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Show highlights include:

  • How to move away from the stress of social media to create a safe space for community members (with a strategy that works for you). (1:02)
  • How to strengthen your digital community ‘survivor skills’ to  build an unstoppable marketing team (without getting mauled by whom/what?). (4:43)
  • Why the ‘give-and-take’ strategy is like a fountain / streamlinescreates limitless business opportunities and partnerships fromfor your Facebook Group. (13:24)
  • The ‘Puff Puff Pass’ hack for creating an instantly engaged Facebook Group with members excited to shout your name from the rooftops – without ___to sell for you. (16:12)

You've heard the same advice about Facebook Groups everywhere. Ask questions. Add value. But what does it mean? Let me show you what a profitable, engaged, and FUN Facebook Group looks like. AND I’ll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group Rock Your Tribe: Community Building for Entrepreneurs at http://www.rockyourtribe.com/facebook

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What's up? I'm Rachel Spiewak and this is Rock Your Tribe Radio where community, fun, social media and business collide. I firmly believe that parties are the answer to all of life's problems. Seriously. Building a community, bringing people together for a common purpose and serving them, that's your mission as a business owner. Let's make it happen. It's time to rock your tribe.

(00:29): Welcome to the show. So you're going to love this. This episode is so good. If you've been with me since this podcast launched, you know how my business has evolved since then we are on a ride. This is episode number 14, and we're in it. Now we've gone from helping entrepreneurs with their Facebook groups, to helping businesses with their digital community strategy. And I would not be here without the community that I've built and the communities that I've joined to celebrate, because we always got to celebrate and to share the story because we need to share our stories. I've invited my first guest onto the show. Tamara Mon, Louis of Monaghan digital, Tamara recruited me onto her dream team of brilliant marketers, thinkers, and business owners. And we're working together to push all of our businesses forward, which is so perfect. This is exactly what I'm talking about. It's all about building relationships and working together by the way, Tamara is also the co-host of seven digital marketing trends at seven on clubhouse, along with my good friend, fit with CJ, follow him on Instagram.

(01:30): And that's where I'm live every Tuesday for the tribe. Tuesday edition at 7:00 AM Eastern talking about digital community strategy. We would love to see you there. Okay, let's get on with the show. This is a two part series. And this episode, you're going to find out how it's Mara and I found each other, got to working together and how we're going to change the world through digital community building. And in the following episode, you'll get my seven tips for upleveling your business through the power of digital community. Just like I did ready. Here we go. So welcome to the show tomorrow. I'm on Louie. You showed up in my life like it's magical. It's magical how you meet the right people at the right time when you're building your digital community. The story of how we found each other is like, still cracks me up. Good story though. Right? It's a good story. And I want to tell that story, but before we jump into that cliffhanger, let's tell the listeners about you introduce yourself.

(02:34): I love that gift things. I am Tamara Malawi. I am the founder of this really cool digital marketing company, agency vibe, energy, you know, where we really focused on helping people achieve their business goals through digital marketing. You know, I've been doing digital marketing for about 19 years now, so I'm 23. So I started really, really young. So don't do the math. I went to Rutgers university. So I would degree in economics. And, you know, I recognize after was the, Hey, this internet thing is going to be a thing. And went back to school, did some graphic design, some multimedia design. And then I, you know, really hit it. And with the internet marketing and started to focus on that as a career. And, you know, I've had some opportunities have somewhat amazing job. You know, I've worked at St. Jude children's research hospital in Memphis as a lead strategist, running their online campaign for their largest end of the year giving campaign.

(03:34): That was an amazing job. It was like living the American dream. You know, they flew me in, interviewed me, flew me out, moved me. So that was great. And then it happened again with Hilton and Hilton flew me in, but me. So I ended up in digital marketing and here I am, and I've worked with some amazing companies. And at MANOVA and digital we do is I took the best of those companies. And then I took the worst of those companies and I really put together a strategy that makes sense for customers, right? So really helping them to achieve their business goals, getting to the fundamentals of business and digital marketing, really moving away from the, the, the stress and the, you know, the, the, the likes and all these things that don't matter on getting to the heart of the matter, which is the money in the bank and giving businesses an opportunity to do what they do best. So that's a little bit about me. I'm also from Trinidad. So that's huge. My credit being from Trinidad with 99% of my success, because, you know, we're just kind of awesome.

(04:34): Yes, you are like the Caribbean connection right now in my life is amazing. And I love it too, because a lot of what I bring to the table in terms of building community, it's funny because you're like, Rachel, you're so strategic. And I'm like, I'm just being really Jewish right now.

(04:53): Right. Right. And that to me is like, yo, just being super Trinny. Right. So, but there's a strategy in it. All right. It's a strategy how our communities have really put that together to feel, to create that safe place, to build community and to learn from each other. And then as you pull back and you look at it, there are strategies in place, you know, it's just not, I guess we just don't talk about the strategies with every community is built upon some foundation and strategy that keeps us together.

(05:20): Yeah, absolutely. I studied anthropology in college, cultural anthropology. And so you can trace things back to survival, trying to not get eaten by a saber tooth tiger back in the day, or growing up Jewish, the stories that we hear over and over again, you know, why do we play with a dreidel on Hanukkah? Well, because we were trying to hide the fact that we were studying, you know, when we weren't supposed to be. So even these expressions of fun and play and games and joy was often a front for, you know, trying to not get killed. Right. So it seems like these lessons are so ingrained in us culturally, and it's like, you know, tradition, that's what we do. But if you trace it far back enough, it's like, Oh my God, that's actually a survival skill.

(06:07): One of my skillsets is as a strategist, I'm able to spot a strategy in everything. You know what I mean? So I was just drawn to you because I was just like, Oh my God, like she, even under, It was one of those things where I was just like, if I could, if I could. So I always dream about my ideal digital marketing team and what that would look like. Right. My perfect ideal situation pie in the sky, utopia. People were not wildcards. And yeah, you've been on my wishlist. I, so like when I see the strategy and I see it all fall into place and I see the community and I understand the trajectory of digital and where it's going. Like I see there's a lane that has not even been created yet expert. You know, we are the experts. We're creating it. Wait, can I curse my first one?

(07:02): Okay. There's like a parental advisory notice on this podcast. So I'm, I'm seeing something that's different. That's just not there. And it doesn't even matter what's out there. It doesn't even matter about those industry experts. I see the next big thing I'm drawn to. That means to be a part of that. And how do I get into that space and connect with you and work with you.

(07:24): Thank you. Thank you for finding me. And I want to tell the story of how we got to where we are now, which is major. And I also want to give our listeners some actionable tips because our partnership has become so many things. And part of that is I'm on your clubhouse show. Every Tuesday at 7:00 AM, Eastern time, seven digital marketing tips at seven. And just this Tuesday, I shared seven tips on how to Uplevel your business through the power of digital community, which is really autobiographical. So I want to share those seven tips with our tribe rockers, our podcast listeners, because this podcast, everything that I do, I want to put tools in people's hands. People will try to listen to this podcast and like walk their dog or do their dishes or whatever. And then they wind up taking notes.

(08:14): I'm a fan. I love it. Actionable tips and insights, right? That's what our whole show is about, you know, and clip out. So it'd be actionable tips and insights.

(08:23): So before we get there cliffhanger again, who I'm getting good at this podcast thing, let's tell the story of how we found each other through digital community. And this is all an example of exactly what I do and what I preach. Here's a story. So I met Jamila Bannister on LinkedIn and I got onto LinkedIn before I was even doing any of this stuff. I had another thing that I was doing, but I was really getting into the social selling aspect of the job that I had at the time. I made the transition to running my own business, even though I didn't entirely knew what I was totally doing, but I knew that there was something out there for me on social media, some way somehow. And so Jamila and I found each other and she invited me to speak at her brand print summit.

(09:11): So it was, it was a summit for like branding and marketing experts. And she reached out to me before I was ready for prime time, I'll go ahead and admit, like, let's like be fully transparent about the process because also I want to show people that you're more ready than you think you are to go out and take on big challenges and stretch yourself. Jamila books, me for a zoom to record my summit presentation. I'm completely unprepared, no presentation, no slides. No, I have nothing figured out. I guess I was busy. I don't know whatever my excuse was. We're recording this thing and she's looking at me like, okay, we get to the end of it. And she very graciously says, we're going to do this again. And you're going to go prepare. And so I did, I took it and took the constructive criticism and went and got some help. So I built out my presentation. Did it again. And that's the version you saw because you were an attendee at the summit. So you saw my do over.

(10:24): I was also a speaker at the summit too. So my side of that story with Jamila is, and Jamila is, it's so funny that you say that she's like, yeah, you got to do it over. I mentored Jamila for awhile. So we have that relationship, but we also have a relationship where we work together as well too. She's just like, Hey, you have to, you have to get this done. And I was traveling and I do my part. And I had to, there was a specific day because she had it all timed out. And I was one of the people that she complained about because I didn't get anything done that I need to get done on time. And it was, it was like maybe the day before, or, but it turned out really good. It worked itself out. It turned out really good. But going through that process is how kind of, how I stumbled onto you.

(11:08): And I was just like, I was just like, hold on a second. What is happening here? I mean, like I attend conferences, I watch presentations. Like I've seen the best I've seen, but there was something that I was just like, hold on, wait a minute. And so, yeah, that drew me in and then it was just kind of staying connected. Right. So when I find something that I'm interested, I start to consume and I work on not being as obsessive as I have. So the world doesn't see it, but I'm on a podcast saying it now, but I'm a little bit obsessive about certain things. So I start studying and paying attention and trying to understand the, how it fits into. Because as I told you, before you fit into a picture that seen already, so understanding how it fits in and then understanding your skillset and how that plays in and how that really adapts to where we're going. And digital. We have to really think about this in a whole other level, right. Way ahead of the game. And so, yeah, so once I saw, I was just like, man, and then I joined your Facebook group and I'm just like, Oh, okay.

(12:15): This is where the party's at. And it was, and so I've just been watching it. And then the minute clubhouse happened, I was just like, we needed speakers. And I was just like, man, if nobody else can throw a party and hold attention, and we were doing that seven days a week, you said, yes, you were like seven or like, yeah. Seven. And then it's been like every crusade seven you were. And that was cool because you were easy about it. Right? So you float in and you're like, can I call it a try? Tuesdays were like, yo. And I was like, wanna be most popular days. And it's crazy. I look forward to it every Tuesday. So it's six. So that like put us into that zone of like, yeah, you're the one, but being a part of your community and seeing you operate in and watching your skillset,

(12:58): You've heard the same advice about Facebook groups everywhere. Ask questions, add value. But what does that mean? Let me show you what a profitable engaged and a fun Facebook group looks like, and I'll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group. Rock your tribe, community, building for entrepreneurs at rock, your tribe.com forward slash Facebook.

(13:24): Oh, we skipped, we skipped part of the story. I invited you to be a guest expert in my Facebook group. And we did an interview in there. And you graced us with your knowledge about digital marketing. You gave us the roadmap. Yes. That was part of the story. And so one thing that I tell people about digital communities is build your platform, which could be a Facebook group. It could be a Slack channel. It could be a discord server. There's so many containers you can put your community. And so whatever it is, you choose, that's your platform. And you should leverage that for opportunities to speak to other people's audiences. So you can swap guest expert sessions. You can swap podcast, interviews, leverage other people's audiences. And people will talk about this as a strategy all the time. But the flip side is build your own platform first, and then you can have a nice even trade. And so that's what we did. And then that led to the clubhouse thing. And I don't get up that early, but there was something about it. I was like, there's an opportunity here. Not in like a Mr. Burns exit event, you know, kind of way. But

(14:35): Yeah, I want it to be kind of like that taking only kind of ways what I'm trying to do. So that's the difference, you know, sometimes taking is okay, you're giving so much and it's this long. He saw the opportunity, you know, that's great, know an anthropology, We call it generalized reciprocity. I'm going to add that into my talk track, say quickly three times.

(15:04): So that's how we met. That's how we started to build a relationship. I shared my platform and then you shared your platform with me. And then in, so doing, we've been building this ongoing relationship for, I mean, the clubhouse show has been going on for how many days in a row.

(15:25): We're actually just at a point where we're saying five months right now. So actually we're moving into six months. So we've been doing it six months, seven days a week, every day we are there. Yeah, we're there, we're there. We're the longest running show on clubhouse [inaudible] most impactful.

(15:48): And so the clubhouse, the clubhouse experience, you're there every single day building an ongoing culture on a daily basis. But then we have the tribe Tuesday where I'm in charge. I bring in a party, you guys let me do my interactive things. So I kind of can't believe you, let me get away with this, but let's talk about, let's talk about the puff puff. Pass the mic four 20 event.

(16:17): I think so, first of all, I love, there are no rules. I love what I tell people, no rules. And they actually just be like, all right, cool. And you did that. And so I appreciate that because a lot of people need guidelines or they need rules, right? So you're taking it in, you're making it your own and you're pushing the envelope and that's the whole thing, right? You need to push the uncle up. So the puff puff, pass the mic.

(16:44): It has been credit for puff puff pass. He's the one who said those words to me. Cause I told him what I was thinking. Here's what happened. So for 20, I was aware of when that day was going to happen for personal reasons. Anyway, I noticed that it was going to be on a Tuesday and I was like, I can not let this go by without doing something for tribe Tuesday on clubhouse. That's my day, Tuesday is four 20. We're doing something. And this came off of the heels of live video Palooza, which was the live video event inside my Facebook group, where 95 group members, including you went live for five minutes to introduce themselves and their business. It was incredible. You can go to my Instagram at Rachel Speedwagon and you'll see a thumbnail grid of everybody who participated. It was like United colors of Benetton.

(17:31): And at the same time I read a statistic that said, 60% of your marketing is not your marketing. I was like, Holy. You can only control 40% of your marketing and that's less than half. So I talked about that on my previous podcast episodes, you can go back to the previous one and listen to my whole speech that, and so I'm on this mission right now about user generated content, building your community so that you can create user generated content with intention. So the other 60% that's out of your hands, you can get your arms around it. That brings us to, what did I want to do on four 20? That was the question. What are we going to do for four 20? And I'm thinking about, you know, pass the Dutchie. We can do something with that. And then my husband said, puff, puff, pass.

(18:18): And I was like, that is it because I can give people two things to say, and then pass the mic. And this is a ritual that we are aware of. And so without having to give people very specific rules and without having to set a timer and be like, okay, you get two and a half minutes, I'm timing you. And you're not allowed to say this. And you can only say this and dah, dah, dah, because I'm not about being all rules, guidelines, not rules. But if we build it on a foundation of like, this is a ritual that we know how to do, I don't really have to explain that much, say two things, pass the mic, just tell us about your business and who you help. And that essentially becomes your elevator pitch. And so that's how I Trojan horse and lessons, right? Without saying like, okay, class today, we're going to learn blah, blah, blah. It's like, nah, pop-up has Mike. And then halfway through, I could be like, you guys, you realize you're practicing your elevator pitches right now. And you can take this and go to another clubhouse room and say exactly what you just said. Just fix it up a little bit and then refer people back to your link tree or your flow page and your Instagram and go book and calls or whatever

(19:21): The strategy. There's the strategy. But on the front, from the outside, looking in, it's like, Oh, that's just some pothead. Just implant headship. But yeah. Ooh, we're thinking deep thoughts.

(19:44): No, but it worked, you know, it was different. It was a different vibe for the, for the show. And we really appreciated that because people came and they felt like it was bare stage and they, they, they gave, and they said, and they talked and they DMD after. I mean, our community is awesome. We're definitely connecting with them on a consistent basis, but it was just an opportunity to let them talk. And I love that hearing from them is most important. Right? So I love that you did it. And it worked really well. And it it's what you do so well as a digital community architect, right? It's how you see it, how you pull it together and how you make people want to share content because creating user-generated content is not easy. It is not easy to get people to do things. So that in itself is an art form. That is like everyone says user generated content, but that's an art form to Dick to get people actually take those steps. So that in itself is strategy

(20:38): And the secret is making it fun. That's that's all it really is. So I'm going to blow up my spot a little bit. I'm just things add a little bit of fun, sprinkle it in, right? Yeah, definitely.

(20:55): That brings us almost all the way to today. And so what is happening now is this Tamara, you have a fabulous digital marketing agency. And so you've reached out to me and offered me a partnership that gives me the opportunity to step into the role of being able to advise whole businesses, whole companies, enterprises on their digital community strategy with the backing of your team, your support, your 20 years experience on the ground doing this work. So I can come in with the strategy and the experiences I've had, but you've catapulted me into a space. You sent me like right through the wormhole to being able to do the B2B work advising and strategizing and having the team to implement digital community building on the marketing side, but also the internal, because your employees and your internal culture is where it all starts. And then it radiates out through your external community, which I would argue is not just your clients only because there are people out there who will be advocates for you, who may never buy from you or will buy from you later. But why not embrace them as part of your digital community now?

(22:16): Absolutely. Their pipeline and their army. Right? So yeah, you have to. So no matter, I think this is the right move for you because there's there. This lane is so wide open, right? It's so wide open. And how many digital community architects do, you know? You are so ready for that next level, in that transition into, to the B2B space and really teaching what it is to build a digital community while there's competition, you have the edge because the video Palooza was insane, right? So no one gets 95 people to go live, look like United colors of Benetton. It was for you to see those 95 people. When I saw the final image, I was just like mind blowing. And that is the heart of community, right? You were able to motivate those people and push those people to do that. That is an edge that I don't know that most people have because it takes to be on video to build up the buy, to build up the feeling, to just be like, man, I could do this. It's hard. And so you really rallied behind people and you reached out and you question, I think you have a gift that's crazy. And the competition is there, but we'll, you know what I'm saying? We'll analyze the competition. We'll pay attention to what they're doing and we'll do it better. And then we got the edge of you. So I'm not worried

(23:39): Cut it there because there's so much more coming up in the second part of the series. On the next episode of this, you're going to find out my seven tips for upleveling your business through the power of digital community. Just like I did. We can't wait to see you there. And if you miss us in the meantime, come find us on clubhouse at 7:00 AM. Eastern time, seven digital marketing tips at seven. Thank you so much for being here. And as always You rock.

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