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Although Taylor and Chris look fresh outta high school, don’t be fooled. They weren’t called The Smartest Guys In Marketing out of coincidence. Far from it. In fact, since their launch 22 months ago, the boys have taken their business from ground zero to a staggering $500k per month (and still growing). How’s that for size?

And today’s episode looks back over the last 90 days of their Traffic and Funnels journey.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Building a business that thrives by playing to your strengths (5:50)
  • Validate before you automate (11:30)
  • Why you need to get your hands dirty as  business leader (12:30)
  • The pure power of the ‘Feeder Funnel’ (16:45)
  • You need a mentor…even if you don’t think you do (19:30)

Forget Your Weaknesses

Chances are you’re spending too much time and energy focussing on your weaknesses. Stop wasting your time! Double down on your strengths and you’ll see significant gains in both business and personal development. You don’t have to change ‘who’ you are, you just have to be more of ‘who’ you are.


You want to experience success at any level in any capacity right? Then you owe it to yourself to find great people to guide you. A great mentor is vital and will provide experience beyond your years and business insights beyond your knowledge.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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