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Get ready, because today Joshua and Jeremy are talking all about the smarts of investing—making sure your money works hard for you. They are sharing top tips and asking those big questions that can save you from losing out on your cash.

Think of it like a treasure map. The MathisTwins will highlight the danger zones and show you the paths to potential goldmines. If you're into making smart moves with your money or just curious about how it's done, you won’t want to miss out on this episode.

Let's get going!

Show Highlights:
●Does the business you want to invest in have a team? [00:04:10]
●Why business-model clarity is key to a potential investor. [00:07:00]
●If you're cash-rich, time-poor, ask this critical question. [00:08:15]
●What is TAM, and why should you study it? [00:10:11]
●Why a company’s life stage informs you on risk. [00:13:34]
●Opportunity cost explained. [00:18:18]
●Discover the power of network effects. [00:19:15]
●Dive into the important topic of profit margins. [00:21:12]
●Explore the risks of platform-dependent investments. [00:23:54]
●A cautionary tip on FOMO and your last remaining funds. [00:28:11]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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