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It is easy to get wrapped up in the emotions of other people when it seems as though the entire world has descended into panic and chaos. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What should you do when everyone around you has given in to fear?

In this episode, Ray and Dr. Kirby Hotchner discuss the best way to gain perspective in times of panic, individual practices that can help center you, and how to come out of difficult times stronger and more balanced.

Show Highlights Include:

  • This is the #1 skill to develop for a happy and fulfilled life (2:44)
  • The surprising source of all the fear in the world (4:12)
  • Why the current stressful situation can actually benefit anyone who takes this approach (7:00)
  • There is no power outside of this one source (8:34)
  • The one daily practice that can help you eradicate fear from your life (9:10)
  • The one powerful thing you must realize about fear that can free you (16:49)
  • Doing this only prolongs the suffering that you experience in a negative situation (19:43)

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No matter how many masks you wear, no matter how many downs you take, no man how much vitamin C or chloroquine or whatever you take, you won’t be free until the truth in your mind sets you truly free from all the illusions of this world. It’s the only protection we have.

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(00:46): All right. So today we have an amazing episode for you. We've got the one and only Dr. Kirby Hotchner with us. He's been my medical doctor, friend, advisor for what Seven years now? Maybe more oily. Yeah, probably 10 years. It's Oh eight. And then maybe more than that. And he also sees Valentina, our daughter and then Kirby, you know, you're on here with us for a couple of reasons. One, I want to go over what the virus means from a spiritual standpoint. How are we here to evolve, but also just give him a little bit of your background. What kind of, what kind of medicine you practice or non medicine for the, for that term and how you really helped us much more on the mental and emotional side than, than the physical size. I'll just talk a little bit about what you do and, and what magic, you know, what's your magic?

(01:30): Well, first of all, I am a licensed medical doctor. I graduated in 1981 from medical school and taught for 15 years in two different medical schools. And my orientation has always been holistic ever since before I went to medical school. I practice holistic medicine. All of these 40 years, the bed of my own evolution over the time I've come to my own prayer and meditation and practice to understand that it's really the spiritual aspect that's lacking everywhere in Madison. And certainly everywhere with people. It is. What's really neat is that spiritual orientation to truly heal, which they're not getting in most places. So I really have the emphasis in my practice in recent years and teaching people the underlying principles, but they need to take into their consciousness to allow them to be set free from all the falsehoods and false beliefs that are circulating around and the world and the mind of man

(02:26): And I, I know that you and I both dig that book. The way of mastery by the Ashanti crystal foundation has definitely been a game changer for Christie and I. What am I realizing that I'd love to get your thoughts on it during this time. We personally take an amount of time to meditate and expand that consciousness and what I've begun to realize and internalizes that the number one skill to develop, to have a happy, fulfilled life really I think would be awareness.

(02:49): Yes, yes. Very thing is about consciousness, opening the consciousness, the truth to the divine within. And that's why it's so important to have a regular practice or habit like meditation, which has been taught by all of that mistakes and great spiritual teachers since the beginning of time. There's a meditation. What we're doing simply as opening our mind and mine is just an Avenue of awareness to the divine. Us all right, which is our reality. Our only reality is the divine reality, but in this world that we're born into, the mind is totally hypnotized. We all the universal beliefs that are floating around in the air, I don't believe so in the mind of man and two powers, both good and evil, and they literally come into everybody's mind and they create a false world, a virtual reality world. In our mind, it seems to be there.

(03:36): It feels real. It tastes real. It smells like it's real, but it's not there at all. It's the only reality. It's a world that God created. So if we don't take the time to connect the meditation and actually from our own free will open our consciousness. That's divine presence. We are just to have that experience of oneness and to allow that which we are. We truly are divine enough, well feel itself to us. Then we're lost and effected by all the beliefs that are floating around in the air like what's going on right now. What does fear epidemic in the, in our mind that's a really good example of how the beliefs in the world can cause us to feel. That was just in our truth, which is pure peace and pure joy and pure love. Give us a, give us a little bit of something.

(04:21): Our listeners are our fans. Most of them are entrepreneurs. They do well in the financial space. They usually work was a couple and I couldn't agree with you more. I think this is definitely a fear thing and Kirby spiritually, emotionally, why is this happening in the world? And I know why from Michael Wall was me. I know you and I have talked about how mother earth, how she's going and she's evolving and there's a transition going happening. Yeah. And, and I think that this fear is coming up right now so that it can be embraced with love. And that's what I've been doing in my meditations during this time. It hasn't been an easy thing for me to do, but just sitting with the fear and embracing it and shining light and love to it. And then right on the other side of that curb peace has shown a true internal freedom has shown up.

(05:10): And yet I think it's, if someone's looking to create their art, whatever that art is, if there's a saber tooth tiger behind them, it's really hard to do that. And this, this fear, it's pervasive. It's chronic, it's everywhere. It's almost like I've had to meditate more, not less, and give out more blessings and send out more love because it's more negatively impact a lot of people instead of expanding into this and allowing this to free up the, the things they're trying to get more control and figuring out how to make things happen. And it's, it's can you speak to that a little bit and help us out? Yeah. Well, we're at a very unique time on the earth right now in a very special time when the awakening and the light and the planet and the consciousness, the divine, Christ conscious Cod, conscious, Buddha conscious, call it what your will is.

(05:58): So expanding, tried everybody's mine throughout the planet itself. And that's bringing up a great purification and transformation in the mind of everybody. And all of the resistance. What we're experiencing are the last bits of resistance. Well, the part of our mind that's holding on to the old ways that haven't worked, the old institutions, the old patterns, the old beliefs, right? The appearances of darkness, the appearances of evil, you know, they'd have arisen in the human mind that had been around forever or in their last throws. Cause as the light intensifies with us, it's calling us to awaken, to embrace, like you said, to embrace love, to brace our truth, to embrace the divine. So everybody's experiencing that. And it's accelerating in quickening everything that's going on in our life. And our, we have a great, great opportunity, but this virus, it's forced. Most people to be at home, to be with their family did show out to reassess their life and what's really important to them.

(06:59): So we have, we have of that time and we have the opportunity to literally turn within and like you say, embrace that which is arising and the collective consciousness because it is one consciousness is one mind and we're all connected too. And again, the mine is just purely an Avenue of awareness to which we can either become aware of truth, which is the divine within us are. We can connect to all the circulating beliefs and the flavor of the day. That's going on in the mind. A man such as the fear, the worry and anxiety, which as you say right now, it's coming in thick and heavy being stirred and all sides by the press and the government and all the people that are frightening people with these outer appearances in their mind. So as we hold fast inwardly to truth, as we opened up to the divine within us, which is everybody's only reality, child of God, the one that we have of God.

(07:56): But to have actual experience in that, right? So experience oneness and union with that God, that has always been our only reality experience. God is our life. All right? So our spirit mine and even the substance of our body and to know [inaudible] that got enough. It's the only power. It's the only reality. It's the only life. And it's certainly the only truth it's ever been present that God created, right? So as we really, really take it into our soul and our spirit and our heart. So there's only one power, God, there's no power in anything else outside of God. And there's no power in a germ and a microbe in a disease and a medical belief in an economic leaf. And the weather, those have only affected us because we've given power to those beliefs in two powers. That has happened. The ties to my mind.

(08:48): So we have power to illusion to that which isn't real. And it seems to be real. And in the virtual world of our mind, we feel it as if it's real. The only way to be free from that is to take those moments of connection and time every day to actually connect and open up to that which really is truth. That which really is power [inaudible] which is our real self and the child of God. And as we be quiet and as we open to that, what's our only desire to experience oneness? It will manifest itself as us through us. And as we open to that light so that grace, it literally and I mean literally flows through you, the solving all the other appearances in your mind. And it goes everywhere until the one mine, everywhere because we're all connected because that one mine and all of those said are receptive and open.

(09:40): Two are seeking to awaken, seeking to experience truth and peace and love will be uplifted by that. We'll be healed by that. We'll be blessed by that, right? Because if we're open then that which is awakening and all of us we'll come through without resistance, right? If we resist it, if we push against it, have we tried to keep tuning in like most people are doing? Just watching the news and tuning in to the appearances and the illusions, we'll reinforce those false beliefs in her mind. It will be in fear, well being anxiety and we'll be worried and there's no way you can protect yourself. No matter how many masks you wear, no matter how many guns you take. Oh man, how much vitamin C or chloroquine or whatever you take, you won't be free and tell the truth and your mind sets you truly free from all the illusions of this world.

(10:31): S C only protection we have. Like it says in the and the nine and the 91st Psalm. He that dwells in the shadow of the almighty, a thousand and followed your left 10,000 of file at your right hand and nothing's going to touch you cause you're dwelling and the secret place of the most high, which is your oneness with the divine, right. So it doesn't matter. You know what? The appearances, it will not touch you. Oh, your dwelling place. Oh, your family as you know the truth and you let it sink deep into your soul. Nobody set free, right to experience your truth, which is what you've been practicing

(11:06): Curb. It's funny that you said yes to this, to this call because it took a lot of meditation and inspiration and it said, you know what? Schedule this call with them cause you're ready. But it's kerby. It almost felt like there was an internal war with me just sitting with that fear and that negative emotion and these meditations lasted a long time. I think that during these times as people aren't home, this is the single best use of time. I think right now is to go inward. I had a podcast recently or Facebook live and I share it. I go, how I start my meditations is I am loved, I am loving and I am forever lovable and I feel myself going into my heart and I never really understood that concept of the kingdom of heaven is within you.

(11:48): Right. Until I started actually doing that and going there and then you're like, now it's magic. Yeah. Like it's every time I go in there, it's magic. Every time. Truly.

(11:58): Yeah. And we went to keep initially for people that aren't used to meditation. Keep it brief a minute, two minutes, a few times a day just to make the opening in our heart, our mind, our soul. Just getting used to turning within and disconnecting from the outer world. [inaudible] You know, going within our closet. All right? Where this where the secret place of the most high S where we can commune or just community or opening to have an experience of oneness. That experience and that deep and dwelling peace and love, which is our reality. We only truly have that which comes from within, from God. Peace, joy, love. Grace is slowing through us. Everything else. [inaudible] So I mean that's true. Attempting to intrude upon our consciousness from beliefs that arise in the mind of man. The beliefs that arise in the mind. A man have those spirits or reality.

(12:47): Our power. A lot of them, cause they're not, they don't arise in the mind of God. Right? But they act as a hypnotic suggestion. I tempting us to PLC, believe in here and unreal world in our mind, which seems like it's there. I like the dreams at night and we're asleep at night, right? But as we awake from our dreams at night in the morning so we can awake and the dreams of the day into truth, like you say, by connecting with the light, the grace within us, it's always available, right? We're always one with that. That's our divine self. But if we're not trying to stay aware of it, it's like it doesn't exist for us. Spirituality is really a very practical thing. Very, very practical. Cause as we connect with that divine source with menace from the center of our being, outflows at peace that love that abundance at harmony and every aspect of our life, right? Well it's your business. All right. Relationships or your health and the source of it all and the answer to everything. It's right inside our conscious where like you said, the kingdom of God is literally right in the midst of us and we know it not right cause we're not connecting with it.

(13:56): We're not opening the sunlight, right? Just equipment, managing metaphors. I kind of like the sunlight's always there, but if there's a cloud over, even then you can't see it. You can't even, your connection is not clean.

(14:07): And the cloud is the illusions and beliefs that cloud our mind that we've allowed into our mind from the beliefs of the world, right? Which act as a fin layer of dark clouds over the light of God within us. And they are dispelled only as we open our conscious without light. And be still, you know, the saying, be still and know that I am in the midst of you is God. And let that as we keep our conscious open without socks, without words, just keeping our connection open. Just like we had plug in a cord. So electrical socket, the electricity and the lights just flows. So as we connect to the divine within and just allow, just be, and just breeze and just allow it through, it breaks through more and more each time we connect it. And as we practice taking these times in meditation every day, it's a segregated practice and musical instrument.

(14:58): There's no human thought or action or word or deed we can take, doesn't make any difference at all. We just have to get quiet, be still and open our conscious to that and allow it to take over. Allow that divine presence to meditate, to pray to hero, God blessed through us, right? Cause that's our real self and it knows perfectly well what to do. Oh we just have to step aside and allow it to come through, right? And then it goes in front of us, right? To make the cricket places straight, they open the doors to bring the solutions to bring forth the infinite flow of abundance. Whatever it is, do we need in the outer, our father already knows, right? And we don't need to ask him or tell him or direct in any way cause this the all knowing power, the universe. Right? And it's, and we're one with that, right? But if we're not consciously aware of it, it doesn't do us any good. It's like having water all around you, but not knowing it. You could die of thirst, right? Or $1 million in a Swiss bank account. And you don't know it and you could die a popper, right? So it's, it's all a question of conscience. All right. Freely opening our consciousness to have a personal experience that I and my father are one, right? And my mother are one.

(16:09): Right. I love that. So I think one of the things our listeners could do in everyone that listens is going to go out to is really one of the big suggestions. I'm sure it's something you're, you're, you're all the people you work with and everyone is just take that time, whether it's a minute or two to slow down and just open up and connect every single day, multiple times a day when, especially when you're feeling that fear and everything else, that's not a place. What I'm really getting clear to, to take action from, like you want to go back into that love and faith place.

(16:36): And the other thing people need to know is that all that fear and all that worry and all that anxiety, once you understand that it has no power, it's an illusion. It's a Mirage. It's just a hypnotic suggestion and impersonal universal belief arising in their mind or man of evil, right? And there is no evil in God's creation. So just like a hypnotist, we try to induce a hypnotic state and make you see and believe and feel something. It's not there. Sort of the world's suggestions and beliefs. Once we understand, let's say substance of this world is hypnotism, the false world in our mind, we no longer have to pay attention to it. We don't need to do anything to it cause it's not real and it's not there at all. And behind the scenes, right in the midst of it all is truth is the kingdom of God. It's God, right? Which is the only thing that's really there. And that's in layer. Like you say, dark clouds doesn't exist at all. Right? So Do you transcend those clouds

(17:31): By being still knowing that those clouds aren't real? If that's hypnotism and going within and opening to the light, did the grace within allowing that grace to dissolve the clubs we in the human can't do that? Well, we can make an opening in our conscious. That's a vine part of our being, which is the only reality and allows that light, that grace at peace to escape from within our consciousness. Right? And as it comes out into the outer, the light, the spouse, the illusions of shadows, right? Enlight there's no shadows. We only see the shadows because the mind is not filled with light and truth. So we're groping around in the dark. Well, the illusions and dreams because there's no light in their mind, no divine light or spiritual life that as we open up to that divine light, that's spiritual light, which is our reality and which is right in the middle of our conscious.

(18:18): It literally flows through every part of our mind, our body out into the one mind, everywhere where anybody's willing to open to it. All right? And really like you said, what's happening, this is a great time of purification for the lightest one intensely moving across the planet. And it's waking people up in math. So this is like a great, incredible opportunity for people that are at home now. [inaudible] At the time, connect with us, you know, several times a day to do things and inspire that deep love, you know, with their family, with their friends, right. To maybe be out in their backyard in nature. Right? And at the same time taking the time, which we don't normally take and our normal busy, crazy hectic life and our schedules were so busy running around and distracted right from our reality, the way that most people never would take the time. Don't open up and connect. All right, so this is sort of forcing people to look at life, society, old institutions, the way they live their life and in a very different way, which is a good thing. It's a good thing.

(19:23): I think it's a beautiful thing. I think one of the things that are a Casha coach, she was talking to us and she was saying all those structures are crumbling around people and she goes to, people are still in third dimension are trying to hold on. And those are the ones that seem to be suffering much more because they're holding onto an old paradigm that's trying to get a strength to get out.

(19:42): And the old pattern is being broken up by this light. Those that are still offering resistance and holding onto that are suffering. It's causing them great anguish and great pain. You said instead of relaxing. Oh not surrendering to that which is taking place, which is the light within them awakening. They're afraid of it. So we're actually, the ego mind is actually afraid. Oh the light afraid of waking up, right? Cause it dissolves. His ego is not real. So it dissolves in that light and only truth. Our divine self in Springfield. So as it doesn't want us to turn within and look and see ourself as we really are does it gets dissolved. So literally there's a part of our being every day that's dying, that's called dying to the false self and awakening to the true self. And it feels uncomfortable for him. Very uncomfortable. Cause we're holding on to all these old attachments that we thought were us.

(20:36): It has nothing to do with us. And that which is a whitening and that's is that true self eternally mortal self. Our only reality, right? And we're completely free as we open up to that. And there's an incredible sense of liberation, peace, joy and love. But initially we have to be willing to walk through some rings of fear, right through the clouds, through the shadows. But you know, the saying is that I walked through the Valley of the shadow of death. I will be with you. Well the Lord God, which w were one rest is why there, right in the middle of all of us. Cause we're one with them and walking right with us holding our hand, right. Guiding us right through these dark clouds, right into the light. Right, right. Didn't it then Jesus, 10 40 nights in the desert, right? Same thing, right?

(21:19): Moving on to the rings of fear and it's uncomfortable and you're gonna have that doubt and you're going to have that love will embrace that. And then what's right on the other side was always their card. But what I'm finding is freedom, peace, love and joy. That's internal, that abundance. That's internal. I think a lot of people, what's happening right on the financial world curve is they, they made their identity, me included, right? My balance sheet or my net worth or whatever that out there was that they made their security external, they made their abundance external and then you tied your identity and that created all sorts of problems because then it's who you are. That's not who I am. Look, can you sit with that tiger and meditate with it and then once you transcend it and you bring love to it, you're like, I'm not that every source of dollar I ever made came through me came through God.

(22:04): And the other thing is too, there's no security in anything in the external world cause that can be taken away and it quickly. Yeah, it's people have seen with this no other financial classes. When you're connected to this source up through which the infinite abundance great slows every day, it manifests as whatever it is you need in your life abundantly and knows what you need infinitely and abundantly. It will express itself through you just like it does through a treat that's producing abundant fruit. As we're connected to that tree of life, that source in us, and it flows to us, fruit is produced abundantly in us like what? Jesus with the 12 baskets of bread. That's the principle. It's the spirit of God. The multiplies the loaves, the fishes, the fruit infinitely. There's no lag in spirit. There's an infinite abundance and as we're connected to that, it doesn't matter if everybody else has been an economic depression, right?

(22:56): Then you put in abundance, you will be provided for your neighbor. May not be because he's not all the names for that truth. He's only opening to the external, which can come and go, right? But as you open to the internal, which has unlimited amounts, it just flows and flows in. The more you open to it, the more flows and he watched. The invisible comes forth as the visible in our life. Not, we're not trying to direct it, we're not trying to control it, not trying to tell what to do. We're just opening. Cause that divine intelligence we are, are you ready now? Right. We're just doing our part whenever we're given to do it doesn't mean we sit in our butt and do nothing, right? We do whatever is given a studio for a housewife. It would be a housewife, very street sweeper. We sweep the street for a doctor. We attend our patients, but inwardly in our consciousness connected and allowing that grace that floats for us. Yeah. Everything we do, right? Isn't it internal experience, which changes how we see everything. Oh really?

(23:54): It reminds me, DACA, that colon before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, right? You change how you do things. How are you showing up changes.

(24:04): You do the same things you were doing before, but this time I consciousness. Yes. Awareness, allowing experienced in a fixed price. Everything you do, so it's not what you do is different. It's your attitude and your conscious has been transformed to you. See it in a very different way, even though other people may not see it in you, right? Because you still look like the same person to the outer eyes. [inaudible] You're looking through, I'm a whole different, you're looking through the inner eye and you're listening to the innovator and you'd be closing. What's that divine presence will do through you as you keep the door of your conscious open to that and you just watch the miracles is a flow every day. Right?

(24:46): All right, so this wraps up part one of our amazing interview with Dr. Kirby Hotchner. I hope you guys took away a lot of nuggets from it. I know I did. And this is kind of the work that we're going through and get ready for part two. So part two of this will be coming airing next week. Thank you. We love you. We appreciate you and stay safe.

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