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Meet Josh.

Josh (not real name) is a VIP client of mine.

He's been struggling with internet marketing programs for years.

And now that he finally found me, he pulled no punches.

He went through the list building training I gave him, set up his Aweber list and his email follow up.

Next step – traffic.

When he was ready, Josh nodded his head letting me know I can hit the big red traffic button.

And so I did.

I flooded Josh's Aweber with new leads.

In fact, his list grew so fast, Aweber got spooked and shut down his account.

No warning.

No 2nd chances.

No explanations.

Thousands of leads gone.

All the time and money Josh invested in building his list wasted.

The night it happened, I must've gotten like 30 texts from Josh.

He didn't know how to deal with losing his list overnight like that.

Fortunately for him – I do.

Because it happened to me many times.

In fact, anyone who ever built a list had this happen to them at least once.

And in today's episode you'll discover what you should and shouldn't do when your autoresponder gives you the boot.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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