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On today's “Ben Settle Show” we pontificate about:

* How to make an “air tight” case to persuade people to buy products and services they  normally wouldn't even look at.

* How one of the world's top sales trainers spins his product's flaws into reasons to buy.

* Little-known ways how anorexia SAVES lives (yes, “seriously”).

* Why people who “troll” message boards, review sites and blogs can't get chicks.

* 4 free (and proven) ways to build your list if you're a rank marketing noob fresh off the turnip truck.

* Are business degrees really as worthless as the paper they're printed on to online marketers? (Producer Jonathan and I weigh in
with our humble — but accurate — opinions on the matter.)

* How to avoid getting “man boobs.”

* How to scare away trolls, complainers and “butt hurt” people who waste your time and energy.

* Why so many low class jackass cheapskate clients have such unusually big egos, and how to bring them down to earth when dealing with them.

* How to profit from 1-star Kindle & iTunes reviews.

* The perfect teacher to follow if you're a newbie who wants to build a hyper responsive list without spending any money.

* A secret way to “barter” for website traffic.

* The best free lead generation method ever invented? (You won't get the most leads from doing this, but the few you do get will be extremely qualified and, in many cases, ready to buy.)

* A Biblical case for mocking your enemies in your emails.

* How to “trick” your haters into writing your content.

* A lotza mo' to chew on…

Listen in here:

Ben Settle


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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