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In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell shares tips and insights that you can use to hone your brain towards success. Understand the need and identify your action steps!

Here are the show highlights of How to Make Your Brain More Dominant:

  • To be a great student (2:05)
  • Your brain’s CEO (3:48)
  • The stages of learning (5:46)
  • Why copy a writing in cursive (8:17)
  • Your brain needs breaks (10:04)
  • Having mentors and coaches (13:43)
  • Continuous planning (14:55)
  • Why people remain average (18:28)
  • Making a mistake (19:16)
  • Hard work and daily practice (20:22)

To Be a Great Student

It’s critical to know how to learn and be a great student. You can learn from anyone—mistakes, coaches, experiences, mentors, peers.

“Empty your cup every day. Otherwise, it’s full and you can’t put anything else new into it.” -Kyle Newell

Growing up, Kyle was never a great student. He was not someone who was into classroom learning. For him, education comes mostly from the lessons learned outside of school.

Your Brain’s CEO

You are in-charge of your brain. As Kyle discusses, lessons do not simply transmute into your brain. You need to command, set, grow, and help it move forward.

A speaker once said that you’ll be among the lead experts in your field if you read an hour a day for 5 years. You need to learn constantly.

Everytime he tries to learn something, Kyle warms up his brain. He’d go on a trampoline and do recall games. Afterwards, he’d proceed to his hammer drills (refer to episode 33).

The Stages of Learning

There are basically four stages of learning. The first is pass learning, where you simply learn something by going through it. Next is competency, where you become comfortable.

Third is fluency, where things become easy as a result of hard work. The last stage is mastery, which requires at least 10,000 hours to achieve.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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