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“Everyone has advice for real estate agents on what they should be doing for marketing and sales of their business and I’m just wondering why that is. Is there something that makes real estate agents insecure?” – Darin Persinger
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Numbers never Lie:
13.10% is the average interest rate on a credit card that is carrying a balance
According to the credit card calculator on the Federal Reserve website, if you have a $10,000 credit card balance and you are being charged a rate of 13.10 percent and you only make the minimum payment each time, it will take you 27 years to pay it off and you will end up paying back a total of $21,271.… READ MORE

“There is hardly anything in this world which some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper” – John Ruskin
Wise words, yah?
This is what we’re talking about in today’s brand spanking NEW episode of the Don’t Be Stupid Show.… READ MORE

There was a choice to be made…
A new product we’re developing could’ve gone in two different directions.
On one hand, there’s the route we KNOW will sell better…and on the other is the “mystery” route that teaches better.… READ MORE

One of my favourite movies I saw recently was “Jobs”.
Not a big fan of Steve Jobs myself, but there was a particularly good quotable when Jobs said to one of his employees,
“Don’t ask how we can do it better.… READ MORE

Picture this…
You’re working on a project, with tight deadlines…
The kind where there’s thousands of dollars on the line, and tens of pissed off customers. And you’ve got to produce 20 full-length tutorial videos EVERY WEEK.… READ MORE

I’ve been meeting with Jonathan Rivera in secret the past few weeks…
See, I was a little shy and unsure about this. But Jonathan was very encouraging and professional…
And we managed to record the first few episodes of my very own Internet radio show.… READ MORE

“I think you got to figure out: what can I do that when I wake up tomorrow I’m excited about waking up?” – Darin Persinger
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Numbers never Lie:
5%: According to Social Security Administration if you take any 100 people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years this is what you’ll find:
miracle morning
* Only 1 of them will be wealthy
* 4 will be financially secure
* 5 will continue to work because they have to
* 36 are dead
* 54 broke and dependant on their family and the government
Only 5% of working people ever get out of the rat race
Main Topic:
How to create a routine that sticks
2 Tips for creating a routine:

“I feel like a lot of real estate agents are only contacting their sphere randomly when business gets slow or after they sign up for a real estate training workshop and the trainer tells them to contact their sphere.” – Darin Persinger
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Numbers never Lie:
18: The Wall Street Journal reports rents rise for the 18th consecutive quarter
Main Topic:
You are not consistent in your communication
2 Questions to ask yourself:

“You only need three segments in your database. Now, of course, you need buyer leads and seller leads. That is understood.” – Darin Persinger
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Numbers never Lie:
Average worker sends and receives 190 emails per day
Main Topic:
You don’t have your database segmented correctly
Remember you only need three segments for success:
(a.) Core 16
(b.) Connected 96
(c.) Contacts
Three tips:

“When someone says “I get all of my business from Facebook,” what you are really saying is you get all of your business from your sphere.” – Darin Persinger
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Numbers never Lie:
25% – After one month a new employee will only function at 25% productivity
Main Topic:
You’re not actively engaged in networking activities
3 Questions to ask yourself:

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