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Many entrepreneurs are terrified of selling.

The chances are high that maybe you've been scared of selling too. The fear of coming across ‘too pushy’ when persuading prospects to become customers even though it’s in their best interest.

The truth is, none of your fears should ever keep you from learning how to sell. Today, you’re going to discover three time-tested rules of how to sell – the right way.

The Best Bits:

– The reason why you keep having to solve the same problem over and over again in your business – and how to stop it (2:30)
– One glaringly obvious reason why people will never give you money (3:25)
– Your ONLY job when it comes to helping your client – and it’s got nothing to do with getting their credit card details (6:00)
– How to relieve and deflate almost all the pressure from selling (7:20)
– Why clients will almost always ‘kick and scream’ when it comes to working with you, even if it means doing something that’s in their best interest! (9:40)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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