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On today's “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

* A secret negotiation trick that instantly turns the tables in your favor during ANY negotiation.

* How to screw with a crooked car salesman's head.

* Why the idea of a “soul mate” is a total lie & scam.

* A word-for-word online dating ad for women to swipe that will get them far higher quality men than the typical chick's ad. (This ad was so good, even married Producer Jonathan perked up and got excited by it — plus, it's also a great example of persuasion you can use in any kind of ad.)

* How to “train” your brain to bang out profitable emails at will.

* How to give “depth” to your emails. (So they instantly stand out.)

* How to educate someone into wanting what you sell. (Not recommended, though — as it can take literally a decade or more, it's must easier to do what we reveal on this episode to make lots of sales, instead.)

* How to position yourself as the “philosopher” of your niche.

* Why doing housework will NOT get a man more sex.

* What a woman should do if she wants a high quality guy looking for reasons to like her, instead of looking for reasons to disqualify her. (Works for selling any other kind of product or service, too.)

* Why high email open & clickthru rates can mean LOWER sales.

* How to use email to attract the best joint venture partners.

* Why I rarely track email open rates.

* How to be a social media troll (if you must troll, do it this way.)

* How to get a man to stop complaining. (Just hand them this…)

* How to profit from mocking haters.

Plus, we have some fun with a Twitter drama queen dissecting something stoopid she said, and a merry time was had by all…

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Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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