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That’s right.

The title of Dan’s favorite book is the topic of today’s show.


Because when everyone seems to be living the “zero fucks given” philosophy right now… Dan learned there is a subtle (and controversial) *thing* going on underneath that most people seem to be missing.

For example:

– Why when people say “I don’t give a fuck” it’s usually a lie.

– How to become immune to negative opinions if you’re a massive people pleaser.

– Discover what Dan does to people who constantly drag him down and are negative just for the sake of it. (Besides eating them for breakfast… )

– The Dan Kennedy “Three-Day Rule” you can use to stop other people from controlling how you feel.

– The way Mr. Meredith transitioned from being terrified of people’s opinions to not giving a fuck anymore.

– Three times the “Zero Fucks Given” philosophy shouldn’t be used

– How to tell the difference between people that only want to hold you back and stop you from growing, and those that genuinely have your best interest in mind.
So yeah… lot’s of cool stuff going on inside.

If you want to understand the important but elusive difference between not caring and not giving a fuck (and how to apply it to your life) then there’s only one thing you need to do…

Put your headphones on and jump right in!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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