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Highlights from this episode include:

  • The unpopular “to-do list trick” that finally curbs your overwhelm (0:44)
  • Why modern “productivity hacks” don’t work and actually add stress to your life (1:53)
  • How your death helps you instantly prioritize what’s important (2:46)
  • The only 9 categories of your life to focus on to be completely fulfilled every day (4:16)
  • How adding one little commitment to your to-do list will help you fall asleep at night without any guilt (6:01)
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There's two types of people who hear consensual sales in the first go, Oh, Eww, Shawna, that is not what you want to say. There are better words to use and the second type here, consensual sales and say, you know what? You're right. I don't want to talk my way into the sale. I don't want to memorize a script. You just want to work with clients who are excited to work with you. Now that's consensual sales.

Do you ever feel like you're not able to get done all the things that you want to get done, that you're never really able to make it to the bottom of your, to do list. And so the feeling of being overwhelmed is just eating up, like all the peace in your life. If that's you, this is an episode where we're going to have a conversation about what to do about that, because it wasn't too long ago that I had a very similar feeling, not only in my personal life, right?

(00:57): Like with five kids, like it just man, there's nothing worse than just feeling like all your efforts don't really matter because it's going to be there again for you tomorrow. Right? The dishes, the laundry, it's just like always there, but the same thing with your business, right? So if you're ambitious like me and you care about your work and you want to do more of it, it's like, you're always chasing this feeling of accomplishment and you're just never quite there. And it can just perpetually create this feeling of overwhelmed. There's so much work to do. There's so much work to do. There's so much work to do. And I was describing this to a friend who is also like a mom of multiple kids. What's up Melissa, if you're listening to this, that's who I'm talking about. And she told me about this book and I grabbed this book and bought it after her recommendation.

(01:42): And it was called living forward by Michael Hyatt. And the book really blew me away with this very simple, practical plan of taking control of your life and your day, because everything else out there about like productivity just kind of tells you, in my opinion, it's like, Oh, just like say no to things or like you haven't prioritized your list. And it's like, no, actually I do have to get all this stuff done. And I can't really say no to all of it. Like, or I can say nor like half of it, it's all equally important. And so I've just never really resonated with much of the productivity sort of industry, if you will. So you use this book, right? This book by Michael Hyatt, living forward totally changed. Totally gave me like this mindset shift of like how to really approach my life to eliminate overwhelm while still getting all the important elbow.

(02:33): I'll still getting all the things done that I need to get done. And I want to walk you through sort of his teaching and what I learned in this book. So this is going to be a really practical episode, to be honest with you in this book, the very first step is you need to ask yourself, what do you want people to say at your funeral? So spend a few minutes. You don't have to spend like days or weeks doing this. Like literally just what do you want people to say about you when you die? What are they going to say? How are they going to remember you write it out? Okay. After you've wrote that out, there's a second step and it's identifying the purposes of nine areas of your life. Okay? So Michael Hyatt suggests that you have nine areas of your life and they're broken into three particular categories.

(03:24): And the first one is the being category. And this includes areas of your spiritual life, your intellectual life and your physical life. You must identify the three purposes to your spiritual life, your intellectual life and your physical life. Okay. Then there's a second category. This is a relational identify the purpose of your marriage, of your social life and of your parental life. Okay. And the final category is you're doing okay. So you got to identify the purpose of your vocation, of your eight vocation and of your financial life and a vocation and vocation. If you're not familiar with those terms as simply, well, vocation is like your work, right? Like what are you doing for a living? Your actual work, a vocation is just kind of like your hobbies, like something that isn't outcome driven. Okay. So these are the nine areas of your life.

(04:18): And I'm just going to repeat them again. And it's your job to identify the purpose of each of these areas. There's nine of them here. They are spiritual, intellectual, physical marriage, social parental, vocational, vocational and financial. Okay. Your job is to identify the future of these nine areas. So what does the future of your spiritual life look like? What does the future of your marriage look like? Right. What does the future of your parenting look like? Right. So all of these identify your future. The next thing is you need to identify the current reality. So what I did is I just literally put this in an Excel document. Like I didn't even make it fancy. So it was like, okay, here's the future reality of these nine areas. Now I'm going to identify the current reality. Like what's currently happening in these nine areas.

(05:15): Write that down. Okay. Now, if you're looking at these side by side, you have these nine areas and you can see in one column your future and you can see in the other column, the current reality. So you're looking at them side by side and you're like, wow. My future says my physical part of my life, that I'm taking walks every day after dinner and I'm strong. And like I'm sitting down to have dinner with my family each night, having help, like, you know, like vegetables, right. Or something. And I'm looking at the current reality. And I don't even remember the last of my vegetables. And I only went on one walk last week. Okay. Again, you're looking at them side by side while also identifying the purpose of this category. Now you have to identify one commitment that you're going to make to your future self.

(06:09): Okay. And each of these nine categories, one commitment in each of these categories. Okay. Then what you're going to do is you're going to add that commitment to your, to do list. Okay. It really is this simple. And what you're doing by committing to one action step in this process is you begin to order your life in such a way where you can go to bed at the end of each day and say, no matter what happens if I die, if I don't make it tomorrow, this is the end I have put in a good day's work and it's good enough. Okay. This is a beautiful way to live your life, where you can say at the end of each day, like if I don't make it tomorrow, I've done all that I've could. And it's totally good enough. Like it's such a beautiful way to live.

(07:05): And it also helps you order your life. So it gives you peace. It helps, you know, that you have put and done all of the things in your life, in alignment with the way that you want to live. And now, like, what you'll discover is as you do this, and as you commit to these things, right? Like some things will be easier than others, right? So like, yeah, like it, maybe it's easier for me to do the physical and the vocational and maybe like the marriage. But then what you'll start to discover is like, as you improve in other areas, maybe you need a little bit support in the others. So you need to constantly be evaluating your life plan. I think he calls it a life plan, right. Living forward. And you got to check in, you got to check in with your list.

(07:47): So like every three to six months you should be checking. I mean, I don't know. Maybe you need to be checking in more, but for me, it's usually about every three to six months where I'm checking in on my list and I'm saying, okay, how am I performing in these areas of my life? Okay. My spiritual life is great. My marriage is great, but you know what? My physical still sucks. And maybe my financial is not quite on. It's not. Right. Right. So it holds you accountable and it helps you adjust and readjust appropriately where you know, what is important to rearrange. Right. Okay. So this is totally the end of this episode. I just wanted to share this with you because this is how I am able to manage the house. Well, I mean the house schedule is like a little bit different. Maybe I'll share that with you in a different episode.

(08:27): But if you want sort of a, how to manage your house, like if you are cleaning and you're taking care of kids is to look at Jordan Page, Jordan pages, like an internet lady. So the internet celebrity who runs, she created the blog, fun, cheap, and free, and the productivity bootcamp. And she has this really great YouTube video about block scheduling. I know it sounds weird. It's not super interesting, like saying that out loud blocks scheduling, but it's revolutionized the way that I look at like the task orientated things that needs to happen in your life. Right. So I can run a home. So anyway, this is like my long way of saying that this has really given me a lot of peace and like helped me be able to finesse life and work and home. And like all the other parts of my life, including like the things that are important, right? Like your social life and your spiritual life and your intellectual life. So I hope this helps you again, that's Michael Hyatt living forward. And if you have any questions and you want me to help you book, happy to pay clients, you know where to find me at, Hey, Hey, Shauna may all over the internet, but there is a free, no cost training. It's at clients and money.com where it will give you the 3.5 part process that I use. Okay. Have a great day.

(09:47): This is ThePodcastFactory.com.

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