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There is no straightforward path that will guarantee yourself a wealthy future, but there are tried-and-test money secrets, that if implemented, will bring you rivers of revenue in abundance you would never believe possible.

In this episode, Chris and Taylor share how to set yourself up for massive financial success using their four main criteria for building wealth no matter where you are in life.

Show Highlights:

– What the true definition of wealth most definitely is NOT (1:30)

– How to become an asset builder and make your money work for you (2:00)

– The worst thing you could possibly do if you ever want to become wealthy (2:30)

– Rewiring your mind for financial success (4:35)

– How to engineer cashflow out of thin air AND retain it (6:00)

– Why you might be drastically undervaluing yourself and the skills you have to offer (9:45)

– The fastest way to becoming a solution maker and attaining wealth (11:00)

– Building a ‘healthy’ obsession toward financial freedom (15:00)

– The unconventional truth about money that most don’t even know…or worse…ignore (15:00)

– The true definition of marketing and how you need to implement it (20:45)

– Money Retention: 3 critical rules you must follow to keep what you make (24:20)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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