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A business partnership can either unlock the biggest boom for your business and wealth… Or become a soul-sucking monster that sabotages your business, family, and livelihood.

In fact, when we started our business, we almost crippled our entire livelihood.


Well, there were several struggles we had to overcome that threatened our partnership, our business, and our family. But we made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

In today’s show, you’ll hear the story of how our business partnership almost ended, how we bounced back from almost breaking up, and key ingredients you need to have a successful partnership.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Why deeply understanding your business partner like they were your sibling prevents business-killing partnership mistakes (4:12)
  • How ego sabotages your financial freedom and health (and how to catch it before it devours everything you love) (7:30)
  • The “Mr. Big Chest” trap you and your business partners can trip into when you sniff success (and why it dooms you to failure) (9:34)
  • The “VIA” secret for building a multimillion dollar partnership—without risking your business, bank account, or livelihood (12:04)
  • How “double work” eats your time, energy, and money in a partnership (and the “RR” method to avoid this) (14:27)
  • Why ignoring your weaknesses pours gasoline on your growth in your partnership (18:38)
  • How spending a day doing this mundane and boring task will take your business to the next level of making money (22:31)
  • The weird way who your business partner sleeps with at night can either positively or negatively affect your business (23:42)
  • Why the “leave it in the office” mindset tweak can save your business, marriage, and family life (26:12)
  • How a “Partnership Prenup” protects your business and partnership when things go sideways (35:24)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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