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Welcome back to the Expose and Expand Podcast, where the MathisTwins reveal the secrets to scaling your business with smart hiring strategies. In this episode, we're breaking down the interview process, emphasizing the significance of a mutual fit, and providing you with a blueprint for onboarding that ensures your new hires hit the ground running.

Alongside storytelling from their own business journeys, they will provide tips that help you avoid the high costs of poor hiring decisions and guide you on when to say ‘yes' to bringing on new talent.

Get set to transform your hiring into your most powerful tool for success without delay.

Show Highlights:

  • What are the costs of a wrong hire? [01:00]
  • Learn the secrets to hiring and watch your business soar. [03:18]
  • Discover how delayed hiring and inadequate training can lead to chaos. [07:47]
  • Want to save money on recruiting expenses? [14:08]
  • Discover how to create a repeatable hiring process. [18:35]
  • The importance of a growth chart. [23:19]
  • Get ready to tailor your interview questions for success. [26:34]
  • How often should you review new hires? [32:14]
  • Are the long-term promises going to help? [35:19]
  • The importance of offering your employees benefits. [37:06]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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