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In today’s show, Jim talks about how the majority of people in the world today are so connected, they’ve become disconnected. When the Iphone was launched on June 29th 2007, the whole world changed.

It's now possible to do anything from your phone. Whether it's planning your week using a built in calendar, scheduling meetings or instantly connecting with people via social media. The phone has made this all possible.

The only problem is, most people have gone so deep down this rabbit hole, they now rely on their phone to live. Its their digital leash. Jim compares people to Pavlov’s Dog and how, when people receive a notification, they start ‘panting’. When you’re glued to your phone, whether it's negotiating around the kitchen table, in a business meeting or during your precious family time, the phone puts a stop to you enjoying what's really important. The beauty of the present moment in the now.

Imagine what you could do if you turned off your phone?

Jim dives deep into the benefits of having your phone on silent so you’re able to be present and enjoy the moment. Listen to this insightful episode to learn how you can massively improve the quality of your life by making a few key changes.

Today's Question: How would your relationship change if you turned off the ringer on your cell phone?

Challenge Today: Turn off the ringer and vibrate function on your cell phone.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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