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Typical Gansta, Typical G or words to that effect.

The above a line for Kano What’s that you don’t know him? Tut tut tut, better go learn some but after reading this email


Howdy all,

The above was stirred in my memory because before getting on the Podcast with producer Magnefique(I thought i should mix up the vernacular, I have extraordinaire like 3 weeks in a row).

We got to talking a little about my now infamous Pyjama days.

It’s the day when I take time for me, clients are made aware that for that day I will be unreachable, The team know what to do by now so I just let them know that I am going incognito, and everything gets handled in my absence.

The point of saying the above is not to brag how AWESOME my setup is, but rather to let you know that it is okay to take some time for you.

I will repeat.

It is OKAY to take some time for you.

In times gone past, I would feel so GUILTY when i took the time off thinking everything was going to fall apart, and I would not have a business anymore, when the opposite of that is true.

Taking me time will actually allow you

Serve clients better

Do better work

Don’t believe me? How about you try it and then if it doesn’t work come back and let me know how it doesn’t work….don’t worry i’ll wait.

When you are done taking time for yourself, come back and get a load of this weeks podcast, This week's podcast is about How a drunken conversation led to probably the biggest thing I have done in my short entrepreneurial career thus far.

Myself and producer magnefigue Jonathan Rivera talk about:

– The Big Announcement and that came about

– Some details about about THE  Event and his core audiences

Giving it a Punt! (Don’t Think, Just Do It)

– Do not be attached to an outcome

– See logical connections by tuning into success, opportunities and to business

– Clear your RAM and let the day take the flow by itself

– Stop being a fanny

– Having a time served mentality

– Have a background of doing stuff until it becomes easier before selling it

Listen to the podcast here.

Toodle Pip

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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