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Highlights from this episode include:

  • The first thing you need to know before you try to sell your services (3:50)
  • A crucial question to ask before trying to plan an event (4:32)
  • You must have this nailed down or your offer will flop (5:49)
  • This marketing blunder can destroy your business and your life (6:51)
  • A simple and free way to do market research for your offer (11:01)
  • The sales “easy button” that works in any market (12:17)
  • How to identify the absolute best clients for what you sell (15:25)
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There's two types of people who hear consensual sales in the first go, Oh, Eww, Shawna, that is not what you want to say. There are better words to use and the second type here, consensual sales and say, you know what? You're right. I don't want to talk my way into the sale. I don't want to memorize a script. You just want to work with clients who are excited to work with you. Now that's consensual sales.

What's up moneymaker? I'm so glad that you're here that you've made it to today's episode. It's going to be good and it's going to help you book clients and make money, but before we jump into that, I don't want to tell you that I made something for you. I did. It's an interactive conversation guide. If you have ever felt like you are freaking out or freezing up when you are turning a potential client into a paying one, I need you to type this in real fast.

(00:50): Shespeaksales.com, shespeakssales.com is where you'll go. This is where you'll go and you'll access my interactive conversation guide with a push of a button. We will tell you what to say and when in the conversation with a potential client so they turn into a paying one without you feeling like a deer in headlights. This is the coolest thing you will ever see. It's absolutely free and it's available for download and she speaks sales.com got it. Cool. Okay, let's jump right into today's episode. This happened on Friday and I don't even know how, this probably won't be very long this episode, but it's just a really short story and I want to share it with you because it is going to how you also make money and how I'm really approaching the process in which I think about selling your stuff. So my neighbor, she has a sister and they have a mom and that that house was a couple doors down and they had this big pool party on Friday and we were over there and the sister, she is a director of like the low one, a couple of the local childcare center, daycare centers here or whatever.

(01:53): Right? And she was telling me about how she wanted to put this event together, like this event where moms come together and they, you know, maybe have breakout sessions, they have speakers, they have like a pampering session, like just like a weekend getaway for these moms with a special event that she puts on. And she's like to add, like, asking me all my advice about how I would sell this event and like how would I make this event happen? And while putting out events is kind of a lot of work and I just, I'm sort of, I don't know about you, but it's like my life has very, it's like balanced chaos. And so if I add something to my plate that's like a lot of work, it's really, really stressful. So I always want, I'm not lazy, but like, I want the path of least resistance, right?

(02:40): So I'm like, ah, like why are we putting on this event? Like what, what's the big deal? And she's like, well, I'd like to be in money. And I was like, well, how much money do you need? Like what, what, what's, what's going on? And she admits that her paycheck basically is enough to cover her family's bills. Right? And she's only left with $200 at the end of the month and wants to make some money. Well, the first question I asked her after I figured out what was going on is how much money do you want to make? So this is a question that you need to ask yourself as well. How much money do you want to make? She said $500 and not that long ago. There was a time I also, I personally only needed $400 to make a very big difference in my family's life.

(03:28): And maybe you're in somewhere similar where you're like, man, you know, 400 $500 could totally change my family's life. A thousand dollars would be absolutely life changing. Okay? I don't know how much that is for you today and it will absolutely change over time. But the first thing that we need to know is if you want to sell your service, how much do we actually need to make? Okay. Obviously there's other expenses. And taxes and things here. But for the sake of what I'm trying to point out is how much do you need to make? So we have a number. Okay. So she said, I need $500 I said, okay, why would anybody go to this event?

(04:05): And I know that sounds like, I mean say that out loud. Like why would anybody go to this event? And I don't mean for it to sound snooty. And it wasn't snotty at all because the, I mean, people go to these types of events all the time and they're, they're really great events. Lots of times what ends up happening is we create these offers or these services and we do it for ourselves. But you are in business for other people. Like your business exists for other people. And so we have to get into the frame of mind of why would somebody buy this? Okay, so I'm going to write this down alongside you. Why would someone, hi this. And she says, well, I don't know. I said, exactly. So if you want your thing to sell, you have to go talk to your market.

(04:53): Like there's a reason why companies spend like lots and lots of money on market research. Now you don't have to do it as extensively as a big corporation, but I think it's worth an honest effort to go to your ideal client who is a mom who would like to spend money on this event and ask her some questions about it. Like is this something that you would like or what would you expect to get at an event like this? Like questions like that, right? And then what you do is you align their aunts. Like when you, when you're doing that, hang on, I'm trying to think about, what I'm trying to say is like when you start to get their answers and you start to see patterns in what people are saying, then you know you're onto something that then your marketing response to what they're saying.

(05:40): It's like your market, you have to have a market message match. Okay. If you're trying to, and this is it, this is another big mistake that people end up making is they just create this offer and they throw it out there and there's no market message match. If you want to sell your stuff, there has to be a market message match. Okay. Especially if you don't want to spend time spinning your wheels. Okay? So if you need some ideas about why someone would buy this, there's actually an episode called 15 ways to create value and none of them are discounting. That episode is really, really juicy and it gives you creative ways to sell your stuff based on other things besides money. So as in talking to her about this, her brother-in-law turns me and says, Oh, so that's how you'd get it to sell, right?

(06:29): And then you just like to go for the lowest price. And I was like, no, that's not how you want to sell this. You don't want to be in the market where you're racing for the bottom. Does that make sense? Guilty. I mean, there are some times where you just need to earn a buck and you'll take the buck, right? But what I'm saying is if you are trying to create something where you're like, I need to make $500 consistently, charging the lowest price is not where you want. I mean, maybe you do want to be there, but really do you really want to be there? Do you really want to be charging the lowest and racing to the bottom? And you know what ends up happening when you do that is a man, you're going to get people who don't value anything besides dirt cheap.

(07:19): In the special episode that we did with Becky called how to get whatever you want from sale, like when you're selling, check out that episode, Becky, because we talk about this man, we talk about those red flag clients where you think you're doing them a favor and they end up being a lot of trouble. That's why you don't charge on price alone. Okay? At least don't charge on price alone. Okay? So anyway, so I told the brother-in-law, I was like, no, no, no. Like you don't, you don't just like undercut your entire competition on price. There's other ways to do this and it takes a little bit of thinking work. I think that's the other thing. I think people just do that because it's kind of like lazy, right? It's just like, Oh, just do it this way. Because thinking creatively, how about the other ways that you can create value?

(08:06): Takes a lot of muscle work. Brainwork brainpower. Okay. So we started talking about why she wants to do this and then she starts to realize how hard this is going to be. Right? Like, Oh shit, this is gonna be really hard. And I said, okay, well the thing is is that you don't just have to sell this thing. You don't just have to sell this weekend retreat. So she starts to realize, Oh man, like how am I going to get anybody there? Right? How am I going to do this event? And so, so it starts bringing up more and more questions. And I said, well, let's think about this different way. If you only need 500 box a month, what is something that people are constantly coming to you for? And she says peer team advice. Remember she's this like daycare director, whatever for like a long time for like over a decade.

(08:56): Okay. She's like, people constantly come to me for parenting advice. That's okay. What kind of questions are they seeking? Right? Like what or that doesn't make sense? What kind of problems are they bringing to you? She says, well, kids who bite, right? Riding kids. And I said, okay, when parents come to you because they have biting kids, what do they want? Are you writing this down? They want their kids to stop biting. Why do they want that thing? Kate, this is a question that I asked her and you need to ask yourself the same thing, but just put your own like put your own answers in here. Why do they want that thing? Well, because it's embarrassing. It's like super embarrassing and we start to attribute our parenting abilities with our self worth. Right? Okay. So what do they want? Why do they want it now?

(10:06): What is one thing that they want to avoid? She said they want to avoid conflict. They want to avoid conflict with their kid. I don't exactly know what that means cause I'm not a parenting advice expert and nobody's ever come to me for this. So she's going to know her market better than I do, but that's what she told me. Okay. And I said, can you help parents stop their kids from biting without conflict? And she said yes. Okay, now that she said yes, what she needs to do, and I told her this, I'm going to tell you this too, if you need to put out some feelers in your network who have this problem or who know people with this problem, okay? Then you're going to use that opportunity as a chance to get potential client interviews and you're going to use it essentially as like market research, right?

(11:02): You're going to get their answers, you're going to learn more about them, you're going to wait. Well, you're going to get so many answers until you start to see patterns and then it just becomes a cyclical cycle of your product gets better. And better and it has and it becomes a better market match over time. Okay. And what's going to happen is that as you're talking to these people, the sheer fact that they have the problem that you solve, even if you're not hard selling, it will naturally lead to more sales and lead to more connections because those clients are going to know people like them. So you're instantly tapped into a massive network that you didn't have before. Right? So if this were me and this for my business and this is like what I do, I would also start to create content on my social media platforms around this topic.

(12:02): So that way the people who are reading self identify with the problem and are actively seeking a solution, that's what makes sales so easy. Like you're only selling to people who say, I have that problem and I want a solution. Right? So what that content looks like. I mean it could look like, it could look like a lot of different things. I mean, some of my co I'll just, I, I, I'm, I don't want to brainstorm for somebody else exactly hear what she's like, what she should do. But for me, the way I've created content, it's storytelling. It's informative, it's live training, it's live video, it's recordings, role-playing. I've also done like a dear Abby kind of series. I've done multiple choice, fill in the blank. Those are just some ideas off the top of my head that you can use. But that's so you could do it.

(12:57): Right. Okay. So now how do you make money from this? Well, if the goal is $500, you could sell five people $100 our consults, right? Where you get them on a phone call or a video chat and you help them solve this problem. Could you get five people this way? I think so. I know you could. Of course you could. You're a moneymaker, right? Okay. So you could so, so the, so you get five people to sell them for $500. You could even give them a week long support session afterwards where they get followup support over email. That happens. I mean, I was hired by a company out of Canada to train their sleep consultants for new moms who had babies and couldn't get their babies to sleep. Those ladies, those consultants charge like 500 700 $800 to do the consult and plus give this mom like ongoing monthly support and they sell like, I know that there are people out there doing this.

(14:06): The question is like, do you, right. Okay, so maybe she does some consults, right? What she could also do is maybe she could write like an ebook. She can write an ebook. She could say, Hey, I'm going to write this ebook on how to get your kids to stop biting without conflict for $25 we're doing a presale for that. Right? If she sold the book for 20 bucks, she would only need 25 people to buy it. Okay. If you don't have those 25 people to buy it, you would need to network in places where people have this problem or are spending money on similar problems. Right? So it's kind of like, if you can imagine that you're an Amazon store and there's, you know, the recommended things on the bottom where you're like, Oh, I'm going to buy this, you know, chair for my office.

(15:05): And then all of a sudden you get like, you know, organizing tools, you get mirrors, picture frames, desk, I dunno, like whatever you got on that recommended list in the bottom. That's the same thing with your clients. Like when you, the best clients are the ones who are spending money. And so if there are parents who are going to spend money, like what is the thing that your parents would be spending money on that is similar to the, you know, helping their kids stop fighting. Right? They're probably also parents who maybe have an asleep book. Right? A child sleep book. Maybe they are parents who are picky about their car seats. Right? Maybe they are parents who want super fancy ass strollers. Right. I don't know. Or maybe their parents who have, I dunno what are some remedies for biting? Maybe there's like a mouth guard.

(15:54): Maybe. Maybe there's things that they bought, right. Anyway, all I'm saying is that if you don't have the number of people to reach your sales goals, that simply just tells us that you have to expand your network to the relevant people. So she could still earn money while she's creating that book in the process. And it doesn't even just have to be the book. Maybe it could be an audio training. Maybe it's a video training. Maybe it is like the consulted hour, maybe it's a week long email support, right? It could be, there's a bunch of different things and this is like you're looking, add it with me, right? So all I like, I mean there's a lot that I do, but essentially what I do is I have drop in office hours and text message support for people who want to book and find clients.

(16:44): So I literally open up my computer and I'm there in office hours helping field questions for you about sales, right? And your marketing. That's how I do it, right? I do it office hour style. Did you get my point? Do you get where I'm going with this? So let me just recap here quickly. You want to make money in your business. The first thing you need to figure out is how much do you actually need to make. Okay? Once you figure out how much you need to make, you have to figure out why would somebody buy that thing from you if you don't know, recap the 15 ways to create value episode and solve big problems for people who are willing to spend money to solve that problem. Okay. Once you do that, we have to figure out how to package it, right? And you can just experiment and start offering that while you put feelers out to your, to your current network. Okay? That's it. That's how I would make that 500 bucks if I were her. And honestly I was her like I literally was her, I was her 2015. Okay. That's all I have for today's. Don't forget. If you want to join us for the after party, meet us over on Instagram, just find this in the newsfeed for, with the consensual sales after party post and we'll be there live answering, answering any of your questions you've got about today's episode. Thank you for listening. You're awesome. Let's go.

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