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There are many essential ingredients that go into creating a high ticket offer that will truly build a scalable business and transform the lives of your clients.
In today’s Results Over BS show, Marquel walks you through his 3 foundational components that go into making a transformational $3k-$10k offer, the correct way to sell them and how to impact more people while leveraging your time.… READ MORE

There’s no better time than now to start developing systems in your online business. Even poor systems are better than no system at all because they can be tweaked and improved.
Not only that but creating systems forces you to think through the entire process and look for ways to optimize procedures in your business, leading to consistent performance.… READ MORE

When many people start their online business, one of their primary goals is to generate income – because, without income, the business will rapidly fail.
But with a huge effort focussed on creating income, many miss the most critical part of building a business in the first place; and that’s precisely what today’s show covers.… READ MORE

In this episode, Marquel is joined by Joselande; a private coaching client and full-time mom who achieved tremendous success and created a life of absolute freedom.
FInd out exactly how Josselande got unstuck, achieved a staggering $20k/month goal, what the big ‘lightbulb moment’ was, and what her life looks like now as a result of going ‘all in’ on a proven process.… READ MORE

The ‘I need to speak to my spouse first’ objection is up there and on the list of challenges you need to overcome in your online business for it grow.
So to help you finally and definitely deal with this smokescreen objection, tune in to today’ show and learn two proven ways of confidently handling this common sales stall.… READ MORE

You’ve probably seen a lot of books, courses and coaches in entrepreneur communities.
But at some point, we all have to take action and get things going.
In this episode, you learn how Dr. Joi took action and generated $11k in collected cash within just 24 hours of launching.… READ MORE

Both The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are two of the world’s most iconic features. The Hoover Dam is arguably one of the greatest engineering projects of all time, while the Grand Canyon is one of sincere, natural beauty.… READ MORE

Being productive, getting things done, and becoming a true high performer is about getting stuff done. So why do so many entrepreneurs find themselves profoundly distracted, going back and forth, making next to no progress when building their business?… READ MORE

The leads in your business are only as good as the website that produces them.
In today’s age, buyers are turning towards the web as a way of educating themselves which is why your website should be the most critical business asset to catch your prospect’s interest and attention…and of course, generate leads.… READ MORE

Reading – or listening – to books is one of the most influential ways to help broaden your understanding of the world as well as helping you get through almost any sticking points in your life by learning from mentors and experts.… READ MORE

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