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The truth is, most real estate agents would rather walk a mile in chicken shit than having to face a million dollar seller.

Instead, they choose to stay at the bottom of the mountain and chase the cheap listings like every other agent and wonder why they are always dissatisfied with their below average results.

As Mike Says…

“Low hanging fruit (low-priced listings) taste like crap. They’ve been nibbled on, fondled with and drooled on by every other low bar agent.”

Today’s episode focuses on going after the easy access, but highly expensive listings. It’s a competition-free zone ready for YOU to snap up!

Make sure you head over to www.agentonfire.com and download the free cheat sheet showing you how to list houses in 30 minutes (or less) while charging more than ever before EVEN in un-listable markets. Go there right now!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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