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Your success in real estate is directly equivalent to the number of listings you get. And the number of listings you get is directly correlated to the number of shots you take.

For you to succeed in this game, you must master the art of learning to move and shoot to evolve in business.

The problem?

Most agents don’t know how to shoot. They don’t know how to get listings. Hence they spend their entire life on the rollercoaster of struggle, frustration and overwhelm.

Today’s episode is about learning to treat your real estate business like a hockey game and developing an ice-like strength to your game plan so you can skate circles around other real estate agents and take the shot!

No more hiding away in the sidelines. It’s time to step up and elevate your game!

If you’re sick of being the sitting duck and want to get some real points on your real estate board, then make sure you head over to www.agentonfire.com and download the free cheat sheet showing you how to list houses in 30 minutes (or less) while charging more than ever before EVEN in un-listable markets. Go there right now!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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