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There are a lot of different realities you can align yourself with, but there are only a few realities that are going to take you to your goals. And understanding which levers to pull in to align yourself to the right reality is key as you move your business – and life forward.

In today’s show, Chris and Taylor share some of their private training material, and why you need to be careful which reality you subscribe to.

Here Are The Highlights:
– You’re not the only one struggling (1:30)
– The real reason why winners win and losers lose (3:30)
– The only assets you need to be investing in (5:20)
– How to get in control of your life using accurate thinking (6:50)
– Power of Reframing: Turn any difficult situation into a new opportunity (7:45)
– A high-performance habit only the most extraordinary people share (8:30)
– The big difference between amateurs and professionals when it comes to handling pressure (13:10)
– Measuring what matters (18:20)
– Why winners ironically crave the process more than they crave the outcome (19:45)

Tune in and start aligning yourself to the right reality today!

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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