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In this show, you’ll find out:

  • How the invention of the radio might’ve ruined people’s immune systems forever. (5:14)
  • What common kitchen appliance used to be military technology—and how that might harm you. (9:22)
  • How technology companies use “ the next level of marketing” to undermine health concerns for their own profit. (13:03)
  • The scary reason children are at bigger risk for tumors now. (17:36)
  • If you’re busy, feel hot often or suffer from memory loss… this might by why. (22:20)

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Get to the bottom of what's truly healthy in this crazy complex world, so you can take back what is rightfully yours. Welcome to the Health Sovereign Podcast. This is your host, Logan Christopher.

Logan: 00:20 Hello and welcome. This is the Health Suffering Podcast, and on this podcast, we talked about everything that has to do with health. Today's topic is EMFs, electromagnetic frequencies. Joining me is Brandon Amalani.

I know Brandon pretty well. I'll get into a few of the details of that, but Brandon is the owner of Shen Blossom and also the U.S. distributor of Blue Shield, some technology we will be talking about. He also works for me, I guess, at Lost Empire Herbs, and in addition to that, I've consulted with him a little bit on that Blue Shield website that he's been working on. In addition to that, we’ll be, as I said, talking about Blue Shield. That's more in Part 2 of this interview. In the first one, we're really going to dig deep into the dangers of EMFs.

A lot of people have heard this, but have not dove deep into it as I have started to do and Brandon certainly has as well, and really kind of understanding what all is going on here.
Brandon, welcome to the show.

Brandon: 01:22 Thanks, Logan. Good to be here, man.

Logan: 01:22 Yeah, this should be a fun discussion. Where do you think we should start with this?

Brandon: 01:30 I was thinking maybe just outlining what EMF is. Like you mentioned, people have heard about EMF and know about electromagnetic fields, but I don't really think that people really consider how pervasive that is in our environment, especially considering that it does affect cellular biology, and it's a type of pollution in this day and age that we don't really or some people don't feel. A lot of people do feel it, but it's something that we don't really kind of get a vote on.

It’s just put out into the atmosphere, put into our environment, and it affects everybody in different ways, depending on where people are at on that bell curve of their genetic constitution, resiliency, their immune system, and so on and so forth.

Logan: 02:08 For the most part, I would say, it's out of sight. It's not something we see. We see visible light, which is part of that EMF spectrum, but most of it is not something we actually notice, so most people don't pay attention to it.

We've talked about the range of frequencies, so EMF is this wide, wide, very wide range of everything. It includes visible light, UV, cosmic rays, microwave radiation. It's all these different facets. Infrared heat is a part of that. Really, it's a wide range, but usually when the term EMF is used, one, we're often talking about this EMF pollution, these negative or parts of the EMF frequencies that have these negative health effects on us.

Brandon: 02:55 Absolutely. You have everything from ionizing radiation, gamma-rays, some electromagnetic spectrum through ultraviolet, visible infrared and then down to radio. There's this electromagnetic spectrum of measurable [hertz? 3:08] and transverse waves that we can identify through scientific method.

We, as humans, only really see an experience. We can sense a very limited bandwidth, like you mentioned, light being one of those. I like to make the distinction that there's good EMF. There’s naturally occurring native EMF, and then there's non-native EMF, which is these repetitive frequencies that we're seeing primarily on the microwave radiation range, and now that we're seeing [high DME? 3:34] on ultra-high frequency bandwidths.

Logan: 03:37 So, that term non-native EMS was good, a useful way of thinking about this. It's how we often think of chemicals and more people are, I guess, attuned to this area. We have chemicals that are naturally found in food, herbs, supplements and all kinds of different stuff that are out there. Then there's also these manmade chemicals, often starting off as natural things, but then we treat them molecularly often for patenting reasons or just producing them for oil, all kinds of different ways. The human body or anything living, because these are new novel chemicals, often there are much bigger problems in the body processing them. This similar sort of thing could be seen with native and nonnative EMF, right?

Brandon: 04:22 Right, they're isolated frequency ranges and they're chaotic. They're not harmonic or coherent with the body's energy, and the body tends to mount an immune response to try and attack them. We naturally need a wide variety of frequencies.

If you look outside and you see different color spectrums throughout the day as a sunset, sunrise and during the middle part of the day. When you go out to nature, you see animals, birds chirping. All these sounds and things that we see in nature can be represented as a frequency range on the electromagnetic spectrum. We're designed and have evolved to experience those in a variety that moves in a natural way, in a coherent way that’s symbiotic.

Now, a lot of these isolated frequencies, like you're saying, correlating with isolated nutrients, those are very repetitive and they don't move in a rhythm that's harmonious with how nature moves or energy moves in nature. So, our body, again, like I said, really tries to mount an immune response because ever since AM radio, our bodies have been fighting this stuff and it really depletes our immune power. It disrupts cellular communication. It breaks living DNA, which is probably the scariest part because, if you hit a frequency on the body repetitively, it's like hitting a hammer on something. Eventually, it's going to break off pieces of the DNA which create these micronuclei, which are little fragments of the DNA.

What's interesting about that is it doesn't necessarily kill the DNA, but that DNA micronuclei starts to actually grow itself, but it's mutated because it has been broken off. This causes problems with irregular growth patterns in the body and that doesn't mention all the other multitude of things that happen in the body, but these frequencies are pervasive. Cellphone towers, Wi-Fi things in your house, your computer, your wiring in your house produces a lot of this dirty electricity and/or electromagnetic fields that are not native that irritate the biology and affect the body at the cellular level.

Logan: 06:16 Brandon, haven't you heard? There's not enough thermal effects from a cellphone to cause any sort of damage.

Brandon: 06:23 Yeah, the “it doesn't heat you, so it's not bad for you” theory. That's been fairly debunked, especially on that $30 million FDA study that was conducted. It just basically proved without a shadow of a doubt that these do have correlations with cancer and the development of cancer, for sure.

Logan: 06:41 Yeah, it's crazy if you look at just the amount of science on this, thousands and thousands of studies showing that there are maybe consequences from various forms of EMF pollution out there from Wi-Fi to all kinds of different stuff, right?

Brandon: 07:00 Absolutely, and it has been correlated in certain areas, but then we start getting into how the FCC works, how the FDA works, and we should really start realizing that customer demand—people want faster download speeds. They want all of this kind of stuff—so the commerce side of things is actually fueling this technology to become more widespread. But FCC is still running on regulations that date back to the ’70s and they're well known for not very well enforcing certain aspects, if they find a research study that proves that this may be harmful. There's no regulatory action that really takes place.
Logan: 07:35 Right, and there is some irony in us having this discussion right now. We're connected over the internet. I'm on Wi-Fi right now. I'm not hard-wired, something we'll probably touch on a little bit later, and the people listening, likely listening through a cellphone or on the internet, doing the same sort of thing. So, there is some irony that we're making use of this amazing technology and there's very good reasons why this technology has moved in this way. Yet, so much of our technology, we're not recognizing because oftentimes they're much more subtle. They're much more long-term, the consequences of such.

Brandon: 08:12 Yeah, absolutely. There are also ways to do it correctly. It's just that everything is so compartmentalized. The telecoms communication or the communication industry doesn't really talk with the health industry.

One thing we're working on with Blue Shield is that our algorithm, which is extremely complex in its code, can be piggybacked onto any carrier signal. We particularly use a longitudinal scalar wave, but for many purposes we'll get into it later, but making our own routers. We can use the same microwave signals or the Wi-Fi signals that people are used to, but piggyback coherent energy on the informational carrier wave, so there are ways to do it. It's just a lot of people don't really know how that's done or that it should be done.

Logan: 08:51 Right. It's complicated science and there may have not been any nefarious purpose to begin with, but just ignorance of how these things would actually affect us and now compound that with, as you were saying, the commercialization and revolving door and whatnot that we get to where we find ourselves today.

Brandon: 09:10 Yeah, and a lot of it just comes as opportunity. Microwave ovens, for example, that was really thought of and discovered in a sense to heat food or cook food with going back to the Navy. People on ships would gather around the radar because they'd find that it warmed their body up. They didn't know that they were cooking themselves from that, but what they found was that it heated their body and it stayed warm, so they thought they would hang around this. Then, from that technology spawned microwave ovens and using microwave frequencies and adjusting amplitude to where it would actually superheat food.

5G is another classic example of that type of reincarnation happening again where the 5G, the gigahertz microwave bandwidth was used as weaponry, and then, they found that if they dialed it down and did certain modifications to it, that they could use it for super-high frequency information transmissions.

Yeah, a lot of these things come in one form and then they're evolved to another form to be used for communication purposes.
Logan: 10:11 I want to backtrack a little bit and talk about the FCC. Actually, in the previous episode to this, I discussed the tobacco playbook or the industry playbook, how they manipulate science and much more than that, and we see that this is a really good case in the telecoms industry that we have all this stuff going on in.

The important thing to understand is that the tobacco playbook has evolved since tobacco lost ultimately, right? So, they learned from that. They do all those things and even more, and one of the big things is that seems that these various industries—because this is done in the pharmaceutical industry and this is done in telecoms—that they get greater inroads toward the government, because when you have that kind of united front, then no one can question it.

I feel it's starting to break, and more and more people are recognizing this. The science is so clear that, if you have a cellphone in your pocket, there goes your sperm count and there's massive infertility rising. This is not the only reason, but one of many. So, for a long time, this EMS stuff was regarded as tinfoil hat type of thing, right? But I feel that's starting to break. Once again, it's understanding this tobacco playbook, understanding that the FCC is a captured agency, right? And so, there are all these roads that allow them to continue pushing this thing for the purpose of making more profit off it.

Brandon: 11:37 Yeah, “captured” is a good word, because the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), you expect them to regulate these things, so people assume that they're just automatically regulating and have codes. Common people like you and I, we wouldn't really go in and look at how they go about that, how they operate, how they go about these things regularly. But when you talk about a captured agency, that's really looking at how the FCC lobbies to basically get laws passed in their favor, so that they can keep the whole show going and keep things rolling forward.

Logan: 12:11 You mean that [crosstalk 12:11] lobbies the FCC.

Brandon: 12:14 Yeah, a little dyslexic on that one. But, yes, that's correct. These interest groups end up contributing a lot of money, and they can get congressmen, senators, whoever, to kind of really enable things for them on a kind of political level. Actually, one of the biggest, the Telecommunications Act back in ’96, that was one of the most lobbied bills in history from what I understand. It’s pretty crazy.

Logan: 12:36 Yes. Just seems that the industries themselves often write legislation, and because they're able to drive … really that's like direct cash payments or they have a whole bunch of roundabout ways of doing this, contributing to politicians, able to get passed these laws in Congress, and all kinds of connections that they have.

It's really crazy that this is the kind of next level of marketing like, yeah, you can spread your message out there, but if you can get passed legislation that makes it so you can make a lot more money and keep out competitors, and even control the science along with that, it's impressive. It sucks, but it's impressive.

Brandon: 13:21 Yeah. One egregious aspect of the Telecommunications Act, and not a lot of people know this one either, is that local governments have zero power to deny or regulate the placement of any of these wireless towers based on environmental health concerns or anything. That was written into law based on this act, which is crazy because you see some people who have these things in their backyard and some people start getting these weird physical ailments over time, just having this tower less than a mile away from where they actually live and sleep. It's a very serious thing that needs to be considered.

Logan: 13:55 Yeah. You mentioned a little bit how these EMFs can damage DNA. We made a joke about it. It's not the thermal effect that's causing this, but there's much more. The best theory and evidence I've seen is Dr. Martin Pall, who talked about how these interact with the voltage-gated calcium channels. I know there are a couple of other theories out there, but can you describe in a little more detail how this thing we can't see, this frequency, going in and disrupting our body?

Brandon: 14:25 Sure. Our body, on a very physical level only, we're electromagnetic water machines. Our cells carry a charge. All the processes in our body, hormones, neurotransmitters, all of these things rely on a specific level of voltage.
In healthy humans, we see a very specific voltage range that's considered healthy, around 70 to 90 millivolts, so when people start getting into chronic disease, degenerative disease or just a compromised immune function, they're going to hover in the 15 to 30 range, which is considered really low.

The cellular biology is negatively impacted on various levels, one of them being, as you were mentioning, the voltage-gated calcium channels. These are calcium channels, obviously regulated by electricity—that's what they're called voltage-gated—and they are responsible for releasing specific amounts of calcium to affect things like neurotransmitters and a whole host of physiochemical responses in the body.

What happens is that when you're exposed to RF or radio frequency, it has been shown over and over that your body releases a hundred times the amount of calcium than it normally would. That has downstream physiological effects that lead to really serious chronic diseases, but the immediate effects look like anxiety, depression , compulsive disorders. We're already having certain responses to the dopamine reward system thing that we get with modern technology as far as the apps and the software, and how we interface with technology. But there's a very real neurotransmitter effect just by being exposed to the energy alone, let alone actually participating in “How many likes did I get?” or “How much this?” and always looking at the phone and checking if there's a new email.

There are a lot of them, but on the particular voltage-gated calcium channels, there are many studies that show causality directly correlated with microwave radiation exposure.

Logan: 16:17 And inflammation would be one of those downstream effects, right?

Brandon: 16:20 Of course, yeah, inflammation, a white blood cell response. We've seen in animal studies, in particular, that the white blood cell response is extremely high. The body is producing a lot more white blood cells in response to being around powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation.

When you're out in nature in the backcountry or you're protecting yourself with technology that actually works, what happens is the white blood cells normalize. They come into normal ranges and inflammation markers recede, and also the free radical and products that you see in urine and those types of testing, those also come down.

But there's just so much out there, and I know people get overwhelmed with information and trying to figure out what data is real. There's one guy in particular that has become pretty well-known. His name is Dr. Carlo. You can check this stuff out. You can check out a lot of his studies at Health/Concerns.org.

He was commissioned by the mobile industry to conduct research on these products and he had a study that involved 200 research doctors, and I think it was 15 epidemiological researchers. This was I think in the early-90s. I think it was ’93 to ’99. They spent $28 million and they were researching this stuff for a few years, and found that, especially in children, there was an increased risk concerning tumors and genetic damage.

He was really kind of outspoken because a lot of his information was heavily suppressed by the telecommunications industry back in there, just trying to figure out how dangerous this was actually. A lot of that stuff was pretty suppressed—not uncommon. We see this with vaccines and other things—but, yeah, there's a lot of good information, really good research that people I think need to really do their due diligence research on.

Logan: 18:02 The scientists find information that is not in alignment with the industry, once they have a whole bunch of tactics in which to target and discredit such people. That is part of or many of the different plays in that playbook.

A couple of things that I just want to pinpoint. Our whole Western medicine viewpoint has been focused on the chemical aspect of us and, yeah, that's important. There are hormones, neurotransmitters and all the different things in there, but equally as much, we are electromagnetic beings, so that is an important thing to recognize.

And so, if these EMFs are causing inflammation, we understand inflammation is at the root of virtually every disease there is. You don't need to believe, It specifically causes this thing. Yeah, we see cancer is on the rise and EMF is one of the reasons for that. Autoimmunity is on the rise; EMF is one of the things for that and it's not the only thing.

Again, with that Western medical paradigm, they try to pinpoint things that one cause equals one disease, but, no, not with chronic illness that we're seeing today, which is the really big thing that we have. It's all on the rise because of many things that go together, so it's not so simple. It's complex and we are complex living beings. That's really just how things are, so we have to recognize that, but we can really see it in that simple sort of way, while it may show up as cancer in one person or will show up as an autoimmune disease in another person and a different autoimmunity in another person, by having this kind of background of the EMF pollution that we're in.

Brandon: 19:37 Absolutely. That's well said. There are so many factors and I’d like to remind people that EMF is just part of the environmental aspect. There are other reasons that somebody would be healthy in spite of this EMF pollution that's everywhere. Exercise, breathing properly, healthy diet, structured water, all of these things are part of what makes a person healthy.

Everybody's at different levels of the bell curve and sensitivity. Usually, people that are more immunocompromised in some way, feel the effects of EMF more so than people that are robustly healthy and have just a strong genetic constitution that was passed down from their parents.

Logan: 20:15 Let's discuss that, the term “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or sensitivity, and even the World Health Organization recognizes this as a thing and they label EMF as a probable carcinogen. It would be higher, but the industry has inroads to that organization as well. This has been, once again, one of those things, I would say, tinfoil hat loony. In the show, I don't know if you've seen it or listened to it, Better Call Saul, which was one of the spinoffs from Breaking Bad. One of the characters had this and then they show it’s fake towards one of the seasons in there and I was like, Oh man, and then they went away with it.

But this idea of the bell curve, could you go into more detail on how that's working and why some people are more sensitive than others?

Brandon: 21:03 Definitely, and it's funny because it depends on what year it is actually. At one point, it was a possible human carcinogen and now it’s probable. They changed the language around it.

We’ve grown up in an age where, and I think you and I are probably the last generation that remembers life before the internet, back when we saw pagers were the first thing that came out, and there were actually phones on the street that you could pay for and utilize, and you can't really find those anywhere. Times have just changed so much and we've kind of gotten to this point where we're just inundated with this stuff.

Some people grow up closer to high-power cables or lines, or their nearest cell towers. Some people, because of pollution, because they're not eating well, and maybe they’ve just got bad luck of the draw with parents that didn't take care of themselves, these people will develop kind of an allergy and it's very similar to the nutritional concept of eating the same food over and over.

The body could probably process something like wheat, which causes a lot of allergic reactions to people. A healthy body with a good inner ecology and a good microbiome can actually digest wheat fine. But if somebody is eating that every day for many years of their life, they'll develop an allergy or a response to that gluten.

Likewise, if somebody is really exposed to high levels of EMF and their body's immune system can't really adjust or adapt to it, then it gives people these symptoms like dizziness, heating in the body, actually a physical feeling of being hot, poor memory. Some people have similar to what a lot of people experience in detox reactions or detox symptoms, except it's low grade and it's chronic, so it's happening all the time for them. They're just not feeling at the high-level performances they could with joint pain and inflammation in their body.

Logan: 22:47 I also want to remind people, people who have been listening all along and heard the recent interview with Perry Marshall, where we discussed how genetics really work and the importance of epigenetics. One of the examples he mentioned in there was that smoking in a grandmother would then in the granddaughter, even if they had never met the grandmother, have heightened amounts of asthma and other issues. Similar sort of possibilities exist with the epigenetics around EMF.

Thinking about what you're saying, the internet is relatively new, and I heard someone talking about how these problems started to come about when electricity started to come about. Really, we've been just increasing our usage of technology that may have negative health consequences for a long time and that the effects, and you right now can have effects, down the line that actually exacerbate things, make it worse, so that because we're in this, even though you may never really feel like you're affected, the next generation could possibly be more susceptible because of such links.

Brandon: 23:50 Absolutely. It's no different than how herbs interface with the DNA. You take like herbal extracts; you take foods into your body; everything you're doing and exposed to affect how your mitochondria and DNA change and modulate themselves effectively. It's just something that's really scary to me, especially when you start having this DNA breakage, literal micronuclei just splitting off and trying to reproduce itself.

We already have to deal with telomeres. We already have to deal with making copies of copies of copies, and passing on our genetic material to new cells. This is just a really interesting point in time because, like I said, there's a lot of research and it's just amazing that we haven't really gotten to the point as a collective society to really question what's going on with these telecommunications and how they may be impacting our health.

Logan: 24:39 Yep. Now that we have scared the crap out of you—and, really, I don't want people to go on a spiral of depression. This is the world. This is what's happening—the good news is there are many things you can do, steps you can move in a positive direction, and now we're going to begin to talk about those.

For more information on the subject, you can go to FightEMF.com. That's going to take you to the blue shield website. Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link. If you purchase something there, then that will send some money back to me to help support this show in growing. But understand this, I would never promote something that I did not believe in, and this is some technology, which we're going to talk all about coming up here, that is really helpful and one of many steps. Also, going to be talking about some solutions that can help, that cost nothing, that you can do for free. So, that is what we're going to get into now.

That's all coming up in the next episode, so stay tuned and find out all of the many things, the many possibilities, and why there is hope, when we're talking about EMFs.

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