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On today’s episode, James Newberry interviews Richard Armstrong: Legendary Copywriter, Speechwriter and Author. He successfully transitioned from being a fundraising copywriter to being a commercial copywriter. Tune in as he shares his experiences and insights, and learn where you can receive a free copy of his book!

A Lucrative Career

Richard has had a lot of jobs, but found copywriting as the most lucrative. It pays well consistently. According to him, a writer can make a living out of it.

He has worked in commercial writing. He enjoyed speech writing as well. There are lots of things he likes about it but it still does not pay as much.

Speech Writing vs Copywriting

Richard has worked for awhile as a speechwriter. He directed much of his efforts on it in the 80s, but the flat fees are lower compared to copywriting.

A top speechwriter would get paid for $5,000 to $10,000. A top direct mail copywriter, on the other hand, would get paid more than that.

Advice to the Aspiring Copywriters

His book, My First 40 Years in Junk Mail, is witty and easy to read. Richard started in the RMC Mail Room. He advises aspiring copywriters to first get a job as a sales person.

According to him, the worst sales job gives the better learning experience. He further encourages aspirants to experience having a door slammed on their face from time to time, learn what it takes to start a conversation, and learn the areas of resistance. Most of all, they should also learn how to close a sale.

Download and listen to Richard Armstrong: Legendary Copywriter, Speechwriter & Author. Visit freesamplebook.com to get your copy of Richard’s My First 40 Years in Junk Mail.

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