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Or as Dan puts it, “consistency is the tits!”

And yet, you won’t often hear people talk about it for two simple reasons: It’s unsexy and it’s boring.

But guess what?

If you apply it the way Dan tells you to, it can give you freedom AND results.

Show nuggets you can’t miss:

– A “cheeky” little question that puts Dan on the spot right from the start.

– What are “Themed Days” and how they bring more consistency into Dan’s life. (If you’re anti-structure and a free spirit this could work for you better than anything else!)

– Something cool Dan designed to help you get shit done and eliminate monstrous To-Do lists from your life forever.

– The only reason that’s keeping most people from achieving the success they crave so much and it’s the same reason why Dan will out-live almost everyone. (And you don’t need any special talent for it.)

– Does structure have to feel like prison? Not if you’re doing it Dan’s Way!

– Hear the most unsexy coaching package that will outperform any other “30 Days To X” out there. (Dan swears by it.)

Plus, can you guess why Jonathan doesn’t believe he’s talking to the same Dan from few months ago?

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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