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Pursue righteousness and find prosperity – Proverbs 21:21
The Bible is the world’s most underrated finance book.
In fact, Christianity makes the importance of your finances for your spiritual well being crystal clear.… READ MORE

Compare your way to retirement with a road trip.
You load up your fortune truck with a portfolio of assets, and fuel it with enough income for a pleasant journey.
The goal may be a legacy for your family, maintaining vibrant health, or a visit to the Galapagos Islands.… READ MORE

In a recession, you must be able to call into question everything you’ve done before.
A recession in the autumn seems inevitable.
And it’s logical to try and minimize your losses while you ride out the storm.… READ MORE

Nothing is certain except death and taxes.
One of the most painful experiences is to lose your hard earned money to a tax trap. The state did nothing to help you accomplish your capital gains.
But the IRS only has one goal: Extract as much money from you as humanly possible.… READ MORE

One of the lesser-known reasons investors fail to build a legacy is their habits outside of the financial markets.
And it’s one of the most tragic ones, since we keep many of our habits for life without knowing better.… READ MORE

On the 5th of June, the United States will raise its debt ceiling and make adjustments to its spending methodology.
This is a tricky situation that may affect a number of things in the economy. It may even move the markets violently in either direction.… READ MORE

When the financial markets scare you, annuities may seem like a protective wall. They offer you a stable source of income no matter how the stock market performs.
But here’s the thing…
Financial advisors earn higher commissions selling annuities than anything else.… READ MORE

Is the dollar really dead?
That’s all that seems to be in the news of laterecent. Reports sayare that the dollar is losing global reserve status and cannot remain the world’s reserve currency for much longer.… READ MORE

When you notice that your money starts running out before the month ends, there are two usual suspects.
You may need to change your spending habits, especially if you have trouble paying off debt.
And if you can’t cut down your expenses, the only way to fix this is by increasing your income.… READ MORE

Artificial intelligence is disrupting our everyday life.
Now with ChatGPT, the general public has access to a seemingly all-knowing chatbot.
Students let it write their papers, podcasters make it do their market research.… READ MORE

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