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In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • The easy rule for what’s poisonous and what’s not (this might sound almost too simple…). (4:10)
  • How the “tobacco playbook” infests science and destroys the lives of millions of people. (11:18)
  • How medical totalitarianism empowers nefarious people and systems to ruin people’s health. (17:35)
  • Why even medical interventions aren’t always safe. (22:39)

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Get to the bottom of what's truly healthy in this crazy complex world so you can take back what is rightfully yours. Welcome to the health sovereign podcast. This is your host Logan Christopher.

00:19 Welcome back. I'm loading CRISPR and this is the health sovereign podcast and today we are covering the final points in the health sovereign creed number 15 and 16 how do you like this creed? Are you going to live by it? Are you going to strive to, it's not as simple like yes or no type thing, but steps along the journey with this two final points today. One somewhat similar as the last one. Then definitely a big stand on the final point. Anyway, let's dive in. Point number 15 I recognize that other large industries have track records of criminal and harmful activity in releasing manmade, dangerous chemicals into the environment. I will aim to educate myself on such actions and reduce the support of such companies for the health of all. So when I'm saying other large industries, so beyond big pharma, we went into that clearly in point number 14 that they have criminal track records of harmful activity.

01:21 But so do so many other big industries doing the same sort of thing. So we all know about tobacco and how it causes lung and other forms of cancer. Right? Everyone knows about this. Everyone is aware that the CEOs of tobacco companies straight up lied under oath saying they were not aware of such effects that they purposefully muddied the scientific waters, hired PR people, did campaigns, formed AstroTurf organizations, did all kinds of stuff in order for the public not to recognize the scientific fact so that they could continue to profit. Everyone knows that. Right. Well recognized. Do you think that is the only industry that has ever occurred in, are you so naive or does it occur in pretty much every single big industry out there? Same sort of tactics sometimes called the big tobacco playbook. The truth is people were doing it before tobacco.

02:27 That's just the well known industry case where it seems so obvious now, but it wasn't necessarily obvious to people back before all of that happened. So we covered some of the stuff regarding the pharmaceutical companies in the previous episode with point number 14 but let's talk about some other people here. Let's take Monsanto for example. One of the least trusted companies out there, well they're not their own company now. They were bought out by Bayer and Bayer is a pharmaceutical company. They have these people operate in the same sort of circles, things that happen. So for a long time lots of people have brought up issues around genetically modified organisms and all the Monsanto scientists and people that they may incentivize and brow say it's completely safe and they'll run trials that show this. But once again, how you set up a study dictates the results you get for large part, not how sound should be done, but how science is being done and with their many pesticides.

03:31 I understand drug companies and chemical companies are largely the same thing. A lot of the stuff comes from the same places. So Monsanto right now they are beginning to lose lawsuits over Roundup and the sex or Bayer who just bought them out. Cause it seems like there could be a whole lot of these, some big ones in news. Just the first couple, but yeah, there's quite a few hundreds more in the pipeline. I do believe so. Losing lawsuits saying the jury is deciding, judges are deciding that their chemicals cause cancer. Now it's mostly in people that are like spraying Roundup and have lots of exposure to it, but if it's poisonous to people it's poisonous to people. Those matters. Sure. But once again, I think we addressed this before, this idea of reductionism with understanding our microbiome, the bacteria and other components of that. All of the original science was saying like, Oh this Roundup, these pesticides do not affect humans, but they affect bacteria and what are we largely made of?

04:40 Oh bacteria, the chicken meat pathway. Certain things that plants have and bacteria have that humans do not have. So they're losing lawsuits over this and I do hope that continues. I do think it will continue. That's one company. Monsanto, let's look at some others. Dupont and three M. Just recently this was on Netflix documentary. I had not really heard much about this case before, but I would recommend watching this. It's called the devil we know and is about DuPont and three M's production and cover up of the harmful effects of Teflon. Yes, the nonstick coating on your pants. Do you still use Teflon? I sure don't because I'm aware of this and now you are about to be as well. How [inaudible] I guess it's fine if it is just being staying on there. But these pants scratch up over time. Little flakes of it getting there.

05:38 What they're seeing in the town where they produced it, because they were just dumping this chemical into the water. That birth defects increased in humans and animals. Lots of farmers lost like their whole flock of animals because of it being in the water supply and they hit this up. They said it was safe. Are you seeing the pattern yet? This is what these sort of companies do. It's unfortunate, and I'm not saying every single company out there does this, but if we look around, wow, so many companies do this. Think you need to understand that this point marketing, so I'm involved in marketing, marketing for my company, legendary strength telling people about fitness stuff. I do marketing and direct response form of it. Same with lost empire herbs, send out lots of emails and information and we have ads running in different places like marketing is not necessarily a bad thing.

06:27 How are you going to get people to find you? The thing is at this higher level what companies seem to do, what industries that taught people do. There's like a different level of marketing where is really about propaganda and controlling the worldview of the masses. This higher order thing, I mean think about say Coca-Cola. Oh we can use them as an example to Coca-Cola, other companies and the whole industry saying that sugar is not a problem. Sugar is not causing obesity. Sugar is not causing diabetes. Really come on and they'll come out with their own science that says, so if you look at, I just saw this recently, the science saying that sugar does not cause ill effects versus science that says the sugar that does cause ill effects. If we look at the industry funding or tie-ins of these different ones, it's almost 90% or over 90% of the stuff that says trigger does not have ill health effects was tied to industry.

07:28 All the science that was not tied to industry, 95% of that said there were negative health effects to it. This is how science actually operates in our world, not how it should not the ideal of science, but how it actually operates in reality. This is what all these big companies, these harmful criminal companies are doing. Also find science should be a crime and with a stiff penalty back to DuPont and 3m and Teflon, so all kinds of birth defects, all kinds of things. They denied it. They said the science was safe. They did all kinds of different things and eventually they were, I think there's multiple cases, but in a big one they had to pay out $671 million. What was very cool was that the people, instead of just taking all that money, even though they had been harmed and deserved it, they took a large chunk of that and did a study showing real good science, showing completely that this was having some devastating effects and that it was just being spread in the environment.

08:32 That's a thing. It'd be nice. Okay. Hef lawn, like if you want to use it, that is your choice, but it's not just about you. You then wash the Teflon pan. Those flakes are going into your pipes and going into the water treatment plants or just getting dumped, who knows exactly where and how all these things get spread out. And of course the company themselves just dumping tons of this, the byproducts of that production everywhere. Ecology, the bigger picture. We have to see this. So if it was just your choice, find, do whatever you want. Unfortunately it's not just you. So we need to be aware of these things. So as I said, we can reduce the support of such companies for the health for all. Yeah. Instead of Teflon pans, get a cast iron pan. Yeah, you may be consuming more iron from doing so, but that's generally not a problem.

09:21 More of a problem for guys and women because women bleed monthly. Guys, you can do what is known as well. You can give blood or there's just the therapeutic phlebotomy, something like that. Forgetting the exact term right now, but just get rid of blood essentially. And we can reduce our iron supply that way. Cast iron overall much safer. Oh, imagine that. Something that has been used for hundreds of years. Sure. They cooked another thing, ceramics and, but iron has been used for a long, long time with not too bad of effects. But we come out with this [inaudible] logical intervention, Hey, things don't stick to it. So it's more convenient. And so much of our technology is about convenience and we find there are worse health effects from doing so. So here's the thing, this chemical specifically in the Teflon called C eight finally DuPont 3m, they said, okay, we're not going to do this, but DuPont, it's like, Nope, we're going to continue.

10:18 I mean, Teflon is still out there, right? We're going to just replace it with this other chemical called gen X. This other chemical probably has just as bad of the effects. We see this in the plastic industry. Everyone is looking for bottles and plastics that say BPA free now, right? This phenol a having some horrible estrogenic, you know, estrogenic effects in the body, horrible, horrible stuff and this was banned from baby bottles and stuff like that. But what is happening, unfortunately in many cases, not all, but in many, they are simply replacing it with BPS or BPF other bisphenols that likely have the exact same type of effects, maybe a little bit better, maybe a little bit worse. Even. This is what these industries do. Track records, look at history, look at many different examples and you can see the bigger picture of what is being done.

11:13 We will be going deeper on these topics. Feel like if everyone understood what is sometimes called the tobacco playbook, tobacco industry playbook, all these different ways that science is misled, that misinformation is purposely spread out there. So you have to understand this, that if people are willing to put profit over people's lives and that is ultimately what it comes down to in this are such people going to have any sort of problem with lying? No, they're not there. You're going to straight up lie to your face lied to in media interviews and PR pieces, all kinds of places. They will lie, lie, lie because well a lot of people at the top of these industries unfortunately seem to be, I can't say for sure but if we look at behavior sociopath's psychopaths, we have this idea of the psychopath is the serial killer who goes and hunts people and sure that seems to be the case once in a while but think about this if you really wanted to cause a lot of harm is killing people one by one.

12:22 The best way to do it if you are in power dynamics, which these people seem to be and money is a good surrogate for that, but you can cause a lot of harm. There might be some sick people that actually enjoy the process knowing what they're doing here. Well, there are better ways to do that. Then being a serial killer or what we commonly think of as a serial killer, but you could look at these industry here. It's people making these decisions. Are they not serial killers? Far more successful than the biggest mass shooters of the mall. It seems to be the case. Once again, I look at all these different industries, see the same tactics, the same strategies being used, often the same PR companies. We can see the connections between these, the people that sit on the board of directors on one pharmaceutical company, maybe on a chemical company over here or a financial company over there.

13:13 See the bigger picture, see the pattern, and you can begin to break free and that's what it comes down to. So I'll aim to educate myself. That's the first basic. Got it. Understand any of this stuff is hard. There's so much stuff going on. Did you know that BPA is on Thermo receipts? So the receipts you get at a checkout, the BPA is on there oftentimes, and it'll just come off into your skin. If you don't know that, you may think it's just paper but it's not, so you need lots of education and that's something I'm hoping to bring you here on the health sovereign podcast. Hope I'm succeeding in that, but many other places as well. Aim to educate myself on such actions and reduce the support of companies for the health of all. It's a hard thing. We can't just kind of off.

13:58 You might be able to like pharmaceuticals. I am committed to not using a single pharmaceutical drug unless it is critically important for myself. Again necessarily make that decision for other people, but that can do that myself. But what about plastics? Right. There's plastic everywhere. You can't get around this world without plastic, but you can certainly reduce your plastic use in the kitchen. I tried to use as little plastics as possible and yeah, you can get BPA free. You can even find some stuff that says all the biz females free, but can you get rid of it completely? You can do things like use glass instead of plastic. Can't get rid of it completely, but aim to reduce. I buy organic food as much as possible everywhere I possibly can. I support the people making the right kind of thing, even if it's industrial organic, and certainly we see some of these tactics and things bled into that.

14:56 So local small farmers tends to be better, but even there this better. So aim to reduce, do the best you can and keep making steps towards doing better and better for your health and for the health of all. Because if almost no one supports pesticide use, those companies are no longer making money, no longer spraying this stuff, and that's one way we can tip the system Fords, greater health, greater life. Point number 16 I recognize that we all must be able to make our own medical choices for ourselves and our families. I will stand up against all medical totalitarianism. There's a reason I end on this point. Ultimately, this is what health sovereignty is about. I control, I make choices about my own health and because my baby, my children, until a certain age cannot make choices for themselves. I along with my wife, we must make choices for our family.

16:03 We are health sovereign, sovereign, right? If we are not able to make these, if the government makes them for us, well that is a slippery slope. You want the government deciding what is right for your health. When we see these kind of behaviors going on with big companies, and this is something I didn't even touch in the creed, the revolving door, how a top CEO or a chief executive of some type or president or whatnot of a company will go and then join the regulatory agency that regulates that company. There's problems here and if this is the kind of government we have going on, cronyism, not just pure capitalism, but cronyism or which fortunately it seems capitalism always descends to do. We trust a government to make choices for us. I wish I could say, yes, our government is amazing, but let me ask, do you trust your government?

16:59 Everything going on in all these other areas. You trust your government, you think they have a right to make medical choices for us, especially here in the so-called land of the free, I mean our founding fathers still flawed people, but Holy crap. The foresight. They had the system they set up. Now that system is being systematically dismantled. People in these industries in related fields are doing a very good job of that, dismantling this system of checks and balances of separation of powers because the founding fathers saw that any power will lead towards totalitarianism and so that's a strong word, medical, totalitarianism. But for a doctor to say that you cannot make this choice regarding your health, I think that is wrong and it doesn't matter what that choice is because it is my choice to make. So examples of this cancer, a child gets cancer and they are saying you have to do conventional Western medical treatment for this cancer to not do so.

18:03 You are endangering that child. We will throw child protective custody at you. We will do all kinds of things because you are not making the right choice. Oh, that is harsh. Like this is bad. Now if your child has cancer and the government is dictating how you treat it, when we can look at cancer treatment and see it's not the best thing in the world, here's the thing. It is not equal because if the people decide to do alternative medical treatment and the child has success, that's great. No one will ever hear the damn word about such things. If they do alternative medical treatment and the child dies, the parents may be sued or thrown in jail for child endangerment, but if the child does conventional treatment and survives, great. Once again, won't hear anything of it. If the child dies, well here, we also will not hear anything of it, but we know chemotherapy and radiation caused cancer themselves.

19:04 You know down the line likely to come back that it can weaken them. Immune system cause other sorts of problems. They may be the most advanced technological medicine that we have that doesn't necessarily make it the best and I am arguing the parents have the right to decide there, but that's the difference between the two. Conventional fails won't hear anything about it. Alternative fails. Oh, that's going to get in the media. Why? Because it plays to the story that they want to tell that this stuff is wrong, that it's hogwash and you will be punished if you fail. You may think that's conspiracy, but no, once again, we can see this play out. So here's the thing, I'm going to flip this. Parents feeding their baby a vegan or restricted diet. I do not agree with this. I do not think it is right, not scientifically, but naturally just going back in time.

20:02 Nature, the statistical significance of nature. There is no such thing as a vegan. People that has survived long term. People are experimenting with it now. Good luck to them. Vegetarians, they have done that like in India, but they used animal products. So feeding a baby vegan food and exclusively vegan food, even without mother's milk, then they're going to be lacking in certain nutrients. But and this is hard to say, should the government be able to step in and do that? But here's a thing that kind of a dichotomy here too. Oh, you can feel feed your baby food full of chemicals, but you can't try to be healthier and feed them vegan food. You can do all kinds of different crap to your baby as long as it is within the conventional worldview. But you can't do this experiment once again, don't believe babies should be vegan at all.

20:56 If you want to do that as an adult, all the more power to you and I think a lot of vegans are going to be far healthier than standard American diet or standard worldwide diet. Now fast food and all that crap. Absolutely though I think they a more ideal diet once again because of looking in the past, I think when the best works on nutrition is Western aid prices, nutrition and physical degeneration because he looked at all these people across the world and they had all kinds of diets but some commonalities. Those all natural food, minimally processed, but they all had some sort of animal products in them. Whether this was dairy and certain European cultures, all kinds of different meats, seafood, all kinds of different things. No one was vegan, so it is a bit of an experiment. But should the government be allowed to say, you cannot do this because say maybe they don't make it illegal, but then like in Belgium there with the case of this, they, and it was like worse than vegan.

21:52 That's super restricted, but this is the media saying it. So one sided story for sure. Yeah, they convicted the parents of child abuse or neglect or something along those lines for it. So maybe that should be on the table, but I don't think you should have your kid taken away if you don't want to do chemo. And there's another area where this medical totalitarianism is coming up becoming a much bigger thing. And here's the thing. I'm not even supposed to talk about this subject. You're going to have to read between the lines because I'm not yet ready to talk about this subject for these very reasons but thing where it government and saying in insane, you have to do this highly technological intervention because it is completely safe and effective. What have I said before? These interventions tend not to be as safe as they say and tend to be not as effective as they say.

22:45 But I'm not allowed to talk about this because I am deemed to spread misinformation. Should I even mention stuff that's even on government websites. It's all lumped in together. This is how you control the worldview. So this is why I stand up against medical totalitarianism. This is part of the reason why I titled this podcast, the health sovereign podcast. We need the education. We need to become aware of what is going on. Not just like, Oh, you should take this B vitamin simple stuff like that. We need the bigger picture for us to truly be sovereign in our health because the worldview is closing down in on around us. We have this amazing tool of the internet, but we're seeing censorship spread across big platforms available online. So where's the world going? Well, these people, top of industries, right? There's smart people, very smart people.

23:40 They may be sociopathic, but they certainly seem to be intelligent and able to think far ahead in the future. So where is the future going? It's going towards more of the government deciding what is right for you, your body, your health, your children's health. That is where we are going in the future. Unless people wake up and begin to make these decisions themselves and stop the things that are happening that allow them to take such measures that unfortunately is the way the world is working right now, but I do have hope. I am optimistic, you know, going through some of this information. Definitely do get pessimistic from time to time and there's good reason to believe like, Oh crap, we are in for it, but at the same time can easily flip to optimism. Ultimately you do have the power of yourself if you do have the responsibility yourself and by listening to things such as this, listening to the many great guests I've just started to have on, but so many more coming, I think we can really get to a better place of understanding health, of understanding sovereignty and taking that not just in health but really everywhere because the bigger picture of health is much bigger than just having to do with your own personal health.

25:00 That is what it comes down to. Once again, that is the health and sovereign creed that's over@healthsovereign.com if you want to download a copy of yourself. Here's the thing about the creed. I would love to hear your feedback. I feel this is long winded. It's been a fun exercise, especially recording these episodes, not just reading it in the first place, but I feel it can be distilled down to a smaller essence and really to get to a place where people might want to sign it or agree to it and really build a movement around this. So I always figured with this first version, just going to brain dump, put it out there, see how it goes, but I would love to hear your feedback. Are you all for it or are some of these points like too crazy for you? I want to hear your thoughts.

25:43 You can email me at Logan at lost empire. Herbs.Com you can leave comments on the health, sovereign.com website, all kinds of other places. And once again, iTunes reviews really helps out spreads this message to more people. And with sovereignty we need a collective of sovereign individuals to really start transforming things for health and otherwise. I hope you've enjoyed this. Thank you so much for listening and please head on over to lost empire, herbs.com a lot more information there. Even around a lot of these topics is, I've been writing about it for awhile, but a lot of information on herbs. I do think urbalism has always been the people's medicine. They took that away from us to the point where people don't even recognize herbs anymore. That's a weird word. They don't know how to use these things. They know nothing about it. They were successful in doing this.

26:34 Even though I hate the things they don't. I do give some respect for how they have controlled this system to some degree. It's kind of on inspiring to be honest, but we can take it back and I think urbalism is a great way to do so. Learn how you can work on little things yourself, improve your performance through the use of herbs. We have good supply there, few different great herbs available. There's much more out there, but it's a good place to get started with to check it out. That's lost empire herbs.com thank you. And I'll be back next week.

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