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Conversations are one of the post powerful ways we communicate as human beings. They’ve got a powerful way of ‘drawing us in’ , eager to hear more.  Podcasting is the digital platform built on the power of conversations and stories.

Whether you’re travelling to work, relaxing in the bath, cooking or walking the dog – there’s a podcast for that.

In today's Death, Glory Or Disappointment episode, the beast comes out of hibernation to share with you why podcasting is such a powerful medium in today’s digital age and how you can get started on a shoestring budget.

Here’s Some Of The Highlights:

  • Why and how Dan got into podcasting in the first place (2:50)
  • Should you really start your own podcast? (6:00)
  • How to start a podcast with (almost) no budget (9:30)
  • The top payoffs to having your own podcast show (11:20)


Podcasting is a phenomenal way of sharing your expertise in your industry. They allow you to inject enthusiasm and an air of authority to your message which can often be missing in the written word.  


Hearing the voice of a podcast presenter on a regular basis gives the audience a stronger connection as against simply reading information from a web page. Especially when you’ve got ‘The Bearded Beast’ sharing nuggets of wisdom like he does in today’s show.


Think you need thousands of dollars worth of equipment and your own state of the art recording studio to get started in podcasting? Think again. A wifi connection, a microphone and a clear message is all you need to get yourself started.

Strap yourself in for another insightful episode of Death, Glory Or Disappointment.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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