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The journey of Entrepreneurship is a hard one, when starting out, you wear all the hats in your business, you alone are:

CEO, CFO, HR, Customer support, Tech support, as you can imagine it can get pretty overwhelming pretty damn quick. That is why this week I want to talk to you about building teams..

Not JUST a team, but a team that is super productive and Loyal team.

A team that will allow you to Travel the world and grow your business
A team that will drastically reduce your workload
A team that will allow you to focus on Growing your business.

If you are currently struggling and wearing all the Hats in your business, then you want to listen to this weeks episode


Myself and producer extraordinaire Jonathan Rivera talk about

– Ways to build a loyal and awesome team
– Digging in and finding out the right qualities of people for your team
– Train People who have a moderate degree of aptitude
– See if they are as driven and as willing to put the effort in as you are
– Have a team of congruent personality types to support you
– Treat them well as they become an integral part of your team
– Don’t build a team of you’s.
– How to handle staff members who wants to leave and move forward

Listen to the podcast here.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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