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There are many similarities between the highest paid NFL athletes and the highest paid real estate investors.

And it starts with making one decision:

Being the best.

It’s easier said than done, but all the top-earning athletes and investors have this in common.

In this episode, I’m sharing how to “siphon” the mindset of the top NFL players to become one of the highest paid investors in America.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The NFL players’ secret for getting multi-million dollar contracts (that you can apply to your real estate business) (3:17)
  • Why something as absurd as taking an ice bath can help you close bigger real estate deals as soon as today (4:04)
  • How to harness the power of social media that helps you generate $11k from a deal in 3 hours or less (5:33)
  • The real estate newbie’s trick for getting a $100k wholesale fee in under 6 months (7:19)

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The big challenge is this: How are investors like us who are not backed by a billion hedge fund who are investing money from our own pockets? How do we buy, sell, and invest in the properties we believe in, yet still make a profit without risking all of our own money? That is the challenge. In this podcast, we'll give you the answers. My name is Nate Armstrong and welcome to the social media blueprint.

Okay. So something really big happened yesterday. And this happens frequently to businesses that are prime the right way, but it happened really, really big. And I want to share this. So what happened to us is that we went out and in two hours and 33 minutes from start to finish, we were able to get a property under contract and turn around and sell it to one of our buyers two hours and 33 minutes, two hours and 33 minutes.

(00:58): And I don't know about for you and for your business, but that's pretty fast. That's cook and fast. So two hour and 33 minutes to get a property under contract from a seller and then turn around and find a buyer. And that's like, bam, but that's the way that it should be. That's the way that normal should look to you. And it was done by the following. I'm going to tell you how we did this. Okay. So yesterday we had like a huge blessing from God. We were able to generate make $11,000. It hasn't closed yet, but we got the deal under contract. We got a deal under contract yesterday in turnaround and sold it to a buyer in the same day in two hours and 33 minutes in when you're cooking properties that fast. What I mean by cooking? I mean, just going really fast, like boom, when you're moving that fast and making a deal happen, you have to have some constants that are true inside your business.

(01:50): And I want to tell you the one decision that was made that was different than everybody else. The one decision, and this is something that everybody here can apply to their real estate investing business right now. Okay. The one decision that was made in order to make that deal happen like this. So in the NFL national football league, sports came most of the time NFL athletes, there was this big study done on this, but most of the time NFL athletes, the majority of the money that they make is not in the first contract that they get. In fact, their rookie contract is usually the smallest contract that they ever get in their life. But the majority of the money that's made is in the second contract, in the third contract. So all NFL athletes, they're pushing really hard to get that second contract and that third contract, because they know that the rookie contract is usually pretty small.

(02:41): The other thing that happens is most people, they don't make it to their second and third contract. They don't make it at all because they're not good enough. They make it in the beginning phases and they get to have their rookie season, maybe a couple of seasons after that. But soon thereafter, they get cut from the team for whatever reason. So it's a lot of pressure. But if you interview and the study, they did the study that they did. They interviewed like 70 some percent of players in their first year or two. And they asked what their goals were and everybody wanted to get their second year and their third year contract. Well, what they did is they followed those people and they figured out who actually made it to their second year and third year contracts. And the people that made it to their second year in their third year, this is the big money years.

(03:20): Remember the people that made it to their second year and third year contracts. They did two things different. They made one decision and they took two actions that were different. The actions where this before practice and before games, they would get there early. They got there before anybody else they got there early. Okay. The second thing is that after practice or after a game, they would jump in and take an ice bath. Those were the two things, the two simple actions that the people making all the money NFL, they're getting the big contracts the second year and the third year contracts, not the rookie contracts, but the big money contracts. They did two things differently. They got there early and they stayed a little bit late to take care of themselves. They jumped in the ice bath. And if anyone here has ever taken an ice bath, you know what it's like, like that's, that's brutal jumping in a, in a bathtub full of ice cubes.

(04:14): It's brutal, but it's really healing for the body after you put the body under immense stress and immense pressure. So for these athletes, the difference between making it further in their career and making all the big money or getting cut from the team was showing up early and staying a little bit late and taking care of themselves, that's it. So they made a decision. They made a decision that they were going to be the best. They made a decision that they were going to show up early and they were going to stay late. The same thing is true for us in our real estate investing business. When you set a goal, when you make a decision, you have to have, I have that same. Laser-focus like the NFL professional athletes that make it into their second and third contracts. It's not by accident that right.

(04:59): They made it to their second and third contracts it's because they showed up early and they stayed late to take care of themselves. And the same thing happened with us just yesterday in our real estate investing business, one of our team members, she recognized that she was short on our goal for the month and what she ended up doing. And she made up for it. She said, you know what? I am going to stay late until I catch up on our goal. And so what she did, we actually had a deal. We were slated pretty good for the month and all that. But one of our deals was starting to fall apart. The buyer on it was having trouble, like all kinds of stuff. I'm not even gonna get into, but the deal was starting to fall apart. So what our team member did is she went out and she found another deal using social media blueprint.

(05:39): She knocked on some doors, essentially didn't literally go knock on doors. But she used social media to get one seller to say, yes, she got the seller to say yes. Yes. And then she immediately went out, took two hours and 33 minutes. She immediately went out and got a buyer for it. Buyers said, yes. Buyer signed the contract two hours and 33 minutes from when the seller said yes and signed the contract to when the buyer said yes and signed the contract two hours and 33 minutes. Now that wasn't just fluke. It wasn't by accident. That that deal was able to be made like that. Like it was $11,000 at generating for us. 11 grand. Imagine that in two hours and 33 minutes, what would an extra 11 grand do for you with two hours and 33 minutes of your time for us, this is routine.

(06:22): This is what we do. It's because we made a decision, just like the NFL athletes that made a decision that they're going to get their big money contracts. They're going to get to their second and third contracts. We made a decision in our business that we're going to do the same thing. And my challenge to you right now is are you going to do that? Are you going to make the decision to do whatever it takes to get the big money contract, to do what it takes to get the deal done? Okay, I'm going to leave you with that. I'll leave you with that for right now. I want to know your thoughts, your questions, your comments drop them below. I read every single one of them that comes through. So you drop them below whether it's now or it's later. It's totally cool with me, but I want to know what's going through your mind.

(07:04): I want to know where you're getting stuck right now. I want to know what challenges or hurdles you're seeing out there, because you can break through this stuff. You can, I'm watching people literally brand new. Like I just got another text message today from one of our members. He's a graduate now of the program, Eli, you like came into our program, brand new to real estate. And this guy, he struggled a little bit in the beginning. He did it, took him a good two months to really catch on and get momentum. But once the guy got momentum, not only did he get one deal, but he ended up getting two deals and then a third deal. And now he's under the point where he texted me today, a little bit over a million dollar development project, which he thinks he's going to wholesale for a little bit more than a hundred thousand dollar wholesale fee.

(07:41): It's like, bam. Look at this guy just six months ago, this guy was brand new. He was a new father to the world, had just gotten married before that. And then he was just becoming a brand new father. And now he's texting me wholesale deals where he's going to make six figures on it. Like, so if Eli can do this, someone that's brand new to the whole real estate world, then I know, I know you got this in you. If you just push, if you apply the same strategies that the NFL athletes that get their second year or second contracts and third contracts where they just say, they show up early, they stay late. They take care of themselves. Then you can do this stuff. You can make it happen. Okay. So that's my challenge for you. I'll be looking for your comments. Thank you. And God bless.

(08:24): Bye. Hate cold calling can't stand direct mail. Wish there was a way to have sellers coming to you instead of having to chase them down. Now there is it's called the social media blueprint and you can get it absolutely free when you go to www.social media, blueprint.com/podcast.

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