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I am sure you have come across this in your own Entrepreneurial journey, People
don't get you, they think you are weird because you don't get excited by
living for the weekend, or when you don't socialise because you are “working”
my thinking is forget those people. You will stun them with your success.


This week's podcast is about being yourself & Embracing being a weirdo(Dan's Point of View)

In addition to talking about my mistake in the early days of my facebook adventures, some of
the things myself and producer extraordinaire talk

Why being yourself is the BEST thing you can do for you & your business

Why you don't need Anyone's permission to start being you

Why being you will endear people to you

Being you leads to polarization…this is good for you & business

A Couple Parting thoughts:

This is something that everyone struggles with, when they get started with this journey, the faster
you realise that being you is the only way you can be have all the success and monies, the faster
you will start to see success.

Being you is so much more fun, why would you want to be someone else?

BESIDES everyone else is already taken, so you have to be yourself

Listen to the podcast here.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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