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Most of us get paralized when choosing colors for decorating our homes.

So many options and combinations to choose from – it can get very confusing quickly!

But here’s the thing:

Understanding how colors work not only eliminates the overwhelm, it can be a tremendous asset you can use when picking the best color scheme for a room.

Today’s episode is packed with everything you need to get a deeper understanding of color and how to combine them to have the greatest effect!

Show highlights:

– How to “read” the color wheel to avoid boring or chaotic color combinations. (02:10)

– The way human brain reacts to color. (3:44)

– What is analogous and complementary color harmony and how to use it for best effect. (4:13)

– Why “color context” is important when picking out colors for your home. (4:50)

– Deep dive into the meaning of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow… and the effect they have on you! (5:50)

– The one color that reacts badly to Black, makes babies cry, and can cause diarrhoea! (12:01)

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Are you ready to try and create the color scheme that’s perfect for your home?

Put your headphones on and start listening now!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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