what they learn from each issue and put it into their business and profit from it.

In short…

The Podcast Mogul Newsletter is a privilege not a right.

Step out of line at any time and you will be banished.

Speaking of the newsletter,

The next one goes to print soon.

Inside you'll find out how you can use audio content to generate leads and build your list, then I'll show you how you can bring in dough using nothing but boring old audio recordings, after that you'll get an inside look at how audio content can build instant authority in your market place.

Here's where you subscribe: http://PodcastMogul.com

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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