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Here are the highlights of Copy Chief Radio Clarity: 3 Things That Must happen Before You Must Sell a Thing (pt1) if you are in a hurry:

  • The importance of feedback (3:40 mark)
  • Turning clarity into a benefit (7:50 mark)
  • How clarity is like your favorite joke (8:18 mark)
  • What are the signs you don’t have clarity (9:40 mark)
  • Looking forward to pt. 2 of the series (20:38 mark)

After a decade of writing sales campaigns and creating over 100 million in sales, Kevin has seen what works and what doesn’t work.

The number one thing is clarity.

Determine what the offer is, who you are, why people should buy from you and where this fits into the big picture of everything you are doing.

Is your product made to be a perfect introduction to how people can work with you or are you just wanting to get some offer out there and figure out all of the moving parts and how it will work.

You must decide in advance what the purpose of the offer is and how it will serve your business in the big picture.

Clarify with Feedback

Kevin has experience helping others but when it comes to deciding for your own stuff it is so difficult to be sure. He has made offers that received the response of crickets. Seek the input of minds that you trust. Get constructive criticism of what is unclear and how does it actually work or provide access to you. Clarify what was unclear and that will make all the difference in how people respond to your offer.

Turn Mistakes into Lessons

Everyone should have a close relationship with their email lists. If you send out stuff that is wobbly and not followed up on. People will begin to wonder if you really know what you are doing. You can either ignore that offer, which you can get away with a couple of times or turn it into a lesson. If you make a mistake, call yourself out and present it as a great example of how even an expert can screw it up.

“Why should prospects buy your offer when others have a similar product?”

Promoting Your Offer

You want people who will promote your stuff with their own words. And often people will ask you to come on their podcast and talk about this offer or could we have a webinar on your offer.

Having clarity on your offer really helps in those scenarios because you can take any question that comes along and turn it into a benefit.

When you really know your subject and you really know your topic, that’s the point where you can explain it the most simply and make the most impact.

Hone Your Offer Like Your Favorite Joke

You have to get the clunky versions of your offer out of the way.  It’s like your favorite joke. The first time you tell it is not going to be the best time you tell it because you are trying to remember it but the fifth time you tell it it’s really going to kill it. You have changed it up or expanded on certain parts or words and it’s the best version of a joke you have. It’s like your offer, you have to get the clunky versions out of the way and hone it to get clarity.

Clarity on a Psychological Level

When you have your business, your offer or a piece of copy you are writing, you wake up energized. Those are the days you jump out of bed because of clarity. You see real progress towards growing your income and you know that there is money at the end of this journey.

When you don’t have that clarity, that is when doubt and confusion begin to fester in the back of your mind. You feel jealous and bitter about other people’s success and negativity sets in. That’s a great sign that you need to get some clarity.

It’s the same in personal life. You can only present so many big ideas that don’t pan out before your partner begins to question you.  There’s a very common theme in friends who have gotten divorced.

They got married full of ambition and big ideas and because they are creative people and entrepreneurs or “Super Cows”. They have a bladder full of great ideas but no one is there to milk them. No follow-through with ideas. The question of why are they not producing anything creeps in.

Part 2 of the series is going to be all about identity and who are you to the marketplace and why should people buy from you.

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