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If inspiration to take your ‘handmade’ business to the next level is what you’re after, today’s episode will provide exactly that.

Chris chats with a Client Kit member, Corporate businesswoman turned Artisan Soap-Maker about how she got into soap making, early failures, and successes, and how she turned her passion into a lucrative coaching business.

Show Highlights:

– Mindset and confidence blocks that hold most startups back – and what to do to avoid them (4:00)

– Want to get great at something? Here’s what you need to get (8:40)

– How the smallest tweaks often give the BIGGEST results (9:50)

– The importance of having the right people in your corner (10:30)

– A simple ‘hack’ for tracking down more of your ideal customers (12:30)

– Marketing advice from one of the best copywriters who ever lived (13:00)

– What the future holds for anybody looking to take their ‘handmade business’ to the next level (17:00)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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