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Most companies treat customer service like a necessary evil, and it shows.

They staff their help department offshore. With people who use fake names, can barely speak your language, and give canned responses to your problems.

Or the support team is so restricted in what they can say you feel like you’re chatting with a robot. And sometimes you are! Why should you have to type “human” over and over before you get help from an actual human?!

But you can leverage customer service into a powerful asset–a tool that produces happier customers and a better company culture. You might even find a gem in your customer service staff who you can promote to greater responsibility. Somebody who will give more to your company than any dot-com job site candidate ever will.

In this episode, BerserkerMail co-founder Troy Broussard explains how and why world-class customer service is the golden goose to fuel business’ growth. And he’ll show you how to use the same principles to help your business, no matter what you sell.

Listen now.

Here are some highlights:

  • The “hiding-in-plain-sight” place to grow your business. An afterthought for most companies, and the reason they die young. (1:49)
  • Why staffing your help desk with paying customers produces better answers to support tickets, and the human touch AI can’t match. (2:50).
  • How to build a company culture that creates employees so loyal they’ll tattoo your logo on themselves–voluntarily, and without being asked. (6:15)
  • The “bank manager test” so you never hire the wrong person for a job. Save your team, your customers, and your bottom line from endless headaches. (8:30)
  • You’ll never have a breakthrough if you think like everybody else in your industry. How to introduce contrarian thinking into your work so you can separate yourself from the pack. (13:00)
  • Uncensored look at the gut-wrenching reality of building a funnel, and why great customer service attracts better customers without the nausea of “funnel fever.” (14:00)
  • Why growing a software business too fast will put you out of business. (17:13)
  • An “audacious” formula that flips rude clients into raving fans. (17:53)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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