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You probably know the situation: You know exactly where the ball needs to land so you can golf par. You get ready, take your swing–and miss your target.
It’s embarrassing in front of your friends. But more importantly, it makes you wonder why you’re not playing the golf you’re capable of.… READ MORE

When you walk up to the tee, what do you feel? For many golfers, the answer is pressure. They think about all the things they have to do, their movements, their swing and how far away the hole is.
But all that creates pressure.… READ MORE

If you want to consistently break 90, you’ve probably tried a number of different things. There’s blog articles, courses, coaching and more.
While some of those are great, most have one big problem: They focus on improving your swing to help you break 90.… READ MORE

If you’re anything like most passionate golfers, you first got into the game because you love watching your progress, perfecting your swing and hanging out with your friends at the club.
But for many golfers, the sport eventually becomes a chore.… READ MORE

If you love the game of golf, you can probably imagine how your friends would look at you if you started breaking 90 consistently. Maybe you even know a golfer at that skill level and see how the rest of the club looks at him.… READ MORE

With over 16,000 lessons taught to over 2000 golfers, Brad Thorberg, CEO of Faith N Fairways, guides the average golfer who’s frustrated with their inconsistent and unreliable results through a simple plan.… READ MORE

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