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Have you considered creating your personal space within your home?

A place that is just yours. Where you can escape to read, pursue a craft, meditate or simply unwind after a busy day at work.

As the world grows more and more hectic each day, having a space you consider your sanctuary can be essential.

And no matter your decorating preference, there’s always a way to transform one room (or a corner of a room) in your home into a relaxing oasis.

In today’s episode you will hear some decorative ideas to create your personal space without breaking the bank.

Show highlights:

– How to turn even the smallest of spaces into a relaxing sanctuary.

– Ways to set up lightning properly when you don’t have natural light from windows.

– How to create the feeling of cosiness without clutter.

– This common object will freshen the air and brighten your mood at the same time.

– Two different ways you should decorate when you want relaxation or stimulation.

– Tips for a perfect man-cave or she-shed that’s easy to maintain and doesn’t cost a fortune.

And if you want even more inspiration for decorating your personal space… then go to  http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com  and download your free copy Decorating Tips From The Pros.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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