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In light of widespread panic over recent events, many people are looking for answers on how to deal with difficult times. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can bring light to the world in a dark time, and they begin with shifting your mindset on what reality truly is.

In this episode, Ray and Dr Kirby Hotchner discuss the importance of vision, why forgiveness is essential, and spiritual practices to help calm and refocus your mind.

Show Highlights Include:

  • The life-changing difference between vision and sight (1:32)
  • Why everything you’ve been taught about loss and gain is a lie (2:50)
  • The most important act you can commit for yourself and others (5:56)
  • This powerful transformation can only come through forgiveness (8:27)
  • Why loving your neighbor is essential to your own well-being (9:15)
  • The easy way to begin a meditation practice, even if you’ve failed in the past (12:39)
  • How to use the “one monkey effect” to change the world (15:15)
  • Why science and spirituality must be connected to function properly (18:20)
  • How to surrender to God without abandoning your responsibilities (21:23)

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So forgiveness is practicing, seeing through appearances and seeing this is your only reality and nothing else ever took place and nothing else is real. So rest is a perception or dream or a judgment.

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(00:46): All right, so we're back with part two with Kirby Hotchner at the amazing One and only Kirby Hotchner I hope you guys truly enjoy us and we'll continue our conversation from the first part. And our goal is that by now you guys have started to meditate, started to implement some of these things and see a dramatic shift into the way you're actually being and functioning to the world. We love you. Thank you. Hope you enjoy part two with the one only Kirby Hotchner. I love it cause what you're talking about is something I've kind of came to know is that you're talking about following a vision versus just following site. Right side is what you have in the third dimension. Right out of your eyes. The vision vision comes from a higher purpose, right? From, from a right.

(01:27): You're right, the inner eyes opened with vision not at the Escalade. Right, exactly.

(01:32): And that's the one that really, that really you want to see through anyway. One of the things you said earlier, one of the things that I've been kind of like want to get some awareness around is you said this thing of like, you know exterior wealth, like it's born in time. Whatever's born in time also dies in time. Talk a little bit about that and, and this idea that lost and gained is an illusion. I'm still looking to understand that at a core, whole level, but this idea of loss and gain, like people actually feel including myself at times that Hey, yeah, you've actually lost on them. But the truth is if all events are neutral and they are, it's just an illusion that you think you've lost something. Well, help me understand that. Help our listeners understand that please.

(02:09): Is that the same? Don't lay your treasures were Moss and must can touch him, which means in the external world, right? Cause the infinite treasure we have, the infinite abundance of the kingdom of God is within and our consciousness, right? And nothing can touch that. And that's the only thing, by the way, and we're going to take with us. It's our consciousness. You're not going to take anything else with you at your clothes, not your car at your body, nothing. You're going to take your conscious with you. So later treasures up, [inaudible] brush. Don't touch them in consciousness. As you consciously open that infinite abundance within us, which is God, right? And as you add up the spiritual treasures, they will absolutely manifest in the outer. It's everything you need and the outer abundantly. But as you well to the different phases of your life, right?

(02:56): You'll be abundantly provided for and you won't have to strive and struggle. Fights are hard, which is what the human is taught to do. We can more, yeah, the flow of grace, and of course we're still working and we're doing everything we have to do, but we have a whole different inner awareness. What it is it's bringing for us, it's abundance. It's not through our physical effort or a mental effort. It's coming through to our spiritual awareness of the source. Right? Just like the apples that come through the tree are coming through with that infinite life that flows through the tree. [inaudible] The life force produces the apples on the tree. Well, that same life force as it flows through us, produces abundance. Definitely. And us too. And if we're not connected to that, it's like the branch is disconnected from the tree. Is it very limited?

(03:44): Right? Just a little bit of fruit or a little bit of abundance because now we become dependent and everything external and that's limited. But when the infinite source is flowing to it, there's no limit to that if it's invisible. Oh, always. Always spring school. Whenever we have in the visible, there's no limit to that. There's no limit. It's easier, it's easier, it's more influence and alignment. It's, it's, you can actually be fulfilled and enjoy the process. Kind of like, well, Wayne Dyer calls it, right? Like enjoy the journey the other way you're tasting something external and then the energy of tasting begins lack separation and you can still achieve some material. Well, but if you're still empty inside, there's no amount of external abundance is going to fill that. And there's no amount of external security that's gonna make you feel secure internally. That's right.

(04:26): And you can't lose that which is truly yours, which it comes from within. Right? Well, I mean, what do you think you can lose is what you heard in the auditor. That's why it says it as spiritually what you give you receive that what you put out comes back to you. Brad, you cast in the waters, comes back to you. So as we allow more and more peace and more and more love and grace and abundance to flow through us, more and more comes back to us as we try to hoard. It's a little bit we have in sphere that will be taken away. All right, because there's no more supply coming through from, from the center and what we tend to lose. That's why millionaires children's oftentimes or their families aren't able to keep onto the fortune like right said. They don't have the consciousness of made it in the first place.

(05:09): We see that a lot for sure. Can you talk a little bit about the power of forgiveness? That's been huge for me. I've read that chapter in that book, the way of mastery on forgiveness and forgiving seven 70 times seven think Jesus told Peter that, and just talk about the importance of forgiveness as well as what projection are, you know, what does projection, what is, what that is and how forgiveness heals judgment and then in the external world as well. Well first of all, if we're not in true forgiveness, we're in judgment and what, so what we're doing is looking at it in the world, we're seeing appearances, remember everything in this world. It's an appearance, a perception, a neutral event. And we're judging it based on, well, we've been taught by the world, right? So anytime we're in judgment, [inaudible] out of forgiveness, true forgiveness sets the mind free from all judgment, criticisms the appearances, and it sees only one thing, the child of God or God manifesting and everyone and everything.

(06:06): It's the only reality it sees beyond all the appearances or this world and sees it right in the middle. And that person, if the child of God, the Christ, the Buddha, call it what you want, right in the middle of that animal, that planet is God manifesting sir, infinite, invisible reality. And you can only be seen by the inner eye and knowing about the inner mind, but it is there divine reality and there only truth, right? So forgiveness is practicing. Seeing through appearances and seeing this is your only reality and nothing else ever took place and nothing else is real. It's the rest. Is there a perception or dream? Alright, judgment, right? Just come into the person's mind and it's literally like a lens or filter over ice, like a pair of glasses. The filters, what we're seeing and distorts our perception of reality, like the dark clouds we talked about it starting off perception of the sun.

(06:57): The only thing that's really there, right in the midst of us, the kingdom of God, Jesus, just as you said, the kingdom of God is right in your midst and you see it now, right? Because we're any judge not by appearances, judge, right? Righteously, which means only truth. See, only everybody's reality. Is it true? And we have to practice that cause the physical eyes. Fences are not going to show that to us. There are only receptors that can see into the dream, right? So we pay no attention to that. We have to tune what's in to our inner senses and the inner knowing and then inner scene in an inner hearing fast. What reveals to us what's behind the scenes? What's really there? It becomes more and more real the more you practice it. And it's a practice. I mean the guys I've had to read that chat for seven or eight times and I could still go back and read it again and still get some more golden nuggets, practice it.

(07:46): You know, guys that everyone else liked and Kirby knows this already. What's showed up as I started to forgive others and forgive myself really, which is really, you know, forgiving that projection, right? Compassion for the other person. Like for example, give you an example. Like right now, I think that on the monetary system there's the whole thing is crumbling in the federal reserve and you know, all these people are kind of keep it together. Like what if you let it crumble? Then we can build us a new with plumbing that actually works. Like what if we, what if we didn't try and keep it all together? But then I said, you know what? They're trying to play the control game and rather than get upset, they're playing with money. They're playing with this. They're, they're caught up in an illusion. And the truth is, even if they quote unquote fix this, they're still in control.

(08:26): They're still coming from lack, trying to get more in the exterior world and they're being happy and fulfilled. And what show up has come, I feel bad for them. I just feel compassion for them. It's just like, you know, what are you doing? But it's okay. Like it's just, it's brought a different perspective to it where you know there's a reason why Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. He got rid of every other commandment except loves God with all your heart, all your soul and all your being in love. Your neighbors yourself. Well, it so happens that your neighbor, you're the true self. It's in the neighbor as yourself. The one child of God. It's an assault, the divine manifesting as our real self. So if we don't love that real self or child of God in them, you'll never see it or love it in yourself and you'll only judge what appears to be there, which is what you talked about is projection.

(09:13): You project on to others that which is inside of you. It hasn't been healed or resolved or forgiven inside yourself. Right? So we have to practice every day. C only. Well, everybody's only reality is the divine God, the child of God. That's it. If there's nothing else there, there's no judgment to be placed on that cause you don't judge God, right? It's perfect. It's whole. It's complete. It's God manifesting and expressing himself as his son, as his daughter, as whatever extension of itself that's manifesting there. Right? But the physical sensors want to test to that, right? It's only the inner attunement, the inner knowing. It'll show you that. So, right? But as we connect with that in inner right, every day [inaudible] a reality, and we align with that, then the outer sense of body takes on that inner sense, right? It because more youthful, more beautiful or harmonious, more peaceful if now the outers aligning with the inner right.

(10:18): So we're not trying to change the human sense of things at all, not trying to improve human health. We're trying to awaken to a divine sense of hope, which is the way God created it, which is our eternal body of spirit might, which is immortal and eternal, which never changes. That's the true body. We were created out of. Got it. Light substance, right? That's what we're here to wake up to rise above the pair of polarities, right? Duality into truth, unity and oneness. And then as we rise above that, we're not trying to make a poor man, a rich man, a sick man, a healthy man. We're trying to rise into the only reality which is there, which has got it at infinite perfection, infinite abundance, infinite peace, right? Which can never be changed, never being shaken, never be effected by any of the beliefs in this world. That's everybody's truth right now. It's always been their truth. We just forgot. And the mind is literally dreaming asleep. Hypnotized by the beliefs of the world.

(11:16): Kirby, you, you have a lot of patients, you have a lot of different people you see and help a lot of professional organizations. How I met Kirby, a former heat player. I read his book and that's how I met Kirby. So he's on the cutting edge and leading edge of this stuff. How would I, how do I want to ask you this Kirby, this thing with the meditation of practice for me and Christie, it took a little bit to get to a point where it hit a critical mass where now I cannot not do it right. And I think this whole virus helped me not, not do it cause it gave me more time to even meditate and I said, okay, I feel even better the more I do now, I can't even visualize. Not ever doing it.

(11:48): Exactly.

(11:49): I dunno like an ingestion period. Like, like a period where we're almost like diet. You're ingesting it but you're not digesting it now. At least for me it took a little bit. Can you talk a little bit, is that common or,

(11:59): Yeah. Yeah, it's happens. Everybody just like, so initially there's inertia. Ego, mind doesn't want you to do anything. Like we said, that's going to help you to wake up and it tries to sanitize you and there's all kinds of distractions and things that go on in the auditor. The pull you away from this. Just like anything, whether you change your diet or any new habits [inaudible] or anything you want to do. But as we make a commitment, you know a serious commitment because that's a calling. It's strong in each of us, which it is and God's calling. Each of us feel awakened. You know, there you've got, you reached a certain point. Well you just have to do it. You just know you don't have to do it. And even if you start out with twice a day for two minutes and you do it and you do it every day when you get up and when you go to bed, every time you do it, it gets easier.

(12:43): And as the habit forms over a few weeks in a few months, it's exactly like you say, you just, it becomes more essential to you then going to the bathroom or eating that you don't want to miss those times where you're anchoring that conscious, that reality in you now eventually it gets to the point as you practices they had all day long, it becomes sort of your state of consciousness cause you practiced it so much. [inaudible] Just at a drop of a hat, you could open up your conscious or just keep it open the door of your conscious. So no matter what you're doing, there's a part of you. Then it's open and listening and be holding what the divine is doing through you. Right? Sort of like a screen in the background on the computer. That's how he's open. Right, and you just becoming an observer and allowing that grace, the flow and washing what that grace will do.

(13:31): Right. So yeah, it does. It gets a lot easier. As you keep doing this, it gets easier and he's in the more of us to do it. Right. It gets easier because we're helping others because we're all the same. It's the one mine, the one conscious, one child of God. We're helping each other to awaken by all the people that have already awakened and all those that are doing this now. It's so much easier than 2000 years ago when around Jesus' time when people are trying to do this, there's only a handful of people they could do this. Maybe people were literally crucified and burden of the state for thousands of years after this for having beliefs like this. And now we have the freedom to practice in our unconscious, our own spiritual and religious beliefs, right? Particularly in the United States, in many countries in the world. You know, we're blessed to be able to do this and we have the great privilege of being able to do this for everybody everywhere, right? To help our brothers and sisters who are one with us [inaudible] all weekend. Right? To the same truth. So it's what we say for us is a universal truth. It's true for everybody. It's everybody's reality, right?

(14:30): No, I agree 100%. One of the things Christie and I were talking about the other day is kind of like lightened darkness. And I go, babe, all we really need is a few people doing this, right? Because the, the, the, the darkness of Moore's law, you know, the, the light. So a little bit of light by a few people doing this, we'll offset thousands not doing this cause like, Oh, we think there's a collective conscious at a certain level. And then it tips the whole, and you don't need that much cause the light is 10 it's not that the darkness is more powerful than the light. The light is 10 times more powerful than darkness.

(14:57): You know? And what, like you said, once that critical mass is reached, like 1% of the world's population, it just happens there. Where that hundredth monkey effect, for those who don't know the hundredth monkey story. In Australia, there was a monkey to start a washing fruit one day and some other monkey, some. They started washing the fruit and then by the time the hundredth monkey was doing that, and all of the islands that were separated by this is all the monkeys everywhere started washing the fruit. And then it happened everywhere in the world that sound morphogenic effect, you know, in consciousness it's the same thing. I'm as in crystals. When crystals start crystallizing certain patterns, when you reach a certain critical percentage, all the crystals across the whole planet will start crystallizing into those patterns. They actually did this and transit the meditation back in Fairfield, Iowa, and they got 1% of the world's population to meditate for one day a number of years ago and dramatically they saw decreases in crime and disease and all kinds of statistics when just 1% of the world's population was meditating. So imagine if we could do this every day and we've got just 1% the world's population meditating, praying, and opening up to the divine within it would dramatically, radically enhance this process of awakening. Right. Which is what's happening is there's more and more of us doing this right.

(16:14): Curb our, our, our kids pushing in to this, cause I was talking to the Akasha coach and she goes, these new kids born now they're born into a five D, they're born into fearlessness. Like that's their natural state. That's how they roll. And they're expecting you to play with them at their game. They're not gonna play your game.

(16:29): Exactly. All that, all the kids that are being born now are born into this consciousness. Is that parents, you know, it's only the parents. They tried to well set in them. Does they get a little bit older and try to make them more and more. It's your concepts and yeah, try to brainwash their mind into believing certain things. But if they were left up to their own, you know, personality in their own being, they would naturally express this more and more and more. And they're, and a lot of the kids don't want to play and the adults games and the adults institutions and the old patterns and ways is they can see like you say, through a higher level of conscious in a much deeper, broader, global kind of way for all people everywhere. Right? So we could, we could really do well to learn from the, from the younger kids that are being born these days, truly let them teach us.

(17:15): What was that quote that comes through become like a child to enter and become like a child to enter the kingdom

(17:21): So they'll come back, get shot. You can't enter into the kingdom of God. That means to have the purity, right? The purity and consciousness. Do we have a child conscious to be open and innocent? Impure. Two [inaudible] empty and open and you know, connected to that which is, and not, not listen just to what the experts are saying. The Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scientists, the experts in all fields, they have no spiritual connection almost to them. They don't have a clue what's going on in really. So wherever there's ignorance and spiritual ignorance, right? You don't want to follow those guidelines no matter how knowledgeable they are, because they're not guiding you correctly right? Now, that doesn't mean I'm not the sort of science out. That's what I'm saying. Right? Science needs to be married to spirituality and it makes the perfect marriage and the two together makes an awesome combination. But when science is to avoid a spirituality or vice versa, right? We don't have such a happy marriage. Right? So technology science is great and it's a blessing and we should use every bit of it, but it needs to be guided by the open mind, the spirit too. Enforcing more and more scientists would be guiding and being guided by this too.

(18:32): Yeah. I think innocence for me and Chris, at least for me recently, has come up a lot, like you just forgot. Like I, I just Kirby, I just forgot that the, the, the one that talks to wonder and innocence and my curiosity to look at these things with that set of lenses and it's like, it's been magical, I guess. It's been great. It's been really magical.

(18:50): Yeah. If you could just observe, like I said, just observe. That's what the divine wants to bring forth and release and just listen and truly observe like a neutral observer. Just watch it unfold. Just watch it unfold. Right. Well, I just, that love as it flows through that grace as it flows through you, that fruit flows through that abundance and watch as it goes forth to everywhere and brings forth the most amazing, amazing changes. Not just for you, but for everybody that's touched and open by that. So wherever somebody is receptive wherever they are and whatever dimension or plane, they're going to receive that because God is using each of us as an instrument to bring it and anchor it into the world. Right? That peace, that grace, that light, that love for everybody's benefit. Right? So we can't hoard it. It's not for just us in our family or our loved ones. It's for everybody. Everybody everywhere. The rain falls equally on the just and the insurance, the Sunshine's equally on everyone. Instead, it's God's grace, but we have to open to it and bring ourself into it right into the light. We have to open to it and embrace it. Right? And we don't want to become dependent on somebody else who's experienced that. We need to have our own personal experience of it. That's why each of us needs to connect with that every day in our own way.

(20:03): Right? Yeah. I think I've figured that out, that Christie's way and my way. Unique pathway back home religion, which is really a, you know, a Rhoda has no distance, right? So it's still within the mind. And yet what I'm realizing is that my path home, the things that I [inaudible] are showing up for me and my path is going to be very different than anybody else. But that's the great thing. Like you get to figure out and create that way back home. That's where the fun is and accepting that everyone's path is different. So I love that. One of the last things I'll ask is I'm struggling with the depth, the difference and how to actually implement this day to day two words, one allowance, and to surrender. What is the difference and how do you actually live these things day to day and how do you know where, Hey, I'm taking too much action to this versus I should, I should surrender a little bit. Let go. Like where do you find that art of the step that God wants you to take? And then also surrendering why? Where do you, do you know what I'm talking about? Curb?

(20:56): Yeah. Yeah. Allowing is just watching what's unfolding, right? Watching, observing, let's name and just letting it unfold without getting, without interfering with it. All right? Just watching the whole process and letting it be and accepting it just as it is, right? And surrendering as in our mind, our heart. And so being fully open, empty, and surrender to that which is coming through us, through God, through grace, right? So it's an allowing and it's a surrendering and it's an opening and I'm watching and observing, right? So the divine uses us in the outer. It's a vehicle to bring it forth into this world, right? So we keep, we keep our mind open because the mind is the Avenue of awareness. We keep our heart and soul open to it. We just watch as it unfolds through us, right? So that divine presence will use you to speak words.

(21:51): Two, see to bring blessing through you or through touching somebody with a physical body that loves extended through every part of your being, right? So your body, through your mind, through your words, through compassion, right? In every way possible. We're just allowing ourselves to be used as a vehicle and we're allowing the divine to drive the vehicle. Right. Well we're sort of like a suit and it uses sort of like an avatar, right? To get around in this world allowing the divine to use us, the body and the mind is an instrument to which you can express itself. That's really a good analogy.

(22:26): You know what shows up for me kind of once I've been doing a lot of this work and you get to a certain critical point regardless saying, Hey, you're good enough. Like I don't know what it's exactly but here's what it feels like. Hey, you're good enough now I want you to go serve. Right? Like, like once you feel that up inside you like the next hundred years, how can I serve God? Like how can, how can you help me serve? Like just that's what just shows up and it's like

(22:46): It doesn't have to be perfect.

(22:50): The energy is coming from and I think that as long as that's in place, everything else we are taken care of. What are your thoughts?

(22:55): I think that's the question everybody needs to ask. You know, father, mother, what would you have me do today? What is your will? Forget your personal will. What is your real father? What would you have me do? And be quiet and listen and watch and let it unfold. All right, how can I serve? What can I serve? Who can I bring love to? Right? It'll show up. If you ask that question, everything that happens to you that day and every relation you have is your answer to that, right? So you serve whoever's in front of you, whoever appears, whatever appears, and all those that don't appear that are everywhere else that are open as you make that opening will also receive the benefit of that, right? Just let the divine within be the director, right? It'll direct through you. It knows what to do. We don't know.

(23:36): The human doesn't know. We don't know what we need for our highest good. We don't have the slightest idea. There's nothing we can say [inaudible] say, think or do, and the outer human, that'll make a change. So if we can just be quiet and allow the divine to express itself, to speak through us, to teach through us, to heal through us, the blessed through us. It really will take over and you know the saying I live but not either Christ of my life. That means that the divine in us we'll take over because it's the Divine's life. It's flying through us. It's not our lives anyway. It's God's life in the first place. Right?

(24:10): Well myself, I did not in the father through me. All things are done right.

(24:14): I agree of the human. I can do nothing but as the Christ, the divine was in me. All things can be done. All things are possible to the Christ God, right Eagle believes can do all things.

I'm with you 110% curve. Just want to thank you for being on here. Is there anything else you want to leave our listeners with during these times that we're going to get this episode out hopefully next week, if not the week after that, but I just felt this is something now I wanted to help and because I feel like I'm a, I'm a kindergartner with these tools still, you know, I still feel like I'm evolving in this. It's always going to be one thing that I, I still feel like a kindergartner with these tools. I wanted to get someone who's at a PhD level in this to help us transitioned again.

(24:54): Well, we're all in school. We're all learning. We're all students in that. But I would say the most important thing in these times is to tune more in, to enter grace, the inner channels rather than tuning into the outer channels from the news. Choose that voice. Do you truly well, it's going to guide you correctly. The voice of God, Holy spirit are the voice of the ego, but the world, what do you really want to choose? Do you want to choose love or fear? Do you want to choose God's reality? I think illusion to the world. We can only do that by choosing to listen to the voice of God in our mind they're going with within, right? And we're not going to get that on the television or on the outer. All right? You know, in any of those kinds of things, and even if you read a spiritual book, which is great, or listening to a spiritual tape, which is great, you still have to take that into your consciousness, open up to them, and let the divine reveal itself.

(25:45): Because just reading it or talking about it doesn't do that for you. It has to be an actual change in our consciousness, right? And you'll know it when you feel it cause your consciousness. We'll reveal to you the truth. And you'll know the truth when you feel it right? There won't be any more questions. You'll know it because it is. Well, you are right. And it just unfold. Yes, your reality, right? So it's that experiential thing, right? You can't talk. You can talk about God, you can study God, her spirit, but it's an experiential thing. You have to experience it.

(26:18): Yeah, Kirby and that took me because I'm a little bit slower on the spiritual side, but to actually allow myself to, this is an experiential process and you sit with these emotions and these and these negative emotions or your creations and the coming back home for you to almost embrace them and shine love on them and the light of the creator so that you can release them and forgive them and then go back to choosing love, peace and enjoy, which is what you are always.

(26:41): Exactly. Go back and choose faith, light within the face of the truth. Face who you really are, right. And allow that which you are to come forth and everything else. We just allow it to be dissolved in that light. The first, first, like you said, you have to embrace it. You have to embrace all your old choices that you let into your mind without guilt. Besides judgment aside, anything. We just neutrally embrace it, allow it, and then we can allow it to be dissolved by spirit. You can't kill that which you failed to embrace.

(27:11): Oh, I love that was so good. Kirby, you can't hear that. That which you feel to embrace and what's happened curve. I think it's uncomfortable to embrace that because it's fear or it feels like the is going to die or you don't want to embrace it. So what we do is, and I do it, I'm guilty of it too at times, is you find addictive behavior like Facebook or an Instagram or something. And in the external world or over overeating or whatever, or drinking right.

(27:32): To not feel it.

(27:33): Yeah, it hasn't work up til now. What makes you believe that? More of it? It's, it's, it isn't a little crazy. You see it in your, you'd probably see it more Kirby in your patients and not most of your patients cause they're more, well, but you see it like why would you consider a continued addictive behavior that's not giving you what you want?

(27:46): Well we're taught in the order to, when these uncomfortable things come up to drug it, all right, all right. Eat or do something in the outer so we don't feel it or to push it away. But anytime you push away that which isn't true or real, you give it power, you magnify it, you exaggerated, it grows stronger. So the more you try to fear it, hate it, love it, change it, overcome it, he'll do anything, right?

(28:10): You're giving power, you're resisting it, you're creating resistance, it grows stronger. What you need to know is this. You just need this. This has nothing to do with who I am. This is just a suggestion, not a suggestion from the world. I just take my attention completely off it now, and I turned around and I've faced my truth. I opened up to my truth, right? And I'm going to embrace that. Listen to it, open to that and let it dissolve everything else, right? So the addictions following nationally as we embraced truth, right? Got it. Everything that's not, yeah, falls away. Naturally I are embracing, or one that's, let's do that. It just does. [inaudible] See that it's done over time. It's usually a process. So we have to allow the process to unfold just like a flower it unfold. Just allow it to unfold. Even if we go back and we fall off the wagon a hundred times, we get up a hundred times and we just keep on practicing and opening and making the connection, allowing the light to break through to every crack in our being until it floods our entire brain and fully breakthrough.

(29:12): And you know what I found is Kirby, because I did fall off a few times, you're, you're more of an evolved master. I thought I followed up a few times and what I found is every time I got back on, I was at a higher place. Like I didn't lose any of those, any of that. Like there was like, it was just easier to get right back into it, you know? So you don't, you don't lose it. Just just get right back on track.

(29:30): You never lose what you gained spiritually from this lifetime or anytime. You always are at that level or higher. Keith, awkward and upward and upward and upwards. We don't, we don't ever go back, even though it feels like sometimes in our mind we do. We never do. That's right. Well, I want to thank you for inviting me today to share. You know, it's been a really, it's a great pleasure and I hope you know those. I know those little tune in to this are the right people that I'm in called, you know, it's really here and to really see it's really get a deep message inside themselves of what they can really do to set themselves free.

(30:05): Yeah, I'm, I'm really excited Kirby for these times right now. I think this is accelerating all that and I, I think that the majority of the population would be better after this than they are before. No doubt. No doubt. Kirby, thank you. I appreciate you. We love you. Thank you. I love you guys too and everybody, thank you so much. Thanks for hanging out with us and listening to the Bolton board podcasts. Go to our website@bothonboard.com to receive your free special report on seven game changers for highly effective entrepreneurial couples. You can also connect to this on Facebook and Instagram at both board. If you got value from us, please subscribe to our channel and leave an amazing five star reviews so we can help others get on board to cocreate the life and business of their dreams and enjoy the rug. We hope to connect with you soon.

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