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Show highlights include:

  • How to build your own community of committed buyers through speaking gigs and workshops with other Facebook groups. (3:43)
  • Why getting someone’s email address lets you create irresistible offers at any price-point. (6:27)
  • How talking on Facebook about your favorite things makes you money while you sleep. (10:55)
  • How to build a premium circle of close buyers and monetize brand-new ideas in your Facebook Group now. (13:40)
  • Why sending people ‘freebies’ is the fastest way to achieve a wealth-building Facebook group. (16:13)

You've heard the same advice about Facebook Groups everywhere. Ask questions. Add value. But what does it mean? Let me show you what a profitable, engaged, and FUN Facebook Group looks like. AND I’ll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group Rock Your Tribe: Community Building for Entrepreneurs at http://www.rockyourtribe.com/facebook

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What's up? I'm Rachel Spewak and this is Rock Your Tribe Radio where community, fun, social media and business collide. I firmly believe that parties are the answer to all of life's problems. Seriously. Building a community, bringing people together for a common purpose and serving them, that's your mission as a business owner. Let's make it happen. It's time to rock your tribe.

[00:28] Welcome to the show today. We're going to talk about one of my favorite things to talk about money. I used to hate talking about money. I used to feel so self-conscious about it. I'm Jewish. And I felt really self-conscious about Jewish stereotypes that I avoided talking about money and it turns out nobody cares. When I started talking about money before I actually started feeling comfortable with it, I felt like it was going to get reflected back to me, this Jewish stereotype thing. And you know what? It never happened. Nobody ever brings it up. It was totally in my head. And I also had this idea that in order to be a good person and in order to do good work, you have to basically take a vow of poverty, which is just not true. I went to grad school to be a social worker, and I just had it in my head that I was going to be forever broke, but it was okay because I'm going to do all of these good things in the world.

[01:22] And that is a plan for burnout. And it's hard as out, you can do lots of good in the world. You can earn lots of money, you can build wealth. And so making money, that's the fun, sexy part. But underneath it is this drive to really build a foundation of wealth, not just for me, but for my kids and their kids. So that's, what's going on in the background, but let's talk about money and let's talk about monetizing. Your Facebook group, have a list of seven ways and a bonus seven ways to monetize your Facebook group. And this list. I created it for my clubhouse show. Yes, I'm on clubhouse and on every Tuesday morning, I'm on there. It's 7:00 AM Eastern time. Every Tuesday morning. I'm on there talking about my top seven digital marketing trends. It's 7:00 AM Eastern time with my good friends, Tamara and CJ.

[02:20] And I share my top seven tips about Facebook groups. And so just the other day, I shared my list of my top seven ways to monetize Facebook groups. Now I'm going to share it with you. You're going to love this. Are you ready? Here we go. Number one, make offers. If you build a group of ideal clients, you should be able to offer what you got and find buyers. It's pretty basic. I know, but friendly reminder, have you made a sales post in your Facebook group lately or on your profile anywhere, wherever you are on social media, don't forget to write those sales posts, straightforward. Let people know what you got. Who's a for what kind of outcome are they going to get? What does it cost and how do they buy it basic. But sometimes we forget. So a friendly reminder, if you walk away from this podcast today and you go and implement something, do that, write a sales post, make an offer.

[03:21] Okay? I also want us to think bigger. And in more dimensions, your Facebook group members are potential partners in lots of different ways. They hold the key to unlocking different kinds of doors in your business. I also want us to think beyond the virtual walls of our groups, your role as a group leader can be leveraged for other money making opportunities, which brings me to number two, create strategic partnerships. Nobody makes it to the top alone author and psychologist, gay Hendricks calls it the zone of genius. Maybe you've heard this term thrown around before it's from a book called the big leap. I highly recommend it. It's about getting out of your own way and actually getting into your zone of genius. Your job is to find your zone of genius and get help with everything else. A team partners, a mastermind Alliance. That's what Napoleon Hill calls it.

[04:16] You can attract these people into your group and you can attract them into your life because of your group. If you choose to leverage your leadership role, you're the leader of a community. Throwing around some strategic partnerships may lead directly to cash, right? You might work with somebody to host a workshop, a paid workshop and charge admission and people pay and you walk away with cash. Some partnerships will help you in indirect ways. They'll elevate your brand, help you build your audience. They'll educate you on something that will bring you more cash. So see it in two different ways. Some strategic partnerships will lead directly to money and some are going to take you on a longer journey, but it will be worth it. In any case, stop thinking about your members as potential buyers. Only one way you can do this is by number three, trading guests, expert sessions.

[05:15] So here's a story about number two, creating strategic partnerships and this one. Number three trading guest expert sessions. Last fall. I was invited to speak at a branding summit hosted by my LinkedIn friend, Jameela Bannister, Jameela Ella's friend, Tamara Mon Louise saw my summit talk and joined my Facebook group. We got to talking and it turns out she is a bad digital marketing strategist who runs her own agency. So I invited her to be a guest expert in my Facebook group. Then just a few weeks ago, Tamara reached out to me to return the favor. She invited me to speak on her daily clubhouse show. That's about digital marketing tips. Things went well that day. And now I'm officially her Tuesday guest host. When I'm on that show, I promote my Facebook group and my Facebook group gets new members. You can sell directly through your speaking gigs or refer your new audience back to your Facebook group.

[06:12] Or you can do both. I do both constantly. When new members join your group, you can ask them three membership questions. And one of those questions should be always be what is your email address? Which brings me to monetizing your Facebook group. Tip number four, sell through your mailing list. Your free Facebook group is a high ticket lead magnet. What do you trade lead magnets for email addresses. Why? Because you're going to build relationships and sell your stuff through your mailing list. If you join my Facebook group and share your email address, you're going to get entered into my welcome sequence. If you've joined it already, you saw firsthand how I create passive income and raise awareness about some of my offers because in that welcome sequence, I make offers. I've got a freebie that you can download. That's going to take you to my website and hopefully you'll spend time there looking around at my other stuff.

[07:10] The freebie also has an upsell at the end and in that welcome sequence, as it rolls along, there's a couple of emails that you're going to get. You're going to learn about my workbook and you're going to learn about my Facebook groups, masterclass and people do buy these items from my welcome sequence that just fires off. When somebody new joins my Facebook group, they share their email address. I accept them. They go into the system and those emails run passive income through your Facebook group because of email. Got it. Okay, cool. So that takes place outside of the Facebook group. What about inside the Facebook group? One thing I love about having a Facebook group is that I can do market research in there, which creates an opportunity to number five validate and pre-sell offers number five, validate. And pre-sell your offers. Number one, we talked about selling your existing offers, right?

[08:06] And you get your ideal clients in a room, get them talking. You should be able to offer them whatever you got, right? But in your Facebook group, you have a special opportunity to pre-sell your offers. Before you even make them, you should be creating engagement in your Facebook group every day. And the simplest way to do this is to ask questions. You can create polls too. So don't waste these questions and don't waste these polls on irrelevant things. Yes, there are questions you can ask that are going to create engagement and it's fun to sprinkle them in sometimes, but for the most part, keep your questions relevant to your group. So you're constantly talking about your topic and establishing yourself as an authority. You can find out what your members want help with. For example, in my group, I've asked when it comes to your Facebook group, are you trying to grow it, engage it or monetize it.

[09:02] So I can figure out where my members are in their Facebook group journey and create offers that are going to meet them exactly where they are. You can also find out how they like support delivered. You can create a poll and find out if they like short videos, long videos, group coaching one-on-one and ebook. So get some ideas about what you'd like to offer and the way you'd like to deliver it and see where it coincides with what your members are saying. And if you can find a match, here's what you do. For example, I once posted, if I created a masterclass on how to plan, launch and grow your Facebook group, would you buy it at a no-brainer price? And enough people said yes. So I posted a payment link and people paid before I made anything. I had cash in the bank and then I created the class and I had all of this extra Headspace to go ahead and make this thing because people already paid

[09:58] Before it you've heard the same advice about Facebook groups everywhere, ask questions, add value. But what does that mean? Let me show you what a profitable engaged and a fun Facebook group looks like. And I'll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group, rock your tribe, community, building for entrepreneurs at rock, your tribe.com forward slash Facebook. When people

[10:25] Pay you ahead of time and you've got that cash in the bank, and you've got that validation, that it's a good idea and that probably more people want to buy it. You can reinvest some of that cash into making a product that's better than you originally imagined. You can pay for some help. You can outsource graphics. You can pay for a piece of tech. That's going to make it even better. So that's how I created my plan launch and grow your Facebook group masterclass. You can check it out at rock, your tribe.com forward slash masterclass. Here's something else I love selling other people's stuff. If you find yourself recommending products, services, and tools anyway, and your people trust your recommendations, set yourself up for number six, affiliate marketing. I constantly recommend tools that I use. You've heard me talk about group leads on this podcast a lot, because I love it.

[11:18] And it's something I use every single day in my business. And it's part of what makes my business work. It has everything to do with my sales funnel, right? My Facebook group is a key component of my sales funnel, but it pulls in these other pieces of tech, including my mailing list. We talked about that already. Remember, so group leads. I recommend it all the time. Anyway. I love it. I rely on it. If you haven't heard me talk about it before, here's the pitch, your three, a membership questions for your Facebook group. Facebook does not save answers. So if you don't do something with them, they're gone forever. So I use a Chrome extension called group leads that saves that information into a Google spreadsheet, sends the email addresses into my mailing list. Provider does some other stuff, but that's all I really care about.

[12:07] Group leads. It saved me hours of aggravating and tedious work every week. And it helps me create that passive income through my mailing list. I'm an affiliate and I've made to date $400 or so in commissions over the last couple of months, which covers my subscription and then some, so think of it this way, instead of paying for your subscriptions for all of these business tools that you use, sign up as an affiliate. If you're going to recommend it to people anyway, get those commissions, it's going to pay for your subscriptions, right? How much money did I just save? You think about that? Like how much are you paying in little subscriptions, $10 here, $15 there. What if you're an affiliate for everything? And if you make that money back and cover the cost of being a customer, I mean, what else could you do with that money to build your business and push it forward?

[12:57] Right? So if you're looking for group leads, my affiliate link is rock your tribe.com/group leads. I'm also an affiliate for DESA, Slava, Brava. She is the branding queen and she's a mentor of mine. I learned how to launch my membership club through her recurring revenue course. It was fantastic. And coming up shortly, I'm going to be an ambassador for her membership club. Five day challenge. My point of view is if you have an active, engaged and growing Facebook group, you can number seven, spin off a membership club. That's what I did. That's what Dez helped me do. And that's the path that I took when you rock that free Facebook group, you'll find out what a premium version could look like. You'll find out how to take your most engaged core members to the next level, by giving them more of your personal attention or by giving them access to more of your teaching materials.

[13:58] The membership club also allows you to create recurring revenue while you keep an inner circle of clients close, they say that it's easier and less expensive to sell a current client more of your stuff. And that may be true of your membership club. Something that I like about my membership club is that I can test my ideas with them first before taking my ideas out to the wider audience. So I get super high quality feedback about my offers. I love that. So about that five day challenge, let's talk about affiliate marketing for a second for does this five day challenge about membership clubs. I'm also an affiliate and for the most recent five day challenge, we had a contest and affiliate contest who could sign up the most participants in this challenge right now, while I'm recording this podcast, we're still deep into this contest, but right now I've signed up 77 participants to this five day challenge.

[14:58] And if some of them, by the end of the challenge by one of does his products or join her program, that she's upselling. I earn a commission and I have a pretty high chance of earning some commissions because I've signed up so many people to this challenge. So I love, love, love, love being an affiliate for programs, products, services that I standby and would recommend anyway. And because I've built this Facebook group and I have this community that trusts me and I have leveraged my role as a leader. People trust my recommendations, which puts me in a position to be a very strong affiliate marketer. But we were talking about number seven, spin off a membership site. I highly recommend it. If you want to go down this path, come talk to me about rocking your free Facebook group. And you're going to see what you could do for your membership club.

[15:51] And then I'm going to hand you off to Dez and she's going to teach you how to flip it into recurring revenue that way. Okay, that was number seven. I told you this was a list of seven, but I always have a bonus. That's what I do on my clubhouse show. I give you seven and a bonus. So finally, let's talk about web traffic and ads. This is the bonus because it seems a little bit removed from free Facebook groups, but I'm going to tie this all together for you. You might be thinking this is not something I'm concerned about right now. I'm just trying to understand how to rock a free Facebook group ads. I'm not there yet. Web traffic. What are you talking about? Listen, we're going to set you up for success with those things. Now we can start laying the foundation.

[16:40] So you're not starting from scratch. When you get to that point, there's a business coach named Paige Cole, and she's got a podcast called make it rain. And I think it's awesome. I was listening to her speak one time and I'm paraphrasing here, but she said, if you intend to run a wealth building business, something in that seven and eight figure range, start treating your business and the assets in your business and the tools in your business. That way. Now I love this concept. It's kind of like dress for the job. You want to have dress your business for the level you wanted to achieve. Now. So websites driving traffic to your website. Maybe you're not there yet. Maybe you're not ready yet. There are other ways to be present online so people can find you and hand you money for whatever it is that you do.

[17:30] But large enterprises, they all have websites, your business heroes, they have websites. You can make one for pretty cheap and it doesn't have to do a whole lot. So stick with me here about this. There are two main reasons for driving traffic to your site. So your group members can explore your offers and to prepare for running ads in the future. If you go that route. So the first one kind of a self-explanatory you're going to make offers in your group. You're going to send your group members into your mailing list and they're going to get introduced to your offers that way, but not everybody sees everything all the time. So it would be nice. If you could give your group members a reason to go to your website, they can look around, they can see what you have to offer and you can sell stuff.

[18:17] The second reason I'll explain. So first of all, no, you shouldn't run ads until you're making good money with your organic marketing, but you can start preparing. Now if your Facebook group is full of ideal clients, when it's time to run ads, you want to target people who look a lot like the people in your Facebook group. Here's how are you familiar with the Facebook pixel? It's a line of code that you add to your website that links your website with the Facebook business manager. That's what you run your ads from Facebook will track all of your web traffic data. So your group members that you're sending to your website, who are hopefully spending some time, maybe buying some stuff, but even if they don't, if you install that pixel Facebook is going to track all of that data, which you can use later to create an effective ad campaign provided that you have a validated offer that sells organically.

[19:15] So install the pixel, give your group members and email list, subscribers reasons to visit your website like freebies downloadables courses, sales pages, landing pages, a blog, a podcast, for example. So this may not be useful to you now, if you're not there yet in your business, but there will be a day when you want to scale and scaling depends on systems, automation and data. This is all going to be your best friend when that day arrives. So this is one way to use your Facebook group now to give yourself a headstart. So let's recap the whole entire list. I'll give you the short version here. It is seven ways to monetize your Facebook group. Number one, make offers. If you build a group of ideal clients, you should be able to offer what you got and find buyers, duh, right? Let's think bigger. Number two, create strategic partnerships, go beyond clients and customers.

[20:13] Find team members and partners build your mastermind Alliance. Number three, trade guest expert sessions. You're going to invite partners to speak to your audience. Go speak to theirs. Make offers during your speaking gigs and set up partnerships with those people that you're trading guest expert gigs with number four, build your mailing list. Your group is a lead magnet. Lead magnets are exchanged for email addresses. Ask for those email addresses in your three membership questions. Use an automation like group leads to get those email addresses into your mailing list. Set up a welcome sequence and sell your offers through your list. Number five, validate and pre-sell offers different from number one in that. And you can work through your group to find out exactly what offers your group members want to buy. Number six, affiliate marketing. If your members trust your recommendations and you recommend certain products and services anyway, because you've got great results.

[21:10] Sign up as an affiliate and share your affiliate links. Number seven, spin off a paid membership club for members who love your group and want to go to the next step with you bonus, create web traffic, give your members a reason to visit your site on your site. They'll explore your offers. And in the background, if you set things up the right way, Facebook is going to start gathering that data that you can use later for an ad campaign. And that's going to give you a headstart with your future ad campaign. Did you get all of that? It's not an exhaustive list, but those are my favorite top seven ways to monetize your Facebook group that you can implement right now. And if you were taking notes furiously this whole time, I have this all written up in a post in my Facebook group. Rock your tribe, community. Building for entrepreneurs, go to rock your tribe.com/facebook. That'll take you to the group. You'll find the post in there, search for it. If you can't find it, shoot me a message and I'll tag you on it. I'll make sure that you see it. And definitely leave me a comment on that post. I want to know what you think of this list. I want your feedback next time on the show. We're going to talk about a huge mistake that I see Facebook group owners making. Constantly. It's a community, not a classroom. I'm going to leave you with that. Thank you so much for being here as always you rock. I'll see you next time.

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