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Ever considered giving up on your business? Maybe it feels like you’re pushing up the wrong mountain and not gaining any momentum?

Sometimes, in business, knowing when to stop is the better option. It’s one of the characteristics that make an entrepreneur. One one hand, you hear people telling you you should never give up which is a pretty stupid statement.

On the other hand, you hear people talking about failing forwards then moving onto the next thing.

In today’s Traffic and Funnel show ™ , Chris and Taylor talk about when you should give up and when you should keep going – or as they put it ‘when to be a b*tch in your business’.

Topics Covered:

  • Why your goals should never scare the living sh*t outta you (1:30)
  • Practical steps on when to give up (3:10)
  • What legendary Copywriter Gary Halbert would offer to a starving market (7:30)
  • Why your business is just a means to an end (9:50)
  • Strategy VS Tactics: The main difference you must know (14:10)

Make sure you tune in for the full show and all the details.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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