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This is part two of the greatest learning lessons from 2018 with Chris Evans & Taylor Welch.

If you missed part one, hit the link below to go straight there and get up to speed:
Click here to go straight to episode #127 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

– How to build your online influence in 2019 by pissing people off (1:40)

– The most advanced conversion tool ever known to man…almost everyone owns one and almost everyone is terrified of using it! (4:30)

– The fastest way to get in front of your audience and find out exactly what they want (5:45)

– An under-utilized framework for decision-making that can accelerate you toward your goal at warp speed (14:30)

– Jay Abraham’s secret to owning your day (16:15)

– The greatest natural mindset DRUG that will radically improve your life right now…if you choose to use it (20:15)


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