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On today’s episode, James Newberry features Copy Advice from Denny Hatch and Drayton Bird. Denny is the author of Million Dollar Mailing, and is the Founder of Who’s Mailing What. Drayton, on the other hand, is the author of Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing. Tune in!

Two Approaches in Using Carriers

There are 2 different approaches in using carrier envelopes. One is to make it look personal, while the other is to simply make it intriguing. Along with these approaches is a debate between copywriters Gary Halbert and Bill Jayme.

“Your outer envelope is where your prospect decides whether to stop, look, and listen.” -Bill Jayme

Pile A letters like those from the IRS and commodity bills are typically read as a priority. Gary believes that carriers should be crafted the same way. But, Bill Jayme disagrees with it and believes it misleading.

A Thoughtful Consideration

In light of the debate, James recalls the project he had for the grand opening of the Battle of Gettysburg museum. They had their carrier looked special, and it made sense as an invitation.

There was another project that he did with the same client. They used a window envelope with a big magnet. For those, he sees it interesting to consider carrier envelopes carefully.

Copy Tricks and Techniques

As a highlight of this episode, you’ll hear about the tricks and techniques that make people continue reading a copy. The idea comes from Rudolph Flesch, a readability expert and writing consultant.

According to him, the first trick is to create sense with as little as 8 words. 16 words is the average length, while 32 words is already too long to read. He also advises to use short paragraphs.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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