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So I recently spent a month in Cyprus with my REALLY good friend Justin Devonshire(I mean friends in real life not that met him at a seminar one time friendship that is prevalent in in the industry) anyway i digress…

I had my number 2 out there with me to help with a small mastermind I was running, and after the master mind we went to the blue lagoon and everyone was jumping in the water, and my number 2 bless him can’t swim.

So he gets kitted out in the orange floaty vest as was told to go ahead and jump, for someone who has never been in the ocean off he went with no sign of fear or trepidation.

He went on to swim about 150 meters to the shore(assisted by the orange floaty thing) and that got me thinking about how most people who are unable to swim would NEVER have done that, and here is this plum never been in the ocean, and he hangs around the shallow end of the pool just jumping in.

Business & Entrepreneurship is like that, you have to go all in or balls deeps as I like to say, there is no guarantee and if you are looking for a guarantee, you should DEFINITELY listen to todays episode…

Which brings me to todays episode

This week's podcast is about the different shades of fear

Myself and producer extraordinaire Jonathan Rivera talk about

– How “What ifs” can absolutely rule your life

– The key for overcoming fears or obstacles in your life

– The fear of what is going to happen is virtually never, ever, ever, ever as bad as what actually happens

– Talking to people will help you realize if that fear is just in your own head.

– Action is some of the best things you can do to help you forget the negative stuff

– Think of what can you positively influence now

– Recognize where you’re at and then leave a little bit of space between making any decisions or choices

– Help someone who’s in that zone of fear

Listen to the podcast here.

Toodle Pip

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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