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If you’ve ever struggled to make paid traffic work for you, your mindset might be at fault.

In this episode, you learn about the two mindsets marketers approach paid traffic strategies with.

Find out which mindset will make you lose your money—and which mindset to adopt to make your ads pay their cost two, four or ten times over.

Show highlights include:

– How “The Gambling Mentality” ruins your paid traffic efforts (6:15)
– Why paid traffic is like a casino if approached with the wrong mindset (Hint: The house always wins…) (8:10)
– How to make your money work for you by thinking about cold traffic like an investor (starts at 9:45)
– The difference between an informed paid traffic strategy… and an irrational one (10:55)
– How long to wait until your paid traffic makes money (it doesn’t happen overnight… ) (starts at 12:25)
– The heartbreaking results of the “get rich quick” mindsets—and which mindset to adopt in place of it (14:35)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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